[8], "The Sleeper" sees the MI5 team in a different light, going to great lengths to get the sleeper agent, Fred Roberts, to do what they want him to do so that the producers can make the audience sympathise with the character, as well as despise the main characters on some level for their methods. [7] The second series finale "Smoke and Mirrors" ended on a cliffhanger which left Tom's fate open. See the ratings on the episode table above. Ultimately Tom is cleared and returns to duty,[6] only to be decommissioned in the following episode after sabotaging an operation. Adam, Lucas and Wes are living together and now have new challenges to face. He is a fluent Arabic speaker and has good countersurveillance skills. Rupert Penry-Jones noted that the initial fan reaction towards Adam Carter was negative, "because Matthew [Macfadyen] was so successful and loved." AU one shot taking place about three years after 5.5. Fans voted Adam's death as the fourth most shocking death scene in the series. [13], In series five Adam hires a nanny, Jenny (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), to look after Wes while he takes part in operations. Joined MI5: 2004. Each episode has its own audio commentary and behind the scenes featurette. Shooting there became difficult as the crew had no control over the tourists. Because the topic is controversial, it was a difficult area to work with without offending people from both sides. Wolstencroft did not want to do it lightly, as he wanted somebody like Danny going through "something dreadful. [58] However, it was also voted number eight in the "Worst Drama" category. To be interested in the role, he spent a weekend catching up on the entire first and second series. [17] The explosion scene at the beginning of the episode was filmed at a council estate in Peckham. Brenton wrote it as a more light-hearted episode that saw the characters emmeshed in a world they cannot handle. [41], Fans and critics alike displayed shock towards the character's death in the first episode of the seventh series. The producers wanted to use Danny's death as a powerful end to the series. "[30] Before the seventh series aired, Penry-Jones revealed his character would leave in what he believed was "one of the best" Spooks exits. With Adam having to work, Lucas volunteers to organise Wes' Easter egg hunt. [22] It is later revealed that FSB head-of-operations in London, Arkady Kachimov, withheld his knowledge of the bomb plot. [50] With consolidated figures factored in, the third series was seen by an average of 5.77 million viewers. Part 4 of A New Start; Language: English Words: 7,190 Chapters: 3/3 Kudos: 6 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 176 [27] Oyelowo eventually decided to leave the series as well between filming episodes four and five; by then the finale was not yet written. The fifth episode dropped to five million. Full Name: Adam Henry Carter. The fifth series of the BBC espionage television series Spooks began broadcasting on 17 September 2006 before ending on 13 November 2006. [21], "Love and Death" was filmed in an actual Stena Line ferry that travelled from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, Netherlands; Stena allowed the producers to film in the ferry, though the cabins were filmed in a constructed studio set. [39] Filming in public locations often took place on weekends, when they were closed off to the public. Penhale also stated MI5 in the episode are in a way protecting the country, as if a national icon is under threat, the country's morale could drop. [16] Several cast members participated in stunt work. [53] It also was nominated for four BAFTA Craft Awards, for Original Television Music, Photography & Lighting: Fiction/Entertainment, Production Design, and Graphic Design, none of which resulted in a win for Spooks. The producers made the episode as neutral as possible by consulting with experts from both sides of the conflict. [26] Khoury also noted another difference between Spooks and American television is that most American seasons usually consists of 22 episodes, much of those episodes are more plot driven, while Spooks series three only had 10 and hence all of them contain some character development. Rupert Penry-Jones was awarded "Best Actor" at the Crime Thriller Awards for his portrayal of Adam Carter. The third series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 11 October 2004 on BBC One, and ended on 13 December 2004.It consists of ten episodes which continue to follow the actions of Section D, a counter-terrorism division of the British Security Services (MI5). He knows he made a difference, has decided that many hours before; that the countless innocents without a clue and the thousands of saved lives are important moments in his past; and yet today, after much retrospection, it does not feel enough. [7] Overall, the producers made the third series more character driven. [26], On his first day for filming series three, Penry-Jones participated in a fight scene in the middle of the first episode. Occupation: MI5 Senior Case Officer. Jaffrey's first day of filming required him to perform a difficult speech he had to "launch into. He already knew the area, as he once worked for an internet company. She was the nanny to Wes Carter who had an affair with Adam Carter. The third series of the British spy drama television series Spooks (known as MI-5 in the United States) began broadcasting on 11 October 2004 on BBC One, and ended on 13 December 2004. After filming on board concluded, both actors had to re-record some of the dialogue that was overshadowed by noises of the waves and engines. [62] Oliver Mace was voted the fifth best villain. [9] Peter Firth returns as superior Harry Pearce. [19], In producing the third series, the goal was to "raise the bar" higher to satisfy and surprise the audience. [11] In