bore many similarities to the Zodiac killings. Kaufman said Tarrance was a dead-ringer for the composite sketch and claimed to have a stash of incriminating evidence, including a roll of film depicting possible victims and a bizarre hooded costume like one the Zodiac wore during the Lake Berryessa stabbings. Though Tarrance died in 2006, Kaufman produced several pieces of evidence that he believed incriminated his stepfather in the murders. A poem written on the bottom of a wooden desk was found in a storage closest at Riverside City College and it described an attack similar to the one on Bates. According to Stewart, his mother attempted to access police files on Best but was turned away due to the extremely upsetting nature of the reports. Why Ruled Out: In a 1989 TV interview, Marshall conceded there were many similarities but denied being the Zodiac. Heavily popularized by the media, the case gained public attention due to the letters and cyphers consistently sent to newspapers and police in which the Zodiac would taunt those searching for him and boast about his crimes. Allen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 18, 1933. Why Ruled Out: “Goldcatcher” was a known conspiracy theorist with little credibility, described by a San Francisco police inspector as “one of the three top Zodiac kooks.” When Narlow, the Napa detective, interviewed Gaikowski, the journalist claimed he was out of the country at the time of the 1968 murders on Lake Herman Road, but had lost his passport. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Click Below For General Zodiac Case Discussion, Click Below For Zodiac Codes Including Z340. Richard Gaikowski was a initially a person of interest due to his training as a medic and his intentional arrest in 1965. Researchers also challenged the document examiner’s credibility; she believed Tarrance had also written the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note. A freelance writer based in Brooklyn, Elizabeth spends her free time prowling used bookstores, seeing how many movies she can watch in a weekend, and talking way too much about Korean horror films. Both San Francisco Chronicle reporter Paul Avery and detective Dave Toschi investigated the Riverside killing in connection to Zodiac. Tarrance resembled the widely circulated police sketch, matching the descriptions of having a crew cut and glasses. This is not reddit. It was also noted that Sullivan bore a striking resemblance to a 1969 police sketch of the Zodiac killer. Since it is heavily speculated that the Zodiac had a military background, the physical description matched several suspects, who were confirmed to have spent time in the military. Zodiac would send letters to newspapers with cryptic clues. In recent years, absurd allegations have spread on social media—including that Texas Senator Ted Cruz was the Zodiac, even though he was born two years after the first confirmed killings.

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