This Gup-X vehicle helps the group to rescue creatures and bring them home safely. On the back, there is a mesh pocket that provides extra storage space – perfect for storing your Octonaut toys! Your mission is to save Peso. It is a small but great set for all Octonauts admirers. It plays a familiar sound from the TV show and will help kids feel like they are part of the adventure. Each of these sets comes with a different set of figures, so look to see who’s in it before buying. (Some sets don’t include the major characters). To activate sound effects, kids need to pull the lever. It has swamp speeders for the Octonauts team to ride-on. For mobile missions and adventurers, the air-hoses can coil at the bottom of the lab, and you can store all the pieces inside. I would look for garage sales, or ebay to see if you can find them. Another great vehicle from the Octonauts family of toys. Inspired by the long yeti crab, the Gup-Y is the ideal vehicle for the Octonauts when they want to lift, haul and scoop up sea goop. Kids can use the towline and rescue basket to help reach and rescue the sea creature. This was true for Chuggington and Peppa Pig toys. Kids can recreate rescue missions and think of new adventures for both in and out of the water. I personally think $9 for 2 small figures (when my DD WILL want them all, is a little high)....this coming from a mom who just bought a new Peter Pan from Matel 1993, for $40, because my DD wants a PP doll for Christmas like he tinker bells. But they sell them this way so the consumer thinks ok 9 is not so bad, I can get that as a gift or even two of them for 18. The Vegimal figures aren’t the same size as other Octonaut toys on our list. Kids can use the Gup-D vehicle in and out of water. The box consists of high-quality, non-toxic materials. All figures are colorful, quality, durable, and ready for the next adventures that await. Kwazii’s arms and legs also glow in the dark. Lingo They are also not very versatile. It is hard to find a kid or parent who doesn’t love it. The playset comes with 12 extra pieces for endless fun and many adventures. Kids can play with them underwater; they are airtight and don’t have holes where water can enter. The Gup features a secret door in the tail area that opens and reveals a special engine room. You can roll it across the floor and push the fin to launch the rescue net. The vehicles and figures are waterproof. The toys are suitable for kids over the age of 3. This unique, train-like vehicle can launch glow-in-the-dark flares from the top and both sides, and it comes equipped with a creature rescue tank. So even thought Disney Jr has made them popular, no chance of them making new toys?octonauts is ok-Ed price. The insulated lunch box will keep food fresh and tasty for hours. Why are Hot Toys so expensive? Inside, there is a central computer, chair, and a diving bell. The Gup-S transforms into two vehicles: the Octo-Shuttle and the Octo-Sled. This fun playset includes all eight popular characters wearing suits that glow in the dark. Also they may not have been licensed here yet, so things can get expensive. With this specially designed Octonauts lunch box, your little one can take his favorite Octonaut friends to school. Kwazii can send a snack to his lost friend or take a closer look with special Octo-goggles. I see what you mean, but yes, if a barbie is 10 for one and you are getting 2 for 9 (smaller) it evens out. Other Gups are only about half the size. Whenever there is trouble under the sea, the Octonauts gang dives into action. The vehicle can quickly transform into Flying Fish mode for use in various undersea missions. Vintage toys are always expensive so expect one that's based on the colossal Incredible Hulk to cost even more! All characters have lots of details, while the figures have movable legs, arms, and heads. What a dumpster fire of a toy. Currently 6593 users on the Chat. The Octonauts help youngsters learn about oceans, science, and animals. Kwazii introduces you to his Gup-Q vehicle, perfect for both water and land rescue missions. The vehicle glows in the dark, and the lights can work underwater.

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