All rights reserved. Men have more lateral facing acetabulum, meaning their legs swing forward, backward, and out; women have more anterior facing acetabulum, meaning their legs not only have a greater ability to swing inward, but do so naturally when moving forward, like when sitting or … How do you think about the answers? And constantly have to myself "oh shit, don't do that, that's weird" for both. I do the spread, ankle over ankle, ankle over knee, sit normally but leaned back, or just sit normally. I cant physically cross my legs anymore. They’re usually found on the thighs, backs of the calves, and inner leg. And b/c we have enough trouble trying to keep their eyes off are chests let alone up are skirts.But I will admit that I have uncrossed my legs when wearing a mini skirt and … I don't know why, it's just the way I am. When these valves are weakened or damaged, however, the force of gravity pulls blood back down. Yeah I fully cross them, like one thigh on top of the other, idk why so many guys feel uncomfortable unless they're squeezing their legs together as hard as they can. Still have questions? Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. I do both. Depending on which side of you they are sitting you either get a knee jabbed into your thigh or the dog sh1t they have stood in scraped from their shoe and onto your trouser leg. I can't cross my legs, when I try my legs hurt. It could also lead to a misalignment of your spine over time. Never the other way around. yet some men cross their legs tight, one over the other leg ladies. Why do you want to know? Learn more about the best postures for sitting. Why is it that in a country of 325 million people, nobody seems to question the seemingly advanced condition of brain disease in Joe Bidon ? It’s said to cause varicose veins, birth complications for pregnant women, and high blood pressure. no i lean back in my chair as far as i can. really. ARe you wearing a strap-on? I, a man, cross my legs when sitting down. Anyone else do this? Read our varicose vein prevention tips. This can cause pain in the lower back. Anyone who says it hurts their balls is either doing it wrong, or needs to see a doctor. 0 0. sonny_too_much. This is known as venous insufficiency. Veins become varicose when that blood gets backed up, collects, and causes bulging. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to stop crossing your legs completely. Sitting for long periods of time with your leg over your knee can cause your pelvis to rotate and tilt. This is not acceptable. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Sometimes I do, but not the way with one leg over another since I find that uncomfortable, Yeah I think it's a comfortable way to sit. I usually cross them where I put my ankle up on my knee, but I don't put one knee on top of the other- that's quite uncomfortable.

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