Sutcliffe admits that Vice News entered the market “pre-armed” with a millennial audience from the company’s other channels. But editorial standards change when your aim is not to be an entertainment company, but a trusted source of news. Ellis Jones, Vice magazine’s first female editor-in-chief, said she has been tasked with “trying to figure out ways to appeal to a larger audience who might see us as what we were 10 or 15 years ago.” The magazine remained Vice’s final bastion of tastelessness even as the company has moved into current affairs—“Last Words,” a fashion spread depicting female writers killing themselves in 2013, was later retracted—but two recent issues were dedicated to fiction writing and climate change.

For Vice, anything that detracts from its authenticity may not just be an unfortunate bit of press but a strike at the very foundation of its credibility as a company. “I wouldn’t say news is the ugly duckling sibling, but there’s a definite difference between news and the rest of the building.”, Danny Gold, an onscreen star at Vice News who reported from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia in recent months, recounted discussing joining with editor-in-chief Jason Mojica: “I remember asking him, ‘Is this the kind of thing that you want people like my dad to read and to watch?’ And he said yes. Most news videos are short dispatches, from Ukraine for instance, or 20- to 30- minute documentaries that are often personality-led, with a relatable host in his mid-twenties talking incredulously about what he sees. A native New Yorker, Fram joined AP in Newark, New Jersey, in 1981. While most new media gigs connote aggregation drudgery and hot takes, Vice staffers—average age 26 to 27—make longform documentaries, roam the globe, and largely eschew the clickbait content farm. The challenge, as its workforce of 1,500 employees in 36 global offices expands, is how to distance itself from its crude past, yet hold onto enough of that reputation to cement, and grow, its authority with its core audience. Working closely with reporters and editors across the U.S., she ensures elections coverage is rich with stories that highlight the voices of voters and political dynamics playing out in key states. Election news coverage can get a little mundane at times, but one woman's bold move gave a reporter's story a whole new level of spice. [13] Rolling Stone magazine has written that: "It feels a little like your buddy from the bar just happened to be wandering through eastern Afghanistan with a camera crew.

For young journalists, joining Vice seems to mean living a sensuous life and doing important work. Brian Slodysko covers money and politics from Washington. Other former Vice employees suggested on social media that the only reason the “toxic” and “unsafe” work environment wasn’t more well known was because employees who’d suffered were required to sign non-disclosure agreements and refrain from disparaging the network. The paper also reported, based on an internal document, that Vice expects to make $915 million in revenue in 2015. Sloan previously was managing editor for content at CNN Politics, overseeing all in-depth political enterprise coverage and breaking news, and worked as congressional editor at Politico and a reporter at Bloomberg News. In 2018, she has also worked hard to break through some of the most polarizing issues impacting the United States, including bringing nuance and depth to the polarizing #MeToo movement with a considered documentary on the topic of sexual consent.

