One-Piece Walrus Ivory Comb with Ringerike Design. If you want to make even more of your long locks, while pulling them away from your face, then go for a half-up, half-down look, pulling the top level of your hair off your face in either a ponytail or a braid. This bronze figure depicts the god Þórr wearing a conical helmet and an elaborate beard and moustache. Here the hair is shown in a more complex knot, and the tail or braid seems to be drawn forward over the figure's shoulder. Hairstyles With Maang Tikka - One of the favorite pieces of hair accessories these days is the Maang tikka, which is also known as the Maatha Patti - a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. Again, the figure is assumed to be a valkyrie, and her hair is in the knotted style, although here the knot appears on top of the head rather than behind the head. You love braids, but you also love the bounce and freedom of lose hair. For comments, additions, and corrections, please contact Gunnvör at, Tweezers, Earspoons and Other Personal Grooming Tools, Metallic Trims for Some Early Period Personae, Two Late Saxon Combs from the Longmarket Excavations. Double-sided combs from the Viking Age, whether one piece or composite construction, usually have fine teeth on one side of the comb and coarser teeth on the other. It is said that Oðinn, king of the gods, left his hair unwashed as a sign of mourning for the death of his son Baldr in the poem Völuspá: The same is said of Baldr's brother Vali in the poem Baldrs Draumr: Hávamál also suggests that special events such as the Þing merited special grooming efforts: The Viking Age peoples used a variety of tools for personal grooming and cleanliness. 146-147, including Figures 146-148. And for those of you wondering how you can get a fiercely braided hairstyle for yourself, take a look at this video featuring Jennie Readman, hairstylist for the hit show Vikings , and she'll show you how to get that Shield Maiden look for yourself: Images: Vikings/History Channel; lynnie1909 (2), cass_meister2, orangelilyhairandbodystudio, atelierkd, samvillahair, taylor_lamb_hair, bash_evans, kaceyluvi/Instagram; Vikings/Facebook. My first introduction to the world of warrior women was through Xena: Warrior Princess . The Vikings often wore gold rings as both a status symbol, and as a source of wealth for unexpected expenses. Not only will it keep their hair out of the way and away from their faces (which is key for all summer-like shenanigans) but it'll also show off a fierce sense of style in your little viking warrior-to-be. A professional warrior might make other choices for hairstyle to minimize the hazard of having hair or beard grabbed in combat. Canterbury's Archaeology 1989/1990, The 14th Annual Report of Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd. Accessed 5/15/99. 117-119. You can even do this on both sides, to create a kind of mohawk style that scrams Viking warrior. Here the hairstyle is the enigmatic "knot" -- it is impossible to determine whether the hair is pulled into a ponytail and knotted at the back of the head, braided then knotted, or if a kercheif or scarf is covering the hair and knotted behind the head with the ends hanging down. This soapstone line-carving is thought to depict the trickster Loki, after the gods of Ásgarðr had sewn his lips shut in punishment. to see men equally embracing the viking-inspired look. This male face is from a 7th century enamelled belt buckle found in Norway. 2 Ian Riddler. This small bone carving depicts a figure grasping his long, plaited or twisted beard. ": Viking Women's Garb in Art and Archaeology. There are also hints of a finely-trimmed beard and mustache, perhaps worn goatee-style. Austin: University of Texas Press. Accentuate your features and add drama to your look by pulling all your hair over to one side of your face. Totowa, NJ: Barnes and Noble. A Quick and Dirty Look at Viking Women's Garb in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. He wears a full moustache, and his chin is clean-shaven. What a beautiful marriage these two inspirations make together, creating a truly gorgeous hairstyle that's perfect for any viking queen. 10 Arthur MacGregor. Interestingly enough, bog remains dating to the Broze Age show that tweezers were used for plucking the eyebrows 16. Jess B. Bessinger Jr. and Robert P. Creed. Franciplegius: Medieval and Linguistic Studies in Honor of Francis Peabody Magoun, Jr. eds. Either the moustache is truly divided into two portions on each side, with the upper part being waxed and curled upward, or perhaps this represents a moustache and "mutton-chop" side-burns. York Archaeological Trust and the National Museum of Denmark. ", Henshall, Audrey S. "Early Textiles Found in Scotland,". Some scholars have interpreted this to be Þórr fishing for the Midgarðs-Ormr, but it could also depict the sea-goddess Ran, who collected dead sailors and sunken treasures in her ocean hall. ". Don’t slick back your wisps or fly-aways. If your hair is quite thin, then just pull back hair that sits at the base of your temples. Often women wore an earspoon dangling from one of their brooches on a chain, not only to have it handy for use, but also to display it since many earspoons were ornamented. Onward, viking unicorn! This long hairstyle with bangs and a flirty red color, reminds us of Jane Asher cerca 1960s. But what about women? Combs were used as a part of the hair washing process, being used to comb through the wet hair during washing. If you have kids, these viking braids are the perfect summer hairdo to give your little ones. This bleaching was accomplished using a soft, strongly basic soap, where the excess lye in the mixture provided the bleaching action18. "Some Hiberno-Norse Headcoverings from Fishamble Street and St. John's Lane, Dublin. The Northmen. Also W.G. 1962. pp. The combination results in some serious magical fierceness. Because the pastel-colored hair trend is still very much a thing this summer, why not combine the ethereal unicorn-like glory with the robust, edgy look of a viking braid? Your email address will not be published. TCWAAS 7 (1907) pp. Finally, on the right is a Bronze Age razor blade, used for shaving. 