The trio sonata usually involved three performers, two on high instruments and one on a bass line. The terms ensemble and chorus are synonymous. Director: Trevor Pinnock. On September 10, 1677, Purcell was given the Court position of composer-in-ordinary for the violins. One of the most revolutionary periods in music history was the, The early baroque period spanned the years, Monteverdi, an early baroque composer, strove to create music that was, The early and late baroque periods differed in that composers in the early baroque. C. the successive repetition of a musical idea at higher or lower pitches. He then collaborated with John Dryden on King Arthur in 1691, and also composed the music for The Fairy-Queen (1692), based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, both productions also scoring triumphs. A. ornamental tones not printed in the music that seventeenth- and eighteenth-century performers were expected to add to the melody. The music director of a baroque court was usually not responsible for, 40. The Indian Queen. B. Birthday Odes for Queen Mary. Which of the following statements is not true? A Vivaldi concerto usually has ____________ movements. In the baroque era, dynamics consisted mainly of sudden alterations between loud and soft called, The main keyboard instruments of the baroque period were the organ and the, A popular keyboard instrument in which sound was produced by means of brass blades striking the strings was the, The most characteristic feature of baroque music is its use of, A bass part together with numbers (figures) that specify the chords to be played above it is called. Songs and Ayres. He was a composer, He was an organist, He was born in Venice, He was a singer. Which statement about Henry Purcell is NOT true? 22. The baroque principle of ____________ may be temporarily suspended in vocal music when drastic changes of emotion in a text inspires corresponding changes in the music. A ____________ is a singer with a low range who usually takes comic roles. HARMONIA MUNDI 90 1462. Match each definition to the genre it best describes. Cast: Gillian Fisher, Tessa Bonner, James Bowman, The King´s Consort. It featured imitative counterpoint after the solemn opening section. Purcell was just twenty when he was made Organist of Westminster Abbey - this was one of the biggest jobs in music and was like being a pop star today. The following month, upon Hingeston's death, he was named Royal Instrument Keeper while retaining his other posts. PRICE, C. Henry Purcell and the London Stage. Lully's operas were carefully calibrated to extol the parliamentary checks and balances that were integral to the French political regime under Louis XIV. Which of the following operas were composed by Claudio Monteverdi? Instrumental music became as important as vocal music for the first time in the ____________ period. True or False: A descending ground bass helps underscore the sorrow in Dido's lament. A year later, in 1680, he/she married a woman named French, which just have data. The members of the Camerata wanted the vocal line of their music to follow, Most early baroque operas were based on Greek mythology and. Overture - An orchestral introduction, Recitative - A kind of musical declamation or speech, Aria - A song usually of a highly emotional nature, Libretto - The text/script of an opera. True or False: Early opera was originally designed to reflect the manner in which seventeenth-century aristocrats sung their conversations to each other on a daily basis. ____________ is a musical procedure in which a fugue subject is imitated before it is completed. Life and Music Purcell was born in 1659 to Henry Purcell, master of choristers at Westminster Abbey, and his wife Elizabeth. The statement is false because Lully was famous for establishing German opera. Although it incorporated Italian and French stylistic elements, Purcell's was a uniquely English form of Baroque music. True. Lully composed an average of one opera per year for fourteen years. An opera is a large-scale _________ that is __________. 5 are the ____________, violin, and harpsichord. In 1695, with 36 years and fully, his death occurred, and his remains were buried under the organ of Westminster Abbey. Works which were compiled in two volumes by his wife. Baroque trio sonatas usually involve ____________ performers. A sung piece, or choral work with or without vocal soloists, usually with orchestral accompaniment, is the, When chorale melodies were harmonized for church choir, the tune was given to the. Director: Robert King. The first work that can be identified with certainty as of its authorship is the ODE for the birthday of the King, supposedly written in 1970, although it is said that he/she began to compose at the age of 9 years. More important than the compositions for the Court are works that was commissioned by theatres and public concerts, which devoted most of its ten years of life. Vivaldi wrote approximately ____________ concerti grossi and solo concertos. The orchestra evolved during the baroque period into a performing group based on instruments of the ____________ family. In 1683 were published for the first time their Sonatas to three parties, obtained a great success among the fans to Chamber music. Some of the most famous are Pursue thy conquest, love or When I am laid in earth, one of the most beautiful and melancholy of Baroque music laments. Director: J. Elliot Gardiner. He was the organist of Westminster Abbey and of the Chapel Royal, He is today primarily remembered for composing, He remains one of England's most distinguished composers, He composed anthems for the Lutheran church, Saving the royal family of Troy from the armies of Athens, Establishing the worship of Mercury as the principle religion of the Mediterranean region, Consider the following statement and choose the best response: "Jean-Baptiste Lully, a Portuguese composer living in Paris, established French opera while working under a royal patent granted by Louis XIV.". Director: P. Herreweghe. B. the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of speech. HYPERION CDA 67286/SCADA. An ____________ is an orchestral composition performed before the curtain rises on a dramatic work. A large court during the baroque period might employ about ____________ performers. The coronation of King George II. C. A concerto grosso normally involves a large group of soloists accompanied by an equal number of supporting players. Communication, Media Studies, & Journalism, Return to Discovering Music 2e Student Resources. Music intended to herald the arrival and presence of the king within an a opera audience, Recitative that precedes a large chorus number in an opera, Music that features a repeated bass pattern with melodic and harmonic material in higher registers. The ____________ is an instrumental composition based on a chorale. He/She continued composing in all kinds of genres, and cited as masterpieces from the end of his life Ode to St. Cecilia (1692) and Ode for the birthday of Queen Mary (1694). One of Purcell's greatest successes came in 1689 with the production of Dido and Aeneas. As his father was a musician (he was a gentleman of the Chapel Royal and sang in the coronocacion of King Carlos II of England), Henry was educated among professional musicians, and is for this reason that when I was still a child could enter in the choir of the Chapel Royal, thanks to his uncle Thomas Purcell, who was also a member. Which of the following statements is not true 1. Bach was recognized as the most eminent ____________ of his day. Which statement about Henry Purcell is NOT true? Ensemble: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, ‘It’s really important to create your support network very early on’ – advice from a, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake: the story and music of the, Scientists find the amazing reason your favourite music, What are the lyrics to ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ - and do, Surreal scenes as pianist calmly plays ‘Eternal Flame, ’ while anti-curfew riots escalate behind him, Download 'Symphony No.3 Opus 36 (2)' on iTunes, Download ''When I am laid in earth'' on iTunes, Download 'Abdelazer Suite (Rondeau)' on iTunes, Download 'Dido & Aeneas - Overture' on iTunes. Which of the following is a famous lament by henry purcell. The large group of players in a concerto grosso is known as the, The concerto grosso most often has three movements whose tempo markings are. A typical baroque operatic form was the da capo aria in ABA form in which the singer. A. Henry Purcell was virtually unknown in his own time, but today is considered England's most significant composer from the Baroque Era. 10, consists of four short movements, all in the same, Corelli's Trio Sonata in A Minor, op. 16 terms. The statement is false because the stories of masques were strictly about topical political stories and events.

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