Publishers include HarperCollins, Michael Wiese Productions, "PLAYS," "Writer's Digest" and "The Writer." The last Zulu uprising, led by Chief Bambatha in 1906, was a response to harsh and unjust laws and unimaginable actions by the Natal Government. From that point forward through the time of both the English and the Boers, the Zulu were in a state of constant warfare through the 19th and early 20th centuries. They speak a BANTU language closely related to that of the XHOSA. The current president of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is Zulu. This enabled leaders to wield more authority over their own supporters and to compel allegiance from conquered chiefdoms. Men were generally responsible for defending the homestead, caring for cattle, manufacturing and maintaining weapons and farm implements, and building dwellings. In the Nguni languages, the words iZulu, iliZulu, and liTulu mean heaven, or sky.[3]. a year ago 5055 views by Albert Simiyu. The Reed Dance Festival celebrated every year sees thousands of Zulu virgins collect reeds from the nearby river to present to the king. The Zulu men are in charge of the household and represent the family in public meetings. The capital of the province is Pietermartizburg. This culminated early in the nineteenth century with the warrior-king Shaka conquering all the groups in Zululand and uniting them into a single powerful Zulu nation, that made its influence felt over southern and central Africa. At that time, the tribe that would eventually become known as the Zulu were just emerging as a distinct clan. Traditionally, this also is the time when the Zulu king picks his youngest wife. Zulus practice polygamy and the first wife and grandmother exert more influence over the household than the other wives. By the late eighteenth century, a process of political consolidation among the groups was beginning to take place. Military conquest allowed men to achieve status distinctions that had become increasingly important. The uprising was ruthlessly suppressed (see Bambatha Rebellion). The word Zulu means "Sky" and according to oral history, Zulu was the name of the ancestor who founded the Zulu royal line in about 1670. Content of this web page is sourced from wikipedia ( It is a tonal language understood by people from the Cape to Zimbabwe and is characterized by many "clicks". Ten facts about Shaka Zulu that few people know about. Shaka recruited young men from all over the kingdom and trained them in his own novel warrior tactics. The Zulu population is divided relatively in half between the rural and urban areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Zulu is the dominant language in KwaZulu-Natal, with more than 80 percent of the population considering it their native tongue. This derives from a "share what you have" belief which is part of Ubuntu (humane) philosophy. The Zulu are fond of singing as well as dancing. These groups were called isizwe (nations) and isibongo (clans). Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa.There are 10-11 million Zulu living in South Africa, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal province. As described in the Welcome to Zululand website, this festival is intended to celebrate and respect the virtue of young Zulu women. From 1981 through 1994, KwaZulu was a Bantustan-- a territory set aside for black residents during the apartheid era--formed by the Union of South Africa. Drinking and eating from the same plate was and still is a sign of friendship. In the 1960s the Government's objective was to form a "tribal authority" and provide for the gradual development of self-governing Bantu national units. These groups moved about within their loosely defined territories in search of game and good grazing for their cattle. These activities promote unity at all transitional ceremonies such as births, weddings, and funerals. The African National Congress (ANC) holds a substantial majority of the seats in the provincial legislature. The Zulu are divided into tribes with each having its chief, who in turn owes his allegiance to the king. Magema Fuze, Ndiyane and William were among the very first who were taught communicative English and basic writing skills at about 1830-1841. Women had domestic responsibilities and raised crops, usually grains, on land near the household. For example, the Zulu Washermen's Guild, Amawasha, was active in Natal and the Witwatersrand even before the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910. Shaka was assassinated by his two half-brothers and left no heir. In 1903 he concentrated in editing the newspaper "Ilanga LaseNatali". She also travels extensively and is a gourmet chef. Today it is estimated that there are more than 45 million South Africans, and the Zulu people make up about approximately 22% of this number. Zulu workers organized some of the first black labour unions in the country. The clear-cut distinction made today between the Xhosa and the Zulu has no basis in culture or history but arises out of the colonial distinction between the Cape and Natal colonies. In Shaka Zulu’s Campaigns, He Never Bothered Bushmen. Most Zulu live in the KwaZulu-Natal province. