One of the drawbacks of a new U1 is that because they hold their value so well, and are so well made, they’re not too cheap. All upright pianos have virtually identical Width and Depth. To ensure tuning stability, the structural integrity of the pinblock is assured by testing the upward and downward torque of the tuning pins. Hammers are inspected and reshaped to attain the correct firmness and geometry, assuring full and proper contact with the string. To insure tonal quality and stability, the soundboard is inspected for full structural integrity, proper adhesion of ribs, and absence of cracks. Over the years the price of the Yamaha U1 has risen to above $7000 with has had a dramatic decrease in the sales of new Yamaha U1 models.

Many available, all reconditioned to like-new condition. These handsome instruments represent the best combination of quality and value available anywhere. The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Every piano in our inventory is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, adjusted, tuned, and prepared for a new home before being listed for sale. A piano of unlimited potential, the ENSPIRE ST provides full recording and playback functionality, the patented Yamaha SILENT Piano™ System and DSP Servo Drive System for users who want more from their acoustic piano. Operation of the flanges, center pins, and bushings are tested to ensure efficient and fluid motion of the hammer. The Yamaha U1 and U3 range are very well made pianos that are built to high standards by Yamaha technicians in their Japanese factories.

See Player Bundle listing for details. Refined scale designs and components improve tonal performance, while other modifications enhance strength and durability.

Damper levers and wires are adjusted for proper and efficient operation.

Our current stock of Yamaha U1 (s) range from: Price: $2,995 and up. The Yamaha U1 is the world's most popular piano. We're here to help!

Height is the only dimension that varies dramatically from one upright piano to the next. Brass hinges, pedals, and lock assembly cleaned and polished. Experienced pianists are available to answer any specific questions you may have about the playing experience of any piano in our inventory. Reserve now with a $250 pre-order deposit to guarantee the best selection. Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by long-distance piano buyers. Here's the most common set of terms and rates chosen by our customers: Apply for Pre-Approval Now The downward pressure of the strings against the bridges is tested to ensure the proper soundboard crown, tone quality, and resonance. Want to know more about this piano's condition?

For an exact shipping or delivery quote, please contact us. Yamaha b1 Upright PianoPictured in polished ebony.

The world's most popular upright piano. I live a long way from you. Damper felt is inspected for proper hardness.

The tone quality of each piano is adjusted and perfected to reflect the clarity, brightness, crispness, depth of tone that is inherent in Yamaha and Kawai pianos.

Each Four Star Reconditioned Piano undergoes an extensive inspection and certification process to ensure optimal playability at an amazing price.

You can expect to pay a minimum of $8,000 for a new model, and up to $11,000 depending on your location and circumstances. For the Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 used pianos, produced between 1960 and 2000, the price does not differ significantly. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. Kayserburg-KA121KA121 in Polished Mahogany, Ritmuller-UP121RBUP121 in Polished Mahogany, Albert-Weber-AW131AW131 in Yellow Bubinga, Wilhelm-Schimmel-W123W123 in Ebony Polish, Gerhard-Heintzman-G120Pictured in High Polish Ebony, Ritmuller-UP120REUP120RE in Satin Mahogany, Wilhelm-Schimmel-W118W118 in Ebony Polish, Boston-UP120s PE-IIUP120s in Ebony Polish, Kingsburg-KU120KU120 in Polished Mahogany.

Bridge pins are inspected for proper side-bearing. New England's Piano Destination, Since 1929.

Both models are in the price range between €3,500 - €6,000. Let us pick out the perfect Yamaha upright piano for you from our very large selection. Tuning pins are found to be clean, free of corrosion, and of uniform size.

Please let us know about 6-8 weeks prior to your desired delivery window so that we can begin making shipping arrangements in advance. For a new instrument we will pay two or three times more - €8,000 - €12,000 for the Yamaha U1 price and €9,000 to €13,000 for a Yamaha U3 piano. Why is Height important? How can I get to know a piano if I don't see it in person?

That's why we make a tremendous effort to provide detailed listings of every piano we sell (complete with descriptions, photos, and demonstration videos) to bring your online piano shopping experience as close as possible to seeing and hearing it in real life. Additional charges (such as sales tax and/or local delivery, where applicable) in excess of the listed price may apply; if desired, these charges may be added to the financed amount, resulting in a higher down payment and monthly payment. An excellent inventory of Yamaha U1 upright pianos in stock, all reconditioned to excellent condition. You can add text widgets here to put whatever you'd like.

Can you keep it at your shop until I am ready for it?

Founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha has established a strong reputation as the world's preeminent maker of production pianos, known for their consistency, longevity, and durability. shopping_cart Cart 1800-3000-8484 In Media; Contact us; Shipping & Returns; Covid-19 Update: We're Open and Shipping to Green, Orange, and Red Zones.

Technicians clean and inspect the structural integrity of the sound plate. The action is adjusted to ensure that each piano has a consistent, efficient, and expressive feel and touch in all registers of the instrument. Transform this piano into a player piano with real moving keys!

Taller pianos allow for longer strings and greater soundboard surface area, so they usually produce more sound than shorter pianos.

Prequalify now to get the process started.

Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, Yamaha U1 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability.

Still the Yamaha U1 is the #1 selling used pianos in the world and is often reccomended by teachers and technicians as the best cheap choice. Yamaha pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional …

Impressions: The Yamaha U1 upright piano remains one of the 'workhorse' instruments in the musical community. This is just an example shown for the theme preview.

Pianos are a truly unique item to transport, so they require highly-trained moving professionals who move pianos on a regular basis. We've safely delivered instruments to new homes all 50 US states and 37 countries. The touchweight of each piano is adjusted to retain the lightness and agility that are the hallmarks of Yamaha and Kawai pianos while still allowing for a satisfying dynamic and expressive range. The Piano Technicians' Guild's 'Find a Technician' tool is a good resource for finding technicians in our local area. Add Player Piano Technology. An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm (52") U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. Extra-wide music desks provide plenty of room for sheet music.

All of our Four Star reconditioned instruments are in amazing cosmetic and mechanical condition; customers who visit our showroom often mistake them for new.

There's no obligation, no commitment to buy.

The Yamaha U1 is the world's most popular piano. We update our site as often as possible and currently have: 6 Yamaha U1's available.

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They are a phenomenal choice for music educators, studio musicians, students and home users. Just ask! Here's a video that explains more about the shipping process: Absolutely! Keys are removed and rail pins are individually inspected and cleaned. 860-442-9600 24/7 And the top-of-the-line sets extraordinary standards of elegance and excellence, incorporating concepts adapted from Yamaha grand pianos.

When asked what the difference is between the U1 and the bigger brother the Yamaha U3 (52" tall), my impressions are that the U1 feels more close and present while the U3 is more resonant.

We've built a network of qualified and experienced piano shipping experts who can service virtually all of the United States. Player piano technology package sold separately. Offering a greater range of ways to enjoy performing on an acoustic instrument, including volume control without compromising rich sound and connection with smart devices. All of our Four Star reconditioned instruments are in amazing cosmetic and mechanical condition; customers … MERRIAM pianos is the largest retailer of used and rebuilt Yamaha and Kawai pianos and is rated as the #1 pianos store …

Keytops and keyfronts are cleaned or replaced as necessary to ensure uniform bright-white appearance. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, U1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

Gerhard-Heintzman-G118Pictured in polished ebony.

Enter your email address to add this piano to your Favorites list.

Thanks to comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction.

Warranties accompany every piano listed in our standard preowned piano categories. Construction and geometry of the keybed are checked to ensure proper operation of the action.

Contact us for details.

Local Delivery or Nationwide In-Town Shipping, Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, or Satin White, Yamaha U3 52'' Studio Upright Piano Polished White, Yamaha Disklavier Console Upright Piano Queen Anne (MX85). Soundboards are repeatedly tested and found to be at or near the recommended 7% for North American homes. This model will be in stock soon. Before it is listed on our site, every piano we receive is disassembled, inspected, detailed, tuned, repaired, and/or adjusted by our team of piano experts to bring it to showroom-quality standards of playability. Available models: C2X, C1X, GC2, GC1, GB1K, YUS1, U1.

Every day, items of every shape, size and price are bought and sold online, from clothing and electronics to boats and automobiles.

How can I be sure of the condition of one of your pianos? How do you ship a piano to me?

Request a detailed condition summary now to get the full picture. At 48" tall (121 cm), it is a veritable power house for sound. Bridges are inspected to ensure they are free from critical cracks. All pedal rods and trapwork are adjusted to ensure proper operation of the pedals. Proper spacing between string coil and plate is ensured.

The pre-owned U1s and U3s are an attractive option for many people because it is possible to get a very high quality, good as new upright piano, for a very reasonable price. Main Showroom New London, CT Visit Us. Your purchase includes free complimentary storage at our shop for as long as you need.

We'll pick the perfect one for your needs.

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