I needed a more concrete understanding of social conditions. He was named after Huey P. Long, the former governor of Louisiana who became notorious as a radical populist in the early 1930s. The once popular revolutionary died on August 22, 1989, in Oakland, California, after being shot on the street. While at Merritt he met Seale. In 1966, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale founded the left-wing Black Panther Party for Self Defense in Oakland, California. How about her sons? Huey spoke on campus about this, and, he published a book of his poetry. The specific events, as well as Newton's potential culpability, surrounding John Frey's death remain uncertain. He served six months in prison. While recruiting, Newton sought to educate those around him about the legality of self-defense. The case centered around the death of John Frey, who died after pulling over Huey Newton and a friend for a traffic stop. However, police questioned several aspects of the story, saying there was no evidence that Newton had a gun at the time of the encounter. Detectives said Robinson told them that he shot Newton in self-defense when the two met by chance on the street. ( Log Out /  He also began reading radical activist literature, including works by Che Guevara and Malcolm X. Newton soon realized that there were few organizations advocating for lower class African Americans in Oakland. When did David and Matt know the truth? Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. In May 1970, the California Appellate Court reversed the conviction and ordered a new trial. In March 1989 Newton was sentenced to a six-month jail term for misappropriating public funds intended for a Panther-founded Oakland school. https://rosamondpress.com/2019/08/04/black-mau-maus-killed-our-friends-family/, https://rosamondpress.com/2011/09/26/oakland-jonny-got-sober/, https://rosamondpress.com/2015/07/09/why-oscars-bar-grill/, https://rosamondpress.com/2020/01/02/john-barleycorn-and-me/, https://rosamondpress.com/2019/12/29/stale-cereal-for-christmas/. After two subsequent trials ended in hung juries, the district attorney said he would not pursue a fourth trial, and the Alameda County Superior Court dismissed the charges. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Black Panthers encouraged black citizens of Oakland to begin carrying firearms, citing their Constitutional right under the Second Amendment, and tensions between police and the Black Panthers continued to grow. And with this realization, we attempt to form a strong political base based in the community with the only strength that we have and that's the strength of a potentially destructive force if we don't get freedom. [7], As a response to the violence, the Newton family migrated to Oakland, California, participating in the second wave of the Great Migration of African-Americans out of the South. [2] Newton also co-founded the Black Panther newspaper service which became one of America's most widely distributed African-American newspapers.[3]. Robinson and two other ex-convicts–Mark White and Rodney Jackson–were stopped in Oakland on suspicion of running a red light about 14 hours after the murder. One suit was against the FBI and other government officials,[65] while the other was initially against the City of Chicago. His killing was reported on the front page of the New York Times. "[15] The party achieved national and international renown through their deep involvement in the Black Power movement and the politics of the 1960s and 1970s.[16]. An illiterate high-school graduate, Newton taught himself how to read before attending Merritt College in Oakland and the San Francisco School of Law. As a result of his statement that he killed Newton, Robinson was rebooked Friday night on suspicion of murder. "[60] Newton's cousin, Stanley Clayton, was one of the few residents of Jonestown to escape the area before the 1978 mass murder of over 900 Temple members by Jones and his fanatics through forced suicide. [32] Frey was shot four times and died within the hour, while Heanes was left in serious condition with three bullet wounds. The group set forth its political goals in a document entitled the Ten-Point Program, which called for better housing, jobs and education for African Americans. We strive for accuracy and fairness. This morning I compared Huey to Jack London who wrote a book about his alcoholism. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). He was named after Huey P. Long, the former governor of Louisiana who became notorious as a radical populist in the early 1930s. What Is Extradition? "[64][62] Among which are how the United States federal government responded to the BPP; in addition to the assassinations of Fred Hampton, Bunchy Carter, and John Huggins. Newton graduated from Oakland Technical High School in 1959, without being able to read, although he later taught himself; The Republic by Plato was the first book he read. The story was headlined "Armed Negroes Protest Gun Bill." https://www.biography.com/activist/huey-p-newton. And that we try to expand this to the general black population, and also, people-- oppressed people all over the world. According to Malloy, he and Forbes were ordered by "higher‐ups" to be killed to eliminate any eyewitness accounts of the attempted murder of Crystal Gray. An article published in the New York Times on May 3, 1967 described an incident in which Newton, Seale, and about 30 other Black Panthers strode into the California capitol in Sacramento with their weapons prominently displayed. In May 1970, the conviction was reversed and after two subsequent trials ended in hung juries, the charges were dropped. [68], On August 22, 1989, Newton was murdered in the neighborhood of Lower Bottoms in West Oakland, California. After two trials and two deadlocked juries, the prosecution decided not to retry Newton for Smith's murder. After high school, he earned an A.A. degree from Merritt College and took law school classes at Oakland City College. But public pressure — "Free Huey" became a popular slogan of the day — helped Newton's cause. The Black Panther Party immediately went to work organizing a coalition to rally behind Newton and champion his release. 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272-6272, Black History Records listed by Record Group Clusters, How to File a FOIA Request for Archival Records. The party's political goals, including better housing, jobs, and education for African-Americans, were documented in their Ten-Point Program, a set of guidelines to the Black Panther Party's ideals and ways of operation. Despite this, Newton said he never went without food and shelter as a child. Despite having multiple suspensions and run-ins with the law as a teen, Newton began to take his education seriously, finding inspiration when his older brother Melvin earned a masters in social work. Realizing who Newton was, Frey called for backup. Bobby Seale is an African American political activist and co-founder and national chairman of the Black Panther Party. By early 1971, the plan bore fruit. My families Sober Story – was not good enough for her. In the mid-1960s, Newton decided to pursue his education at Merritt College, during which time he received a months-long prison term for a knife assault, and later attended the University of San Francisco School of Law . In 1977, Newton returned to California, asserting that the political climate in the United States had changed enough that he could receive a fair trial. Newton's story was later depicted in the 1996 one-man play Huey P. Newton, starring Roger Guenveur Smith. Black Panther David Hilliard took Newton to Oakland's Kaiser Hospital, where he was admitted with a bullet wound to the abdomen. [57], After the assassination attempt on Crystal Gray, she declined to testify against Newton. [56] Newton denied any involvement or knowledge, and said that the events "might have been the result of overzealous party members. Huey P. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. Huey P. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. Biography of Huey Newton, Co-Founder of the Black Panthers. In the early hours of August 23, 1989, Newton was shot and killed on a street in Oakland, California. She told me Randall could not conceive. She is credited for being an instigator in the Stonewall riots. He later said that his Oakland public education had made him feel "ashamed of being black," but that his shame began to transform into pride once he encountered black activists. I have been stalked – I am being stalked! [29], Heanes testified that the shooting began after Newton was under arrest, and one witness testified that Newton shot Frey with Frey's own gun as they wrestled. Huey Newton most likely had both white (European) and black (African) ancestry, and in fact the documentary on Huey Newton by Spike Lee described his... See full answer below. It also called for an end to economic exploitation of Black communities, along with military exemption. Huey P. Newton was an African American activist best known for founding the militant Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale in 1966. ( Log Out /  This is what counts. [8] The Newton family was close-knit, but quite poor. Both men embraced Socialism and were dedicated in creating a new social order that would end oppression in America – and the world! He attended a variety of schools including Merritt College before I suspect many people are looking for permission to own, and use, a firearm. Huey Percy Newton was born on February 17, 1942, in Monroe, Louisiana. At the time, police actions against Black Panthers in other cities made headlines. [52] Newton was acquitted of the assault in September 1978, but was convicted of illegal firearms possession.

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