Shortly after discovering an entrance to a dark cave, he encountered a small green sentient creature. Starkiller convinced Kota to help him find Juno, and Kota provided the coordinates for the Rebel rendezvous in the Athega system. Replies. As Starkiller struggled to move despite his fatal wound, Darth Vader slowly walked over to the dying clone and revealed that he had lied about failing to perfect the accelerated cloning process. Star Wars Fanon is a FANDOM Movies Community. Unknown to Juno Eclipse, however, Starkiller's supposed "death" was staged by Darth Vader, who managed to save his apprentice's life by using the Empirical's medical facility to heal and improve the Sith assassin's wounded body. As a clone of Marek, Starkiller inherited the skills and powers of his deceased progenitor. RELATED: Star Wars: What Happened to the Imperial Inquisitors? As was the case with most of the Galen Marek clones, Starkiller was trained to fight with dual-lightsabers. Old school Star Wars fans who are most familiar with the Original Trilogy are likely to immediately think of the character who is technically the franchise's first protagonist. The revelation that Vader had told the truth about their creation led Starkiller to accept his origin as a clone; a copied version who was superior to his imperfect precursors, but still an overall failure by Vader's standards. Thus, Eclipse felt an invisible force gripping her throat and lifting her off of the ground. While unconscious, Starkiller remembered Galen Marek's mother, and how she sacrificed herself to protect her family from Trandoshan slavers before Galen's abduction by Vader. [58] GameSpot listed Starkiller, as "The Apprentice", in a vote for the all-time greatest video game character. At that moment, the mysterious assassin made his way to Vader's side and lowered his hood to reveal his identity. Darth Vader displaying Galen Marek's corpse to the Dark Apprentice. While Kota remained on the bridge to take command of the ship, Starkiller continued on alone, following the destructive trail left by Vader's bounty hunter and the Imperial forces.[6]. Juno and Galen (Starkiller) each had a passion for each other, which led to an emotional attachment with Starkiller. By the time the credits rolled on the new trilogy's first entry, the new heroic trio of Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron had managed to destroy Starkiller Base and eliminate it as a threat to the galaxy. Kota thought that it was impossible to clone a Force-sensitive, believing that no one has ever attempted to clone Jedi or Sith. From freeing Kota to visiting several worlds, he had found that all of his attempts to find Juno had proven to be counter-productive to his primary goal. As the former Imperial Senators boarded the ship, the dome was rocked by a massive explosion, thus forcing Juno to leave without Marek. [8] Starkiller's reemergence would likely prove to be a boon to the Alliance, though both Kota and Juno encouraged him to keep a low profile, wanting to keep it under wraps for the time being, unsure about what the Alliance leadership would think of him.[6]. [1] Starkiller strongly favored the Ataru and Niman lightsaber forms, using their dual-blade training regiments to develop his skills, mastering Jar'Kai. [6], However, Starkiller remained unconvinced that he could be the real Starkiller, believing that Vader found a way to successfully clone Force-wielders with the aid of Kaminoan technology. Physical description Contacting Kota, Starkiller demanded that Kota order the attack on Kamino, so he could go rescue Juno from Darth Vader. [51] Buffa chose Starkiller as one of the top double-crossing characters. To Tarko's horror, his own gold throne scooped him up as it slid towards the sky box's broken viewport. Starkiller pursued him, and reached the very top of the spire. The shoulders and the waist featured guards or braces composed of a leather-like material. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As such, he also inherited a similar personality as his genetic template, although some characteristic traits were more dominant than others. Rendezvousing with Kota, they broke into one of the Imperial command centers, hoping to use it to open the hangar doors, but the controls were destroyed by an Imperial bombing run. [10], Before returning to the Alliance leaders, Organa inquired into Eclipse's personal views on how the Alliance should conduct its strategy. Starkiller rescued Eclipse, who had been stripped of her rank and branded a traitor to the Galactic Empire. Having rid himself of the original Starkiller's emotions, the dark clone walked past Juno's body. Thus, he followed up on Darth Vader's information and traveled to Cato Neimoidia. Sean Williams' novelization was released in the United States on 19 August 2008. Gender Two years after The Force Unleashed II's release, however, Disney purchased Lucasfilm. When it became apparent that Starkiller did not possess the codes, Tarko and his soldiers began firing on the intruder. After killing the aberrant clones, Starkiller was distraught with guilt and remorse. [60] Game Informer listed him sixth on their list of the "Top 10 Dorks", saying "The words "jedi" and "dork" rarely go together, but Starkiller is the Chosen One to unite them".[61]. Eclipse eventually received orders to take the Salvation to an Imperial-controlled planet called Cato Neimoidia, both to check out the planet's defenses and to test her own crew's ability in combat. RELATED: Star Wars: What Happened to the Imperial Inquisitors? His aggressive counters against the clones were reluctant, as he felt they had just as much right to live as he. Along the way, Starkiller continued to contemplate on Eclipse's relationship with the original Starkiller, and how his emotional imprints continued to dominate his mind and further drive his need to be with the woman that Marek loved. Juno Eclipse was part of the militarist camp, calling for an aggressive strike, even for only a symbolic victory. [10] Shocked and dumbfounded, her hope that Starkiller was truly alive again was virtually shattered by the discovery that Boba Fett had told her the truth after all. [12], Hence, Ackbar credited her for not only ensuring the Rebel Alliance's survival, but also for contributing to its growth as well. After the Unleashed franchise was discontinued following Disney's decision to reboot the Star Wars canon in favor of producing a sequel trilogy, Sam Witwer, Marek's voice actor, revealed that Dave Filoni, the creator of the Star Wars Rebels animated series, considered bringing Marek back into the new canon and having him appear in that series as a member of the Sith Inquisitorius, but ultimately decided against it because he could not find a way to do so without compromising either the new canon's quality or the character's unique distinctions.[27]. Before leaving Corellia, he revealed to Eclipse that his birth name was Galen Marek, thus dropping his identity as Starkiller, the codename that his former Master had bestowed upon him.[2]. Human (clone)[1] Starkiller mastered the art of Jar'Kai—a lightsaber combat form designed for the use of dual blades. Sensing that the strange being posed no threat to him, nor tried to, Starkiller deactivated his lightsabers. He fully accepted the explanation for his existence: the original Starkiller died and he had been created to take the apprentice's place. To that end, it's a pretty special piece of the franchise's legacy. Thus, Eclipse was reassigned to a top-secret mission in which she would pilot the Rogue Shadow, a state-of-the-art starship, as well as the transport of Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice and personal assassin. Starkiller, born Galen Marek and also known as The Apprentice, is the fictional protagonist of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games and literature, part of the Star Wars expanded (Legends) universe. The outfit was a simple Imperial flightsuit, though Starkiller notably did away with the helmet and chest-mounted equipment. Galactic Empire[1]Order of the Sith Lords[1]Jedi Order[1]Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] On the other hand, Eclipse also risked her life on many occasions for the Alliance, from retrieving the Rebel leaders from the Death Star, to personally recruiting Ackbar into the Rebellion.

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