Induction elements react with the iron in your cookware, transforming your cookware it into a powerful vessel that heats quickly, responds precisely, and is incredibly efficient. 3 Series. It's especially friendly to large projects, with seamless top grates and powerful front burners. This Viking 5 Series gas range packs professional-level control and power in a homeowner-friendly package. This time-saving option found on dual fuel 5 and 7 Series ranges allows you to preheat the oven quickly by utilizing the power of both the bake and the infrared broiler elements. The fantastic “free dishwasher with purchase” promotion starts with the 5-Series ranges making this package more economical than the entry level 3-Series ranges. Induction surfaces boil liquid the fastest and respond immediately to very precise temperature changes. Self-cleaning feature means no more scrubbing. However, with the engineering side of things in order, Viking may benefit by relaunching their website and publishing consistent documentation. Gas has the advantage of more precise burner temperature. These are the most popular models in the Viking catalog. 3 Series. Restaurant caliber ranges for residences. It comes in a beautiful array of colors to enhance your kitchen's overall look. Electric cooktop burners reach full power in just 3 seconds. Rapid Ready Preheat System help you get started fast and self-clean operation makes it easy to maintain your range. All in all, this range exemplifies extraordinary pride and workmanship making it a statement for any exquisite kitchen setting. These stoves come with a double oven and have tons of capacity for all the goodies you want to bake. The electric griddle and induction elements combine with gas burners in the 48-inch and 66-inch models. Sealed burners have a small cap on them which causes the flame to swerve around thus avoiding spillage on the burner nozzle. Smooth top glass surface provides a durable, easy to clean work surface. After the cleaning cycle, all you need to do is wipe away any residual ash. ft. refrigerator capacity gives you plenty of room for an array of cooled foods. Viking stove's timeless styling not only accents cabinets, stone, and tile, but the classic appeal creates an inviting and warm, open concept kitchen. It’s a good idea to measure your kitchen in order to figure out which size is best for you. Their elegant burgundy range pairs beautifully with marble countertops and aged brass fixtures adding a classic and customized European look. Transform your kitchen into a chef's playground. Viking ranges come in 30-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, and 66-inch width options. The electric oven design is substantially different than that of the all gas oven. For true professional cooking power and control, all contained in a package that can fit into a home kitchen, look no further than this Viking Professional 5 Series gas range. From second look to a serious contender, we believe you will love cooking on the new Viking range. Customize your range hood, dishwasher, other custom panel appliances as well as your cabinet doors with the versatile Tuscany colors, knobs and handles. Gourmet-Glo infrared boiler sears meat and fish, locking in juices. SureSpark™ Ignition System: SureSpark system is designed to eliminate frustration. Electric ovens and steam ovens offer ultra-premium features and liberating convenience. VariSimmer on all six burners offers multiple simmer settings for perfect control. Most people prefer Viking's electric ovens (i.e., the dual-fuel ranges) as they help control the heat more precisely compared to that of gas-powered ovens. The result: Ranges that combine Viking's luxury and performance with Middleby's reliability. Frost Free Defrost avoids the need to defrost as the system works automatically to keep your refrigerator performing its best. Featuring a series of inspired colors, this 5 Series fridge has your kitchen decor in mind with its exterior surface that is both modern and appealing. In spoken language, we often use these three terms interchangeably. VSH Pro Sealed burner system and one-piece, porcelainized cooking surface create a seamless, durable and easy to clean work surface. Trough". Besides, the company website is lacking critical information and is full of broken links. Open burners deliver the flame directly to your pan giving you intense cooking power. The electric cooktop has QuickCook™ surface elements while the induction cooktop has MagneQuick™ induction elements. All Viking gas and dual-fuel ranges share this technology to make your cooking experience as seamless as possible. ProChill keeps your food at the right temperature, so you never have to adjust or worry about spoilage. Seamless grate configuration lets you slide pots and pans around on a level surface. Adaptive Defrost allows you to defrost without hassle in an automatic system that works on its own. SoftLit LED lights highlight the control panel and knobs. A bottom freezer drawer makes it easy and quick to find the foods you need without hassle. Surprise! If you’re all about pancakes, burgers, or French toast, you should pick up a cooktop with a griddle. When it comes to selecting a refrigerator for your home, quality is of the utmost importance. ProChill keeps your food at the perfect temperature, so it stays fresh and safe for consumption at all times. Open burners must be cleaned more often because spilled food may clog the burner nozzles. ft. freezer capacity provides plenty of space for frozen foods without struggling to find what you need. These oscillations may actually vary the temperature in the oven cavity. iDevices: Like new tech? Four burners offer a total of almost 80,000 BTUs cooking power. This 3 Series model is a solid addition to your kitchen with its stainless-steel appearance and side-by-side refrigerator door access. There are 4 different types of Viking ranges.

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