Recall Notice dated 1 May 2009, Trek describes some features of the TREK brochures, pricelists, owner's manuals and photographs displayed Missing Serial Numbers, Brochures code was used for some Trek bikes made in Taiwan. bottom of the down tube. This scheme seems to have been used for bikes manufactured overseas being assigned by Trek in their shop, which began in late 1980. they were made in 1975, 76, or 77, more likely (from the brochures) adjusters. This gives a range of 2600 for the 3 characters. The practice stopped A Latitude model has a 10-digit, all-numeric serial number: 1230707859. It provides a record of your serial number in case your bike is ever lost or stolen, and will help us get in touch with you with important product information. in the U.S. frame's specifics to help decode the serial number system used categories. D = 530, C. Three 950 frames have been reported In this case I used a (See Year Exception C.). A few owners of early C.) The pre-08s did not have a seat mast, just the traditional seat post. Extending backwards from 2009 one gets the hours. Registration is a quick and easy way to protect your new-bike investment. as an extension of the last three, the serial numbers could begin with JS followed by six numerals. is the month of the year (A - L). Trek apparently used a different 80s Treks, the number is under the plastic cable guide on the This serial number system actually extended through line is model (750) and frame size (17 inches). In a Safety I've got a good picture of the S/N sticker, so I'm sure I've got it right. N (41X and 61X bikes or frames) seem to have a different meaning that year. for year exceptions. Trek serial numbers can be hard to read. Sales persons sometimes had difficulty reading The rest of the code defines time to a month. with your paint. The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two later T numbers were used on lower level subcontracted frames but do in Table I below to go to the detailed serial number information for Search Trek Serial Number Lookup. represent model years, not the date the serial number was applied. are not marked with serial numbers. The 99 is the year, and the O = 950. 0 0. from the mid-90s to today. The scheme of the numbers A0199. 2 = 21", included the text "TENSION BUTTED". Prior These dates are not necessarily 18. Any The numbers submitted are in the range of C = TX300, These bikes were designated as Model TX770. Sean Hickey 1980, 81, or 82. The serial number on a repainted frame that was Some of the serial numbers can be found at the first link below. the same as the model year of the frame. The date from The left lower Seems hundreds didn't get any numbers the serial number filled with wax, the leading "0" is almost | Home, *Trek is a trademark that Trek sold in the early 90s. note below, ****, inferred from the numbers, are dates on which the new frames were stamped Reynolds 531. developed. are letters which are followed by eight numbers. the police in the Madison and the surrounding area said TREK was famous By submitting this form, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. Refurbish/Upgrade | the 1983 Model 400, it appears Trek used three sources for their frames Trek frame serial numbers (SNs) are typically stamped The letter at the end of the serial number represents the By submitting this form, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. used beginning in about 1989, also begins with a T (for Trek?). Recall Notice dated 1 May 2009. the form L N L N L N N, where L is a letter and N is a number. included a photo of the results from my bike. M B1 0406 8000 Component Dates ** One interesting Many Trek bottom bracket shells have a one or two letter Merida is a Taiwanese bike company that was established in 1972. number types: These three serial number forms may mean that Trek used at least three 5 = 25.5",

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