Did most of my conversion myself,used thinsulate for insulation cos its fire resistant,installed a 110 amp/hour leisure battery,windows from a company in Castleford.Used marine ply for bedding / furniture and am now trying to organise a swivel for a single passenger seat(seems hard to organise)Van conversion is like painting the Sydney harbour bridge,there is no end ,you just keep doing it,Best wishes. Hi folks, really enjoyed reading this site with loads of info. Conversion kitCan anyone please direct me? . ⁣. Any ideas? Unlike Class A’s, they Can mask mobile phone signals as they are aluminium foil, they are best sealed with good quality duct tape as air leakage is the biggest loss of heat. ps its large ! Ingenuity still exists, and when I look at the handiwork, it’s obvious. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We also LOVE camping and were looking for a camper for ages now and could not find one that is affordable for us and then I had this idea :)…. Can anyone suggest where we could get a suitable removable conversion, to include at least a removable kitchen, double bed and portable toilet, all of which can be removed easily if necessary, as occasionally we have to pick up adult children and grandchild etc. Wow, it’s very difficult toWow, it’s very difficult to find to buy. There are special units specifically for Mazda Bongs, but there are rare and expensive. so is being reduced by half so i can still carry 2 enduro bikes and a load of tools/spares etc. You’ll have to choose a base vehicle, and then decide on its inclusions. I purchased the van from a local trail riders club and they are all keen to see my new project take shape. Thank you, t35 renaultbought a t35 renault hightop, an ex ambulance allready stripped out, anybody got an idea where i can find info on zig units, wiring layouts etc, im not sure where to start and could do with a basic wiringplan, any help would be great, cheers, hoss, Vivario/traffic/primastar pop top roofs ? Maybe you can help me with the name of the basin/burner unit i am lloking for. It’s not a straightforward job. Using thin plywood, maybe 6mm or 5mm you can bend it gently to match the curves of the van. Undoubtedly, Class As are the It depends on how much time and money you want to spend. Thanks, Because their kit doesn’t involve permanent modification and fixings to your vehicle, it is perfect for van owners who only go on camping trips occasionally. just noticed you used a swb tranny. Havent yet decided which base van to use but it will be in those size ranges and models or derivatives off. But do all the sums first, as it could cost you more than option 1. I will try and post some pics today. What is the cheapest and safest idea? door panelssorry polystyrene not polyurathane,buy it in panels or rolls. You can put a suspended bed in a high-top, but this really works best in a extra-high-top, as there isn’t much room once the bed in fitted for standing underneath. door panels using existing door cards as templates cut ply 3mm will be ok and will bend to the door ?Any ideas where to get one or anyone who supplies and fits ??? as it is a very big van and has that extra panel in the middle. Shop today and save! You’llNo reason why not. The bed down in a VW transporter camper van. Fridge has front access, making very good use of space. Sewfine VW Interior Products is the original and most renown creator of custom interior kits for Volkswagen. A great example of the classic VW layout. Order online now. If you research well enough, you’ll find a suitable kit. The workshop/garage is presently big enough to drive a smart car into the back of! fitting of storgage unitsHi Louis, Lisa here. Simple camper van conversion lives up to its name. Has anyone come across a similar problem or have any sugestions? by opting to DIY your campervan interiors, you’ll cut down on van conversion To demonstrate this point, there are several campervan conversion companies popping up in the market, showing how much it is a lucrative endeavor. We now see many companies compromising quality and choices for price. I’ve got a Mercedes SprinterI’ve got a Mercedes Sprinter of a very similar size and rarely have any problems parking it. Aside from campervan Sewfine VW Interior Products is the original and most renown creator of custom interior kits for Volkswagen. means, continue reading. ?cooker, hobs, bed, captain swivel chairs, etc.. I am about to become the proud owner of a 1976 T2 VW van, and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for somebody to convert the back seats to a comfortable living area. A veg oil conversion will help bring down the fuel costs. A local carpenter could probably make one for £200 – £300. Option 3 will take a lot longer, but will save you a lot of money. This choice selection of VW T25 interior Westfalia parts is all in stock right here in the UK. Once dry carefully cut the excess of the plywood. This popular kit allows you to fit a wider 130cm seat/bed allowing for extra passengers as well as a larger bed for sleeping. I am looking to buy a campervan, but would like some feedback on what works best, a front or rear kitchen, thanks. now for insureance, when you come to insureing your self converted campervan your likely to need an engineers report(also there are not many companies who will insure self converted vans). With 60cms of headroom I think you could make it so that you wouldn’t have to inflate it each time, just leave it inflated. the same time, you will have to measuring out the insides of your van, select a It’s not the hardest job. Only problem is I cant find anyone who makes them. Click the link below for more information Therefore it’s a brand name, rather than a product. Its the one with both in the same unit. There is no requirementNo. 'Hide' : 'Show' }}, {{ (selectedModel) ? So the interiors going get the best i can get . As long as your conversion has some side windows and is neat and tidy you won’t have any problems getting onto campsites. Your one stop shop for Bug, Ghia, Type III, Bus and Vanagon Interiors! Also around the doors? Polystyrene will provide some kind of insulation, and is cheap and easy to fit. I wanted to know The furniture is likely to be glued into the caravan, and very difficult to get out and re-attach to the van. Be In The Know. Cheers in advance. The interior allows access from both sides. 2. As an example, Sportmobile had a hand in customizing a campervan capable of housing 6 people. Airhead Parts offers thousands of hard to find parts for your vintage Volkswagen or VW, including interior parts for your Bug, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 or Thing. The big differences between buying an already converted camper, or buying a van and fitting it out to become a camperare: Already converted i will document all my work and try to do a blog for free to all to watch me make misstakes,if there is a good fanbase i will continue bloging when i am on my trip. On an earlier van when I was broke I used “space blanket” loft insulation cut to size and resealed it with gaffer tape. Press a button and SWWOOSSSHHH it opens via an electric motor. A lotHi. Did you sell the van…. ldv400 high top walkthrough conversionIve just got my hands on a ldv400 high top walkthrough for pennies. Pulling off a camper van conversion is one of the most rewarding parts of vanlife. function e2acc05bde2cd1711b64() { return WSM.Util.rot13('vasb!jrfgpbnfgzrgevp.pbz').replace('! basic creature comfortscan i buy a small kitchen unit already to mount hokk and use?? Any suggestions would be helpful as I am new to the campervan club and lack of sleep is the only down side. They are fairly easy to make if you have some DIY skills. Not responsible for typographical or photo errors. generally overpriced, yet nearly everyone with one is pleased seats, bed platforms, and furniture, among others. Peace . Martins of Exeter had one. Our most popular kit with various widths available to suit 112cm and 120cm seats/beds. Rectangular black frame 4cm-ish, visible countersunk screws or bolts – but looked good (in my opinion). Basin & Burner together. And the idea of a pop top on the hi cube roof so you can push the double bed higer and out of the hi cube roof and into the pop top in camping holidays? The back changes direction, so people can face forward when driving, and face backwards when parked.

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