Gift Cards. This applies when retrieving or deploying the outriggers. The other advantage to fishing the bars here is that the white wash is more tapered, giving fish a full view of the offering from below. You can also fish them in tight just outside the wash. Here are some critical adjustments to keep in mind: Keep the barrel swivel fairly close to the pulley/shock cord and within two or three feet of the release clip. It pays to go with a large pulley, which will provide smooth and effortless release-clip retrieval. ... Boat with Outriggers. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Birds, Bags and Misc. Other subsurface presentations that work well are bonito-type runners, weighted jets and live or rigged natural baits deployed on down riggers or a planer to get them down. The position on the rigger and the closer proximity to the boat keep an upward tension on the bars that reduces drag, creating optimal action. I have the best luck with a MTD or Steel Head! PROVEN RESULTS. One of the first things my teammate Lou and I do when we fish a boat for the first time is study the prop wash behind the boat at trolling speed. Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.This may be behind a moving boat, or by slowly winding the line in when fishing from a static position, or even sweeping the line from side-to-side, e.g. No Outriggers. These will usually be Daisy Chains. The two flat-line baits are fished from rods in the aftermost gunwale holders, while the long and short center-rigger baits are fished from rods placed next to each other in the rocket launcher (between the two long outrigger rods). Place a bird in front of the lures you run toward the back of the spread off the outriggers. This enables the release clips to be retrieved right into. Ultimately, the crew that has a full arsenal in each of these colors is likely to have the upper hand. As for the amount of cord necessary to create each halyard, a good rule of thumb is to use twice the length of your pole. Spread your baits apart, which can be done (adequately) simply by having rod holders mounted to angle away from the boat. Trolling Without Outriggers. Wave #3 (Stern corners): This is where we like to run our subsurface baits like the X-Rap 30 fished off the rod tips. Of course, you may find a more effective rod arrangement for your boat and style of fishing, but this is a good starting point. Rod Rod. Possible spread configurations using lures are endless, so I'll focus on the test spread we use at the Northeast canyons. Wide Trackers. Mike uses just about every time he goes tuna fishing. I will fish these from my two forward rod holders which are angled outward at 45 degrees. ... How to Rig Offshore Outriggers. Take up any slack by pulling the halyard through the eye of the snap swivel fastened to the release clip. However you need a large bait spread to get attention and turn a whole school of tuna into your spread… That’s double the number of baits trolled by many small and mid-sized boats. I learned about this system three years ago from a devoted big-game angler, and have been impressed with its performance ever since. We fish a variety of small colorful clones and jet-type lures here for the more aggressive species like albacore and dolphin. To troll for Dolphin and Billfish without riggers (figuring you are on a smaller boat) follow these steps: Fish one line WFB (around 200 feet back) and I would use: Steel Head, Smoker, Smoker Jr, Dart, MiniTuna Dart, or a Cone Head. At the base of the outrigger, pass the opposite end of the cord through the shock-cord pulley. To prevent tangles, I fish the long outrigger baits from rods in the port and starboard holders of my rocket launcher. These will usually be Daisy Chains. When the fish are shy or more reluctant to commit to surface baits, a diving lure gets taken by a fish in front of the school and creates enough commotion to raise the cavalry. Times are tough and some of you may have just bought your first boat and hadn't figured in the extra cost of riggers. When running two clips per outrigger, run the main halyard with the top release clip through all the outrigger guides. We usually fish our baits within the six waves behind the vessel. Note: Follow this procedure when rigging each outrigger. Lastly, if the outrigger’s shock cord fastens above or to the rim of the T-top, as is the case on many small and mid-sized boats, the release clips may be hard to reach and adjust, especially in heavy seas. Fish one center flat line between 60 and 70 feet back. Boat without Outriggers. A single naked rigged ballyhoo or behind a bird with a single stinger bait like a Green Machine. Baitfish will reproduce around moon tides and game fish will go into what we refer to as a "micro-feed pattern." they are similar to paravanes and have a clip attached. BY PROFESSIONAL ANGLERS. Creating a productive trolling spread that covers a wide swath of ocean is an ongoing challenge among serious offshore anglers, which is why outriggers and center riggers are de rigueur equipment on almost every blue-water boat. Many of my commercial buddies use an entire spread of natural bait very successfully.

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