Thereafter, On the Buses attained its success as it followed the lecherous adventures of two conspicuously middle-aged men (Varney and Bob "Jacko" Grant, the conductor) in pursuit of an endless array of improbably available "dolly birds". A moth-eaten, end-of-pier British comedy drama that makes the most threadbare of 1970s Carry On films look like Citizen Kane, it sank without trace at the box office and effectively ended the career of its star, Reg Varney, when it limped out to cinemas in 1973. Arthur originally worked as a hospital porter in the city hospital but changed job and worked as a booking clerk for British Rail. Three "On the Buses" films were made in consecutive years between 1971-73 while this series was still being broadcast on television. To a generation of long-suffering comedy lovers, Reg Varney represents an all too familiar bane, as Mum-loving lothario Stan Butler in ITV's long running On the Buses, a byword for 70s sitcom mediocrity, all too accurately parodied in a recent Harry and Paul sketch. Yes, On The Buses was vulgar; yes, it scored easy, cheap and cheerful laughs; Yes, all the characters shouted their lines instead of talking them; yes, Stan said “Cor Blimey” at least a dozen times in every episode; and yes, of course, the critics dislike it – but the viewers absolutely loved it! However, Michael Robbins did return for the film "Holiday On the Buses" in 1973. Fionnuala O Connor: In the midst of a surging pandemic, much of the editorial judgment on display is heartening, Wins for Donegal, Cavan & Armagh in opening weekend of Ulster SFC. Get answers by asking now. | He was 92. Reg Varney would make no more films and forever be remembered as the randy old goat of On The Buses. It never materialised. Quotes During World War II, he joined the Royal Engineers, but continued performing as an army entertainer, entertaining the troops including touring the Far East. I like The View and The Talk very funny (on youtube)? The format of On The Buses was sold to American television, where it was remade by NBC as Lotsa Luck, running for 24 episodes in 1973 – 1974. Inspector Blake He started his working life immediately after the second world war in a revue innocently called Gaytime, in which his straight man was, of all people, Benny Hill. Two possibilties: First, he was almost sixty years old while it was supposed to play a thirty something bachelor. So the ingenious technicians at London Weekend Television devised a way of boxing in the bus exhaust and piping the fumes straight out of the studio and away from the audience. Why was the show axed? Get the day's headlines delivered directly to your inbox, Reg will be forever remembered as Stan from TV's On The Buses, Sofia Coppola on making new caper comedy On The Rocks with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, Games: Sony's new PlayStation 5 will be a chink of light for gamers in this darkest of winters, Cult Movie: The Mothra of all Japanese monster movies, Thousands participate in virtual Dublin marathon, Man shot in leg in paramilitary-style attack in west Belfast. Sandra Bryant Doris Hare was only 11 years older than her screen "son" Reg Varney. Is it true that he was never forgiven by fans for his leaving? Reg Varney exited 'On The Buses' on a high note with the last great episode to be written by Wolfe & Chesney. November 2008 in Budleigh Salterton, Devon) war ein britischer Schauspieler.Er wurde in Großbritannien in den 1970er Jahren vor allem durch seine Rolle als Stan Butler in der Sitcom On the Buses bekannt. Reg Varney Vote for this answer. Reg Varney, the On The Buses actor, has died aged 92, his daughter said. Stan was a bachelor and lived with his bingo-loving, widowed, super-smothering mum (Doris Hare). When Reg Varney left why was it mid-series? All rights reserved. For Bob Grant, playing Jack Harper for four years led to his being typecast as "leering, randy" characters. Chalkie There's a depressingly faded feel to everything here, bar old Reg, that stretches from the randy teenagers we meet trying to buy condoms for their latest dance hall conquests to the tatty interiors that reek of old fag smoke and formica table tops long left unwiped. Anna Karen He was 20 years older than Stephen Lewis who played the overbearing and supposedly senior Inspector Blake and only nine years younger than Doris Hare, who played his Mum from the second series onwards. Sally Douglas. Playing a Brylcreamed bus driver with an eye for the ladies and a pair of perpetually raised fingers for authority had limited appeal for Varney though, and when the chance came to stretch his actorly wings and reprise a TV play he'd starred in back in 1968 on the big screen, he jumped at it. didb72 Answer has 1 vote didb72 11 year member 102 replies Answer has 1 vote. 16/06/11 - 00:43 #16. Varney failed to see the series out, leaving after seven episodes of the final 13. 16 November 2008 • 17:14 pm . Why did Reg Varney leave? Michael Robbins On some of these a voice is audible directing the audience's applause prior to the credits cutting off. Captain Timber Posts: 407. Bob Grant After a short-lived sitcom, "Down The Gate" about a Billingsgate fish market porter, Reg Varney's tv career also declined and he returned to mostly cabaret work in clubs and cruise ships. If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better? Is every single episode of The Simpsons on DisneyPlus+? “Blakey” was the constant tormentor of Stan Butler (Reg Varney) – the Driver of the green number 11 bus to the cemetery gates – and his conductor, faithful sidekick and partner in crime, Jack Harper (Bob Grant). Anyone who complains that good, old-fashioned British comedy was ruined by political correctness should be compelled to view these films in full, back-to-back. Given his potential to deliver something much deeper, that's a real shame. In reality, Michael Robbins wanted to get back into theatre work again, hence his departure from the show. Varney, all plastered in slap and miserable throughout, is frankly marvellous as the embittered and disappointed trouper who hams it up on stage and spirals out of control off it. 0. Goofs , esp with only 6 episodes remaining? The huge popularity of the series can be gauged from the fact that the first of these movies was the top British box-office film in 1971, surpassing even the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. He was aware that he was the only performer without West End acting experience and worked hard to make up for it. Why did Reg Varney leave? Reg Varney opened the world’s first ATM cash dispenser, which was installed on 27 June 1967 at Barclay’s Bank in Church Street, Enfield in England. It's an uneasy mix of styles, from Varney's entrancing tragicomedy turn to the supporting cast's 'Confessions Of A Caravan Park' crassness, which makes for a ultimately unsatisfying viewing experience. Varney was no comic great - he dulls alongside a top-drawer talent like Frankie Howerd in The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery. Within six months of its launch, London Weekend Television was the grateful recipient of a new sitcom from seasoned writers, Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney (who had been responsible for The Rag Trade).

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