A spread of shot would be much easier with when the target may only be visible for a fraction of a second, or maybe not visible at all. Eventually, the tunnel complexes included hospitals, storage facilities, barracks, training areas, kitchens, first aid stations, and headquarters. When the United States and its allies realized the complexities of the tunnels and the operations the Viet Cong could carry out, it became their mission to find, clear, and destroy the tunnels. Personal weapons were used by the rats, ranging from .25 caliber automatics to sawn-off shotguns."[8]. The tunnel rats’ first operation was part of Operation Crimp, carried out in January 1966, designed to destroy the bunker.     PELLET DIAMETER - 0.147 inch (belt) The shot from what was now called the Quiet, Special Purpose Revolver, would penetrate a 3/4 inch thick sheet of plywood at 15 feet. The stub barrel had a 0.400 smooth bore reamed through its center. In the condensed world of the tunnel rat, even the M2 carbine with a folding stock was nicknamed “The Cannon.” IN general, pistol suppressors were not available, and when they were, the tunnel rats found them to be long and made their handguns ungainly. All tunnel rats were combat engineers, soldiers trained to perform construction and demolition tasks in combat. Tunnel construction occasionally included anti-intruder features such as U-bends that could be flooded quickly to trap and drown the tunnel rat. All tunnel rats were combat engineers, soldiers trained to perform construction and demolition tasks in combat. The Vietnam tunnel rats faced a casualty rate of around 30% compared to a casualty rate of 10% (for United States troops) for soldiers in regular combat. The "Diehards" of the U.S. Army's 1st Engineer Battalion, whose exploits are featured in Mangold and Penycate's book, later claimed a special place for tunnel rats in American military history during their rotation through the Cu Chi District of Vietnam in 1969.[10]. Only the ten examples, and a single specimen maintained by AAI, were ever made. These diverse facilities, coupled with sophisticated ventilation systems, allowed VC guerrillas to remain hidden underground for months at a time. The Vietnam War tunnel rats were created in an effort to take down the Viet Cong. One of the first major US search-and-destroy operations, where troops went out and tried to hunt down and exterminate the VC in their strongholds northwest of Saigon, was called OPERATION CRIMP. While slipping through a tunnel complex, the sergeant crawled around a corner and met face to face with an NVA soldier; “The NVA was sitting and just as surprised as me, but I was able to fire the Tunnel Weapon.... before he could use his rifle. In case of a round going off from heat or a blow, the shot would be moving at the same 750 foot per second velocity it would have if fired from the weapon. WEIGHT (LOADED) - 2.37 pounds CASE DIAMETER - 0.526 inch In the captured piston system, propellant gases from normal smokeless powder drives a piston pushing a payload down a cylinder with one open end. When fired, the new ammunition gave out little more than low-intensity sparks. During the Vietnam War, U.S. and ANZAC troops uncovered a great number of enemy tunnels while patrolling or conducting larger operations. Since the tunnel combat was by nature at a short range, the weapon was to be lethal at 25 feet, minimum. These weapons were used in against some of the most low-tech forces the US military had faced in a long time. Their motto was the tongue-in-cheek Latin phrase Non Gratus Anus Rodentum ("not worth a rat's ass").[2]. Vietnam tunnel rats – these weren’t some vermin soldiers encountered during the Vietnam War. Booby traps were an unfortunate danger for tunnel rats. Tunnel Rat was the term that was quickly coined for these generally small-stature soldiers who would go down the holes. Tunnels were often booby trapped with hand grenades, anti-personnel mines, and punji sticks. The captured-piston ammunition for the Tunnel Weapon and other systems has been declared a suppressor by BATF. “I shot him coming out of a bunker. The sintered-metal technology involved compressing powdered alloy in a die between two punches and gave the shot a noticeable belt in its center, topped by two hemispherical ends. Despite their extreme work during the Vietnam War, the tunnel rats are not a very well-known group but their job was one that made a huge difference during the war. Like green ferrets, Tunnel Rats would go into the dark, forbidding tunnels and discover whatever might be there. The designers back at the LWL probably hadn’t had a lot of faith in the revolver suppressor as well, they issued ear plugs in the kit to be used when firing underground. While in the tunnels, soldiers were breathing air heavily saturated with Agent Orange. Needless to say, it was a dangerous job that only a special group of soldiers could handle. WEIGHT (EMPTY) - 2.01 pounds But since the steel cartridge case itself held the pressure of the propellant gases, the cylinder walls could safely be made very thin.

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