"The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant", "Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign", "Finale Part 2: The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model", First part: Masquerade fashion show (casting), Episode 2 photo shoot: Alternative weddings, Episode 5 commercial: Questionable Body Spray gender role reversal, Episode 6 photo shoot: Nail art beauty shots, Episode 7 photo shoot: Splashing body paint, Episode 8 photo shoot: Magical field couture, Episode 11 photo shoot: Animorphs with endangered animals, Episode 12 photo shoot: Rice paddy couture, Episode 13 photo shoot: Hanging upside-down with bats, Episode 15 photo shoot: Feral and wild in the jungle, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 18:00. I’m only human. Later that night, the models were photographed so that they could earn the fan votes that would allow them into the final cast. Soon after his exit, an emotional Kanani followed suit. Concluded from the previous episode, Tyra and the judges have already made the decision, Jourdan and Marvin advanced into the top two and Cory was eliminated. The next day, the models were taken to a penthouse. She also stated that she felt uncomfortable and slightly irritated with Jeremy following her around. As a result, she and Don who panicked under water and quickly bailed the runway, have to jump in the sea and pose while wearing snorkels, instead of walking with a helmet. At the pool, Chris and Marvin had a minor confrontation when Marvin thought Chris' score last week was unbalanced due to Kelly Cutrone constantly giving him higher scores. After having landed in the bottom two with Cory, Tyra revealed that Marvin would also be continuing on in the competition. He received "Booch Blue" as his nickname. She also revealed that the judges were worried that his strong photo the week before had just been luck. The next day the contestants went to a club where they met Johnny and a special guest, the editor of Nylon magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. All had a chance to compete for a place for designer Paulie Gibson and secondly, the girls competed for a place with XCVI while the guys went to see Civil Society. What brought you to this corner of the internet today? Marvin also received great feedback. As in the previous cycle, public voting was still a factor in eliminations. In the end, Jourdan was revealed to be the winner of the challenge. At panel, all the contestants received generally mixed to negative feedback, including Renee, Don, Jourdan, Chris and Marvin, but Nina's stunning photo earned her second best photo of the week in the competition. There they found a Tyra Mail, which told them that they would be receiving their makeovers. Marvin also received great feedback. The remaining models return to the hotel and were met in the living room by Tyra with candles and floor pillows. The next day the contestants had their first photo shoot where they had to portray different types of weddings. Jeremy irritated Jourdan for teasing her about the kiss they had the previous week at the shoot. After the shoot, the models had the chance to talk with Jarrett himself about their lives and journey in Top Model. Cory told him that he needed to talk to everyone in the house and tell them his story. Chlea, Don, Phil and Marvin received mediocre feedback. Back at the house, Chris who received best photo last week will use the Guess Closet; he chose Alexandra to join him, much to Nina's chagrin. In the end, Marvin and Phil landed in the bottom two, Phil for the third time. Meanwhile Jeremy was critiqued by Tyra, who said he looked like a "Gorilla" in his photo. The top sixteen models were then revealed by Tyra, leaving the eliminated semifinalists to be sent home. For the last challenge, the final three went to the site where the final runway show would be taking place. Notable scenes were Cory, who picked a guy instead of a girl as a partner, Chris H., who chose two female partners, and Bianca with Chlea, both of whom were left without a man to walk with. Mike, Chris S., and Bianca ultimately wound up in the bottom three. Cory was directed to not look to feminine in his face and body, while Renee didn't feel good and had her shoot end earlier. Later, the models are taken to Birmingham High School where greeted by Johnny Wujek and Tyra. Good luck in the competition! He was quickly confronted by the other male models. Some of the models thought that Jiana was focusing too much on Phil rather than herself. Twenty minutes before the runway show, Tyra and the judges revealed a twist that there would be one final elimination before the fashion show. Back at the house the models were able to see their scores from the challenge. You look amazing! Mike on the other hand was chastised for looking stiff, which led to Alexandra outshining him in their shot. The photo shoot this week is all about 'flawsome' and embracing your flaws, while shooting alongside actress, singer and dancer Zendaya and albino male model Shaun Ross. Cory told him that he needed to talk to everyone in the house and tell them his story. Jourdan wowed the judges with her stellar photo. Tyra and Rob came in to teach them a lesson on how to create chemistry in their photos. Tyra and Rob dropped by in order to talk to the hopefuls about the different aspects of male and female modeling. [3] This was the first cycle of the show to feature male contestants. After being given different themes, the contestants began to get their nail art and make-up applied. Bianca completely gave