Sara Burnett covers Midwest politics from her base in Chicago. Last year, Charles Davis, a Vice associate editor who was let go after two months, posted an email from a Vice editor on Twitter saying that every story involving a large brand had to be “run up the flagpole” to general manager Hosi Simon, even if the brand didn’t have an advertising relationship with Vice. Pace joined AP's White House team in 2009 after covering the 2008 presidential election. All rights reserved. Vice's sixth season aired on April 6, 2018. In Vice’s interviews, the camera is often on the reporter as well as the subject. Towards the end of the documentary, creative editing makes it appear that Smith is in a car traveling to what he describes as the frontline although, according to a source with direct knowledge of the production, Smith did not make the trip. At The Intersection Of Violence And Stability, Of Oppression And Progress, Are Women. On the Hill, he covered a variety of topics, including judicial nominations, ethics and Dodd-Frank repeal efforts. Jill Colvin covers the White House with a focus on immigration, environmental and climate issues. Current and former staffers expressed displeasure that Vice has featured work by photographer Terry Richardson, a longtime collaborator who shot for Vice most recently in 2013, but has been accused of sexual assault by multiple models. Prior to joining AP, Mascaro spent eight years covering Congress and presidential politics for the Los Angeles Times. In Borough Park, Brooklyn—a Haredi, traditional Orthodox, Jewish enclave that exists a world apart from secular New York—Harold “Heshy” Tischler is a media sensation. To sustain its appearance of being the genuine article—among employees, viewers, investors, and the media—it needs to be both rebellious and dependable, to have the credibility of The New York Times with the posture of a drinking buddy. Zeke Miller is a White House reporter covering President Donald Trump's reelection campaign. "[14] In June 2013, the show was covered extensively in mainstream media for documenting a basketball game with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. During presidential primaries, he oversees the AP delegate count, the gold standard for tracking presidential nominating contents. VICE’S BRAND of video-making is built on a style the company calls “immersionism”—an ostensibly raw aesthetic that resonates with world-weary audiences distrustful of shiny, formulaic programming. The nature of Vice’s content runs the gamut, from travelogues and news series to more provocative programming like our shows exploring drug culture, Weediquette and Bong Appétit. On my first job as a cub reporter, a local reporter was said to have been killed working on a story that was subsequently assigned to me. “I think we just do everything in a smart way, hopefully,” Miller said. It may take the form of video ads—the fastest growing form of display ads, accounting for 27 percent of all display ad spending, according to Pew—or sponsorship of entire shows or verticals. In today’s sponsored content environment, embarrassing tangles between advertising and editorial are not uncommon. He and BuzzFeed owner Jonah Peretti also sat down for an 8,000 word interview with Gawker’s J.K. Trotter. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and talk show host Bill Maher joined as producers on the HBO documentary series, along with BJ Levin, best known for producing reality TV shows like Project Runway, which put Vice on the cultural map. Entertainment is fundamental to journalism today, expected to smooth our information consumption. Will Weissert is a Washington-based political reporter covering the 2020 presidential campaign with a focus on immigration. She joined VICE News in 2014 after working in Asia for four years, where she reported and developed shows for several international channels and wrote for notable publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent.

It feels rough, but also honest: a peek into how the journalism sausage gets made as much as an insight into what’s happening on the streets. Julie Pace is Washington bureau chief for The Associated Press. She has covered the presidential campaigns of Bob Dole, Donald Trump, John McCain and George W. Bush, the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton and an assortment of legislation. Prior to joining AP, Freking was Washington correspondent for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “With expansion comes a sense of responsibility,” he told me recently in one of Vice’s glass-walled conference rooms.

That’s no challenge to the patriarchy. Hind is a news reporter with a focus on international news and the Middle East. He joined AP in 2017 after covering the White House, national politics and the 2016 presidential campaign for TIME, and previously was the first White House correspondent for Buzzfeed. Since the first accusations emerged against Harvey Weinstein, dozens of entertainment industry bigwigs have been targeted with sexual harassment claims, including higher-ups at places like NPR and Mother Jones.

Old media is taking notice. Gloria Steinem Travels The World Meeting Those Whose Lives Are In The Crosshairs. “Vice has been very smart and strategic in how they position themselves and how they are reflected in the media,” said Eunice Shin, director of Manatt Digital Media, a consulting services and venture capital firm for media businesses. Vice’s 2014 media kit showed an audience nearly two-thirds male, and the first season of the HBO documentary did not feature a single female correspondent; three out of 10 correspondents on the latest, third, season are female. I don’t think that being silly, being stupid, is cool anymore. For this story I spoke to more than 20 current and former Vice editorial employees and contractors. Vice is in an awkward position: It may bear little resemblance to its identity for most of its history, yet also has an interest in showing that it hasn’t really changed that much. [2], On May 7, 2014, HBO renewed the series for two more seasons. It emerged in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal, a countercultural magazine funded by Canadian welfare money that was brazen in generating hype. [10] The series is the first televised program for VICE, featuring Vice staff as correspondents. Prior to joining AP, she was a political correspondent covering national and state politics and policy for "Vice News Tonight." He is a former national reporter for the Los Angeles Times. “We haven’t had any cases of sexual harassment to deal with,” she wrote. Lisa Mascaro is AP’s chief congressional correspondent, leading coverage of Capitol Hill. In late April, the focus was on the run-up to the UK elections, the aftermath of Nepal’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, and the streets of Baltimore. Prior to AP, Colvin spent three years in New York as a City Hall reporter for and was a political reporter at the New York Observer.

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