the series four finale, Adam is shot by rogue MI5 officer Angela Wells (Lindsay Duncan). "[44] The Times's Hilary Rose noted that fans will remember Adam's "dramatic exit", and said that "the nation's women duly went into mourning", regarding that "pretty much every woman with a pulse seems to fancy Rupert." First appearing in the second series, Walker felt more like the "new girl," but felt more experienced upon her return to the third. [31] He found that his last days on Spooks was generally upsetting and "welled up" on his final day. The third series includes nine main cast members. Woodhead replaced him as he was accustomed to the show, but also added more vitality to the show. Filming there was expensive and management of the museum only allowed the crew to film for a few hours. The third series received generally favourable reviews. The third series was released on DVD on 23 May 2005 in Region 4, 5 September 2005 in Region 2, and 31 January 2006 in Region 1. [26] One example is the two powers aiding the Afghan Mujahideen in 1989 before pulling out of the country; this ultimately led to the rise of Al-Qaeda. Richards did not want to kill off the character, as he deemed it predictable. In addition to Macfadyen, Hawes and Oyelowo, Peter Firth, Rupert Penry-Jones, Nicola Walker, Hugh Simon, Shauna Macdonald and Rory MacGregor are listed as the main cast. In the first episode of the seventh series, Adam works with officer Lucas North (Richard Armitage), newly returned from imprisonment in Russia, to rescue a kidnapped British soldier in London. Rupert Walters wrote the third and ninth episodes. Song title from the band Lonestar. Work Search: Humans and mythical creatures are currently at odd ends with one another. The production crew considered having Oyelowo wearing sunglasses to shield his eyes from any possible glass shards, but they later chose against it. "[52] However, at the same time, Mackenzie thought "the psychology surrounding cast changes like these is extremely interesting. The character is a former MI6 officer who takes charge as the chief of Section D, and hence the head protagonist following the departure of Tom Quinn in series three. Early on in the creation of Adam, the producers had an interest in casting Penry-Jones for the role;[10] however, it took the actor three auditions until the producers finally decided to cast him. When he found acting "street" was too difficult, Penry-Jones acted more like himself. [43] Me-Me-Me.tv has said that Adam's death was "bound to happen" and stated "just when we've formed a deep, meaningful and totally healthy relationship with the lead gentleman [...] they go and blow him up", adding "It's just not fair. [34], In "Outsiders" a scene required a lorry crashing into a car in front of Danny. "[34] He previously did it before with the death of Helen Flynn in "Looking After Our Own", but "Love and Death" did this in the point of view of the killer, not the victim. "[40] However, Blackwell was critical of Adam's role in the following fifth series, stating it is "too much" about him. Walters realised that torture is counterproductive as the suspects can say anything the interrogators want to hear, but rationalises that Adam is an expert in that field. Lucas and Adam's relationship develops from the first tentative kiss. It's just we know stuff that's happening, and it'll come out in the news a bit later on. [7] Hugh Simon and Rory MacGregor return as Malcolm Wynn-Jones and Colin Wells, respectively. Jennie Muskett and Sheridan Tongue composed the original music. It did take a while for the fans to accept me. Ros Myers succeeds Adam as section chief, and Jo Portman returns to honour his memory. Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny), chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, describes Carter as a "loose cannon". Megan Dodds returns as CIA liaison Christine Dale in the first episode. It is later revealed that the man was no journalist; Adam was set up, to prevent his stopping a deal that would have allowed Iran to become a nuclear power. [9] Harry later relieves Adam of duty until he receives a psychological evaluation. [14][17] Overall, each episode took approximately six weeks to prepare, and would take approximately six weeks to edit. [20] "Who Guards the Guards?" [34] "Celebrity" introduces a new plot style, which does not involve terror threats. Danny receives great moments as he is brought into the spotlight from his feelings for Zoe to his conflicted feelings about things he does in the name of Queen and Country, but Danny doesn't break and let his emotions become a crutch like Tom did (when Tom wanted a sleeper agent not to the job MI-5 wanted the sleeper to do). Jenny (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was a character who made semi regular appearances within Spooks. [15] The club Mace frequents was filmed at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall. [42] The Radio Times stated the shock factor of his death was "spectacular" and said that "driving a primed car bomb to a safe place is so run-of-the-mill for the spooks they wouldn't normally break a sweat. [14] The exterior and interior of Freemasons' Hall continued to be a stand-in for Thames House, the headquarters of MI5. After Tom's exit, it allowed Danny's character to develop further. [21] The alcohol used in the series were made from non-alcoholic drinks; the production crew used fruit juices as wine,[17] ginger ale as brandy, and cold tea as beer. [29] Another constructed set was the back of mobile surveillance vans, which was housed near the Grid set. [25] Featherstone wanted Campbell to direct for Spooks after they worked together producing the television series Glasgow Kiss. [49] However, it was also down from the seven million who saw the series two finale in August 2003.

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