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Zulu, which means “heaven,” was the son of Malandela and, following tribal tradition, left his clan upon marriage to establish KwaZulu, the "Place of Heaven." Ill fortune such as bad luck and illness is considered to be sent by an angry spirit. Learn Zulu people facts for kids. Its geography ranges from the Indian Ocean coastline to the mountainous areas of its western border, including the Drakensberg Mountains, which rise to almost 10,000 feet. Between 1845 and 1883, the first translated version of the Bible was produced in very old Zulu orthography. The Zulu, especially those from rural areas, are known for their weaving, craft-making, pottery, and beadwork. The first Zulu Christian booklet was produced by Newton Adams, George Newton and Aldin Grout (1837-8) titled "Incwadi Yokuqala Yabafundayo" which dealt with the spelling of Zulu words and the history of the Old Testament. The Zulu women are primarily responsible for the household, including cooking and taking care of elderly relatives. She holds a B.A. This social unit was largely self-sufficient, with responsibilities divided according to gender. Zulu men and women have made up a substantial portion of South Africa's urban workforce throughout the 20th century, especially in the gold and copper mines of the Witwatersrand. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa. The Zulu were originally a major clan in the area that is today Northern KwaZulu-Natal. These Nguni communities had migrated down the East coast of Africa over thousands of years. There are 10-11 million Zulu living in South Africa, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal province. Instead, there has been a mixture of traditional beliefs and Christianity. His military campaign resulted in widespread violence and displacement, and after defeating competing armies and assimilating their people, Shaka established his Zulu nation. The Zulu also believe in the use of magic. In his brief reign (1816-1828), Shaka consolidated and expanded his kingdom through violent conquest and established trade relations with the English, who formed a colony in Port Natal (now Durban). The Zululand Planters' Union organized agricultural workers in Natal in the early twentieth century. On 30 March 1972 the first Legislative Assembly of KwaZulu was constituted by South African Parliamentary Proclamation. Mngadi for UNESCO's World Languages Report (2000): "The writing of Zulu was started by missionaries in the then Natal. After the end of apartheid, the Zulu homelands were merged into the province of KwaZulu-Natal in the Republic of South Africa. Shaka ruled from 1816 to 1828, when he was assassinated by his brothers. The tribe took its name from this new leader. His first Zulu novel "Insila kaShaka" was published in 1930. In 1859 the first Zulu Grammar Book by L. Grout was produced". Buthelezi's nephew, Goodwill Zwelithini, was the Zulu monarch in the 1990s. Even when the British armies arrived with their advanced weapons, the Zulu soldiers were still able to give them a run for their … "The Zulu people group are reported in 7 countries",,,, History section of the official page for the Zululand region, People of Africa, Zulu marriage explained, The majority of southerners never became part of any strongly centralised kingdom, intermarried with Khoikhoi and retained circumcision. Immortalized in films like "Zulu" and "Shaka Zulu," these people and their conflicts – both within their own tribe and against the British Empire and Boers, is the stuff of legend. It is said that Zulu men would rather go hungry than to touch a cooking pot, although that has changed somewhat in the urban areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Chief Mangosutho (Gatsha) Buthelezi, a cousin of the king, was elected as Chief Executive. However, a small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. The town of Nongoma was temporarily consolidated as the capital, pending completion of buildings at Ulundi. Although the word “Zulu” means “Heaven,” for generations Zulu warriors gave their enemies hell. Late nineteenth-century postcard of Zulu Warriors These natural disasters impoverished them and forced more men to seek employment as railway construction workers in northern Natal and on the mines in the Witwatersrand. Ghostwriter and film consultant Christina Hamlett has written professionally since 1970. From a small tribe as late as the 1816, they were organized and invigorated by the legendary Shaka Zulu to become the dominant kingdom in South Africa. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. By the late 1800s, British troops had invaded Zulu territory and divided Zulu land into different chiefdoms. The Zulu language, of which there are variations, is part of the Nguni language group. A plague of locusts devastated crops in Zululand and Natal in 1894 and 1895, and their cattle were dying of rinderpest, lung sickness and east coast fever. The majority of northerners became part of the Zulu kingdom, which abolished circumcision.

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