up on the catwalk, opting to go limp down the runway. Bianca was eliminated first for having the lowest overall score. Mike redeemed himself and received the best photo of the week. In the end, Jourdan was revealed to be the winner of the challenge. Again, a 'no one is safe' letter was sent, leaving them guessing for a double elimination. A lot of the couples were pretty good at selling this, with the exception of Phil, who felt uncomfortable partnering with Alexandra. Cory, Chris and Renee were called forward for elimination. Each eliminated contestant by gender have the highest social media score would return to the competition and also would join in the chance to go to the Indonesian island of Bali to continue the competition. Kanani and Phil were both called out on their underwhelming photos and their sub par performances during the photo shoot. Immediately before the final cast was going to be revealed, Virgg requested to speak to Tyra. Chris H. comforted Nina and told her that she was very strong. America's Next Top Model, Cycle 20 (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls and stylized as ANTM 2.0) premiered on August 2, 2013.It is the 14th season to air on The CW. Jourdan and Marvin excelled in the shoot and impressed Johnny and Jez the most. After the challenge, the contestants were introduced to celebrity stylist Monica Rose. Jourdan, Nina and Cory shared the big bed, Marvin and Renee shared the couches, Jeremy slept on the small couch on the room and Chris made his own. The next day, Tyra visited the final two near the villa and told them that they would be having one final photo shoot, focusing on portraying feral and wild jungle creatures. Cory, Kanani and Don were chosen as team captains due to having had the three highest scores last panel. Jourdan, Cory and Marvin excelled and proved their modelling abilities in the shoot while Chris was criticized for being bad tempered and performing lackluster and Nina for not knowing to connect her body and face. She was commended by Tyra for having performed successfully throughout the competition. Back at the house, Nina and Don got the lowest score for the challenge, which made them upset at the cost of potentially going home. After the row, Jourdan makes up with Chris and Jeremy apologizes to Jourdan for making a comment on her divorce. Don is especially worried by this, due to have past anxiety attacks. The models met Kelly downtown for their challenge. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cory then talked to Chris H. and asked why he reacted to people the way he did. He told the models that they would be doing a fashion show on a rotating platform. The model who could put together the best overall look would receive a $2,000 gift card. As their prize, they were allowed to go out to dinner together. The judges for this cycle were: Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Bryanboy and Rob Evans. The following day the models met Johnny, who announced that the theme of the photo shoot would be a beauty shot focusing on nail art. Backstage Johnny introduced the models to their stylists Ashton Michael and Kimberley Gordon, who were also going to judge their walks. Multiple contestants had a hard time finding clothes that met their budgets, especially Phil, who had a meager budget of just twenty-five dollars. He was scolded for making a mockery out of the challenge. Mike told Chris H. to "shut up", which set him off. Alexandra, Chlea, Jeremy, Jiana, Kanani and Mike, along with the recently eliminated Phil to have gained a place for a come back in the competition. Tyra noted that while the judges thought Jeremy had strong potential, he was failing to prove himself as the competition progressed. The models will have to walk under water, while wearing Seawalker helmets to help them breathe. Jourdan, Cory and Renee were all lauded for their strong poses. They are also allowed to choose their partners for the commercial. As in the previous cycle, public voting is still a factor in eliminations. However, in a dramatic twist, Tyra told Phil that the moment to return was now. He was scolded for making a mockery out of the challenge. Don, Phil, and Kanani received mostly positive critique for their performances, with the majority of the other contestants receiving mixed feedback. The judges deliberated on the models' Guess photos. Back at the model house, Jourdan began to talk to Jeremy and told him that they were only friends. During the shoot, Jourdan, Chris H., Cory, Nina and Phil received praise from the photographer. The twentieth cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls and stylized as ANTM 2.0) premiered on August 2, 2013.It was the 14th season to air on The CW. Kanani and Phil were both called out on their underwhelming photos and their sub par performances during the photo shoot. During the shoot, Renee, Marvin, Jourdan, and Don excelled. At the challenge, the remaining girls and guys meet Kelly Cutrone and Vincent St. George, who is actually Reggie Watts in disguise. Nina and Kanani struggled with their concentration during their sessions. America's Next Top Model Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Meanwhile, Renee and Marvin relaxed in the spa and kissed. The following day, the models must shoot for a body spray commercial in which they are asked to dress as the opposite gender and share a passionate kiss. For having received best photo the previous panel, Marvin got to stay in the Tyra Suite, which he chose to share with Don.

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