One section which I really like is titled "You Can’t Give 110%". He tells how he got started at UCLA. The leader must set an example. True happiness comes from the things that cannot be taken away from you. We cannot control what happens, but we can control how we react to what happens. Cooperation – "Be interested in finding the best way, not in having your own way.". This mirrors Joe Torre’s thoughts in the book, "The Yankee Years". We have to innovate to improve. I couldn’t find a good example as displayed in the book, with the definitions, but a decent example of the pyramid can be found here. 9. Never believe you’re better than anybody else, but remember that you’re just as good as everybody else. Wooden believe that things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. is John’s friend, a longtime associate and the co-author of this one-of-a-kind book. The last part of the book contains excerpts from notebooks that Wooden used throughout his career as a teacher and coach. 9. I welcome this. I explained to them the results on Tuesday, and asked him if he could increase his numbers by Friday. Wooden would interview college applicants before they were offered scholarships at UCLA. There must be a balance. Kayrol Leslie U19154749 Professor Ryan Newton LDR 2010 Chapter 5 Reflection The biggest challenge in leadership is being able to understand others, and Chapter 5 discusses why and explains how it is of importance in Leadership. Character is what you really are. "Be uncomfortable being comfortable, discontent being content." Broadcasters thought it would be a miracle if they finished above .500. Never miss or be late for any class or appointment. Do you do that by dangling a carrot in front of them or by beating them with a stick until they do it? Teamwork, with each player performing his role, creates success. This chapter compares and contrasts offering rewards for potential good behavior against telling people what the consequences are for bad behavior. The “popular” stature, was not a part of his character, so being a celebrity distraction didn’t suit him. Period. Choices we make in our personal lives affect our professional lives. I find that people who think like this in a group can create positive results. Earn the right to be proud and confident. He carried with him advice his father told him when he was younger:  " Don’t worry about whether you’re better than somebody else, but never cease trying to be the best you can become. Prior to the introduction is a picture of a pyramid. Because of this, the student lost his scholarship which would have helped him through college. Wooden, on the other hand, thought that everything on and off the court could create value – referring to the team performance. And when you do that you become a very powerful and important force—namely, a good role model. His fame overshadowed everyone especially his colleagues; as a result of John’s basketball perfection and personal charisma. It is our responsibility as a leader to to educate those on our team of the importance of their role. Know the difference between rules that can be waived occasionally and those that go to the core of your philosophy. The content and substance was very similar to his own. Never lose faith or patience. The famous basketball “celebrity” and coach John Wooden, realized that his coaching days are numbered when his name was associated with fame and glory. Be a gentleman at all times. On one occasion, at a gathering of coaches, the emcee politely asked John to go to the next room or to distance himself from the other coaches. According to John, balance is everything, basketball or no basketball. Be enthusiastic, industrious, dependable, loyal, and cooperative. On numerous occasions, Wooden declared that practice makes perfect, but basketball is not the essence of life. How effectively are we using the time we are given? Alex Rodriguez was always focused on his individual stats, and Torre wanted him to concentrate more on helping out the team. Steve Jamison is John’s friend, a longtime associate and the co-author of this one-of-a-kind book. Within the two cornerstones are the following: Friendship – "Requires a joint effort." Your game should speak about your behavior outside the court as well. Wooden isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t get things right the first time, and there are many parts throughout the book that touch upon this. I met with the CEO on my first day back, and he passed along the book "Wooden on Leadership". The point he proved remains engraved deep into all basketball fanatics’ hearts all over the world. "The uphill climb is slow, but the downhill road is fast." Wooden explains in this chapter to try and find what makes someone great and to play to their strengths. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The Hall of Fame, membership sat on his shoulders, even though Wooden was only the son of a poor farmer. , 1910 in Hall, Indiana – U.S. During the WW2 he served in the Navy and retired as a lieutenant. He never made an offer to that student because his he didn’t have good values. However, the leader must have the final say after a decision is made, and it must be accepted by the team. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Ten-time national champion aside, he brought principles to the game of basketball, John brought passion and devotion. Give each individual the treatment he or she earns and deserves. His goal is to win the conference championship. Never be selfish, jealous, envious, or egotistical. A successful journey becomes your destination and is where your real accomplishment lies. He didn’t like the attention that winning a lot of games came with; always having to answer to reporters, conduct interviews, etc. He finishes the chapter speaking of how and when to criticize players. His book, Wooden on Leadership is well-organized, easy to read, and crammed with nuggets of leadership wisdom that easily transfer to the non-basketball world. Wooden told his athletes in basketball, “I don’t care if you are tall, but I do care if you play tall.” It’s just another way of saying that he judged them by the level of effort they gave to the team’s journey. Action taken to correct mistakes usually leads to better quality, because the team that learns from their mistakes assesses the situation more carefully next time. (Working independently is fine, but always keep the team goals in mind. Change ). To describe this chapter in one sentence, "The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts." Doing this allows you to not get locked into a long list of rigid rules. His attention to detail is almost artistic. I plan to use it. Wooden is known for his “Pyramid of Success”, which documents fifteen building blocks for success. Stick to your beliefs regardless of how bad the situation may be. Get a good hat rack. Don’t measure yourself by what you’ve accomplished, but rather by what you should have accomplished with your abilities. ", Competitive Greatness – "Be at your best when your best is needed.". If he had a magic lamp he would wish for coaches he had a good relationship with  to win just one national championship, and for coaches he did not have warm feelings for he would wish for them to win many championships. You always win when you make the full effort to do the best of which you’re capable. 5. Be what you want your team to become. – There are times to be flexible and times to be firm. In a nutshell, he was a coach at UCLA from 1948 to 1975 and won 12 national championships, more than any other coach. Improvement is always possible, and we must stop saying "No" and start asking "How?" The celebrity status bothered him in all ways, and he didn’t want to disgrace the sport of basketball. Wooden was very impressed with how well it was put together. Chapter one describes the bottom tier of the pyramid. He had interviewed with both Minnesota and UCLA. The funny thing is that Wooden didn’t ask anything from his players other than dedication and passion. This refreshing, and unique book confronts any superficial ideas even if they are related to legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. His fanaticism reached a new dimension if we take into consideration some his instructions related to – How to fold socks or clip fingernails.

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