Haha–he made it sound pretty badass, even though it was completely left field of all the work I had prepared, not to mention…what a note to give five minutes before shooting…..! Her exboyfriend, Nate, who one day had promised her forever, comes back to his hometown and surprises her.Julie Gonzalo is great and I was excited to see her sharing the lead with a new face. Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia each opened their own bakeries in Emeryville, Ohio, after a personal and professional fall-out during a local Pumpkin Pie contest. P.S. No, she’s proud no matter what! Nicknamed "Bam-Bam", he is initially brought into Mason Industries to replace Wyatt prior to the Lifeboat team's Alamo mission, but following that mission, Lucy and Rufus convince Agent Christopher to keep Wyatt in the team. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. However, when her first love Nate unexpectedly returns home after 14 years, she will have to choose between a new romance and the man she never stopped loving. The 100! After Wyatt realizes that removing Jessica from the timeline will save Rufus, Flynn slips off and takes the Lifeboat to 2012. Tyler helps her mom in the restaurant and signs up for for the yearly BBQ cook-off, where her old high school sweetheart also competes. I literally laughed and said,  “Ah, no thanks, man! Victor Zinck Jr. is known for his work on Motive (2013), The 100 (2014) and Love on the Sidelines (2016). It was developed from an original idea by Cook. Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph) is the CEO of Mason Industries in San Francisco and the inventor of the two time machines. He admits that after Rittenhouse wanted to replace Rufus, he felt guilty, and wanted to save him by helping Agent Christopher. She had an idea for the plot several years previously, and realized that it could work as a Hallmark Channel project. Login Also hockey!! Eleven years in.. In season two, Lucy is kidnapped by Rittenhouse, but later joins Carol and Emma in 1918 France to save Nicholas Keynes. Working on a really lovely film right now in Winnipeg called Breakthrough based on the book The Impossible and true story of John Smith, who drowns in the ice for over fifteen minutes didn’t have a heartbeat for almost an hour and his mother came into the operating room praying so loudly, holding his feet and all of the sudden he got a heart beat! Barry Watson! I somehow didn’t notice you in Timeless (and I can’t believe that, except I didn’t know who you were at the moment), why do you think the fans were so passionate about this show to the point where they convinced the network to renew the show after it had been canceled? Following the Hindenburg mission, a chain reaction results in Henry Wallace, Carol's husband in the original timeline, marrying the granddaughter of a Hindenburg survivor. to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Connect any celebrity with Victor Zinck Jr. to see how closely they are linked... romantically! I thought anyway…. Despite his ruthlessness, Flynn shows guilt, telling Lucy that the atrocities he's committed make him unable to stay with his family, even if they do come back. Add the first question. When Nicholas wakes up, Carol reveals that she is his granddaughter. However, because the Lifeboat was not designed to carry more than three passengers, Jiya loses consciousness and experiences seizures before being brought back into the present timeline. Actor | The Fabulous Baker Boys Beau Bridges was born in Hollywood, and is the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and his wife, who was his college sweetheart, Dorothy Dean Bridges. Maddie wants to expand her Cupcake shop and while searching for an investor, a familiar face shows up at her shop. Carol Preston (Susanna Thompson) is Lucy's mother. While offering a temporary truce to Rufus and Flynn, Emma reveals that she and her mother ran away from her abusive father when she was a child. But… (uh oh) ..Have you ever heard of Asberger’s?”. $300,000 Victor Zinck Jr. Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Victor Zinck Jr. is known for his work on Motive (2013), The … In "The Miracle of Christmas", Lucy discovers from the journal that she and Flynn end up together, but he tells her that it does not last as she loves Wyatt more. Keep on giving us your special TLC performances, Victor. During their adventures, Rufus sometimes uses names of famous black celebrities as his alias. Flynn travels back 2012, sacrificing himself to kill Jessica on the night that she originally died. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to answer, Victor. Rufus later records a threatening message and hands it to Mason to give to Rittenhouse. He recovers from his wound and has Jiya assist him in the team's 1954 mission.[6][2]. But oooh weee! Agent Christopher is a lesbian and is married to a woman named Michelle, with two children, Olivia and Mark. I want to work with my heroes and I won’t stop Until I do! Jennifer Lopez Facts. What was it like working on that show? I actually haven’t watched it…... In season two, Emma now pilots the Mothership for Rittenhouse. Princess Carly, working incognito at a ski resort, must team up with the owner's brother, Jesse, to plan the resort's 50th anniversary celebration. Jiya later admits that she had another vision of Rufus dying, which Rufus has a hard time dealing with, acting recklessly, then distant from Jiya. As an elite soldier, he has expertise in weapons, picking locks, and is fluent in four languages. She informs Lucy that Rittenhouse has recovered the Mothership, and is preparing their mission to alter history as they see fit.

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