6- Promotion chasing. Training a new employee (especially at the management level) is a lot about organization specific policies, procedures, who the key players are as far as vendors/clients/consultants, etc. The guy made a big stink at one point and carried 6 bars to show how “light” it was and then promptly went back to being on the phone smoking. True, and often the skill sets that are prized in those types of jobs don’t translate well to management. Permalink. They can't get people to change behavior. As I mentioned in the story above, if your manager is clueless to what effect they have on their crew, you’re sunk. They stay in their office or stay on their smartphones. All managers and leaders exhibit psycho qualities. Also, when I say that companies don’t want to train a new manager, I don’t mean train them in how to manage. As I coach managers, I often find that many neglect the planning function. And it shouldn’t be 0. They get little or no training in how to manage well. I always treat retail and service workers well now, even if they are visibly annoyed or kind of rude. It's disgusting. Very worried about appearance. This place is so bad for my mental health I can't even pretend to give a shit about it anymore. And there are VERY VERY few good managers. I almost screamed at her to shut her godamn grown ass son. He didn’t allow us to do this work in pairs until another guy said we should work in pairs and not be a hero and bust our backs trying to carry it alone (which is what I thought we should have been doing in the first place). Great managers give their team more of a say in how they can contribute and do their jobs; they offer opportunities to learn and grow. My old GM was a bully and now we have a new GM who is clueless and I swear to god, the second I get a better offer I am so done. I happened to visit that store with the owner of a new company I was working for. The important thing is you learned from that experience and improved yourself. He just needs someone there. Retail training for managers has to start somewhere... Oh, and about the shoe store manager I mentioned earlier? Plus, these were all volunteer positions. But very important. 12 – She got the position for money and status. held myself back career-wise. Has Your Boss Set You Up To Succeed or Fail? I HATE customers. This is why employees think their bosses live in a fictional world separate from the realities their salespeople face with customers - an ivory tower. The people above bad managers often don’t know how to judge good management – or spot bad management. It also would make price changes and inventory a time-suck. In my experience, #1 is the most common – so many people are really good at what they do in their core job. I mean come on if it’s that much of a rush get off your bloody phone, pick up an end or grab 2 bars yourself and work in the trenches with your guys; your not being paid to stand around on the phone and smoke cigarettes while the guys are breaking their backs carrying loads around 100 lbs for hours getting interrupted periodically by your yelling at them. For what it’s worth, lots of management jobs have nothing to do with payroll or hours — they’re really about setting goals, monitoring progress against those goals, delegating work, giving feedback, developing people, addressing problems, etc. I don’t think Jen was saying that PR people make bad managers; I think she was just using the PR world as an example of the different skills that are necessary for an individual contributor versus a manager. But, that’s because they usually know that they won’t be fired, so why should they?

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