Nope thats wrong. Typically, holy water is regular water that has had salt added to it -- an additional symbol of purification -- and then a blessing is said over it to consecrate it. This symbol, sometimes called the Triple Goddess symbol, represents the three phases of the moon -- waxing, full, and waning. The horned symbol with your hand usually means “metal” music, that is all. Unfortunately, sometimes we end up in the position in life where we have to parent ourselves. These symbols won’t be worth much to you if you don’t know how to use them in your witchcraft. Think you could help me? Fans of Celtic artwork occasionally get variations of this piece as tattoos or wear them as talismans of protection. These religious wars aren’t proving anything, but a lack of respect for one another’s lives. If you seek polarity in your life or are on a quest for spiritual rebirth, consider using the Yin Yang as a guide. It deeply connects all things in spirit and represents joy and well-being. The horns are significant in the Norse eddas and feature prominently in elaborate toasting rituals. We accept everyone, regardless of religion, gender, race, etc. The Egyptians also marked this symbol on coffins, so that the person held within would be protected in the afterlife. The pentagram (or pentacle when it’s encircled) is probably the most famous symbol in witchcraft as well as the most controversial. They are charged with complex beliefs and intentions, all of which are condensed into a simple combination of strokes. Well from what I’ve understood, her parents kicked her out because of her faith. Ask your angels for a sign, if you do this with a pure heart, you will find an answer. Thanks for finally writing about >Wiccan Symbols
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