30 A Quick and Dirty Look at Viking Women's Garb in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. In the Viking Age, there were no such things as cotton swabs for cleaning one's ears. New York: New York University Press. And with the summer heat approaching comes the need to throw up that glorious hair of ours into some seriously killer viking inspired braids. Collingwood, "The Lowther Hogbacks." Aside from being strong, fierce, independent women who have the respect from their people and rule alongside dudes (a personal feminist wet dream of mine), these two share something else in common: some pretty killer braided hairstyles. The fine teeth are extremely close in many cases, and this side was probably used for control of pests in one's hair. Hávamál suggests that handwashing was customary before meals as well: The translator's note for this stanza says that "Water, for washing one's hands, and a towel were offered before a meal"6. No problem! Anglo-Viking women apparently wore a variety of hairstyles. This amulet shows a crude depiction of a woman. ": Viking Women's Garb in Art and Archaeology. The figure is shown with what seems to be curly hair and perhaps bangs, as well as an ornately curled moustache that would certainly have had to have been waxed to keep the shape shown. Accentuate with flowers or other nice decorations. 1Gwyn Jones. Two Late Saxon Combs from the Longmarket Excavations. The toilet set shown above (second in the row) is silver, and contains tweezers and an earspoon. 1985. p. 73. Thrall women, as with their male counterparts, were required to wear their hair cropped short as a sign of their servitude21. Again, the secret is to keep your hair healthy and moisturized so that it has a natural shine and glow. Aside from Ibn Fadlan, almost all sources indicate that the Vikings were the among the cleanliest of all Europeans during the Middle Ages. In fact, braids have now become a unisex-hairstyle (move over, man bun!) Basically, long, luxurious natural locks accentuated with braids of all sorts! The material selection was important, since skeletal materials have a grain just as wood does, and for maximum strength the teeth of the comb must be cut parallel to the grain of the material12. This is a great way to alleviate the heat in the summer, and draw some genuine attention. This short hairstyle is glam without being too over-the-top. This halo-like braid works perfectly for those of you who work a shorter, sassy haircut. Probably the average man wore his hair about collar or shoulder length, and his beard as long as was comfortable for him. ISBN 0-292-76499-5. If you have been caring for your long locks, your hair should appear layered on the side adding body and vibrance. The third illustration above is a pair of Bronze Age tweezers: although this is prior to the Viking Age, they are similar to tweezers that were used by the Vikings. Next to it is a Bronze Age toilet set, which includes an earspoon, tweezers, pick, and nail cleaners. It is possible that this represents hair which is braided and knotted, a ponytail that is knotted, or perhaps even a scarf covering the hair and kotted behind the head with the ends of the scarf hanging down. If you struggle to grow long locks, then embrace a shorter look with a Viking bob cut. "The Lowther Hogbacks. For men, it is all about impressive beards combined with the perfect warrior chop. 26 Gail R. Owen-Crocker, Dress in Anglo-Saxon England. Accentuate sections of your hair with braids and accessories to add interest. For a more serious braid that you can use when doing the more vigorous activities in your life, then go for something more along the lines of a French braid. 1974. p. 105. This braid absolutely screams viking, but is also reminiscent of the Khaleesi braid rocked oh-so-often by Daenerys Targaryen (in the earlier seasons of GoT). Single-piece combs were made as the name suggests, all in one piece from a single piece of bone or ivory. Instead, a tool known as an earspoon was utilized. The Vendel-era man shown in this helmet plate appears to have curly hair cut just above the earlobes and the eyebrows. A composite comb is made of several pieces of skeletal material, most commonly deer antler which has been split or sawed into individual plates. After this step, any overlapping sections that extended past the spine plates on the back of the comb would have been trimmed off and the resulting seam filed and sanded even with the curve of the back of the comb, although the end pieces and occasionally other areas would be left as ornamental elements to be shaped, carved, and incised for decoration. 25 Carolyn Priest-Dorman. This statuette depicts the god Oðinn wearing a conical helm with nasal. Here is another man wearing a conical Viking helm. London: Sidgewick and Jackson. This leaves one eye in shadow and one free and open, adding some mystery to your look. 1970. p. 76. Other tools for personal grooming included tweezers and razors. He wears a beard groomed to a point or perhaps a goatee, and his moustaches are full and appear to be waxed to an upwards curve at the ends. The teeth would next be shaped and trimmed as necessary, often with the leading edge being sanded to a pointed slope, then finally the teeth were cut, often using a special saw with two parallel blades14. Earspoons could be made from a variety of materials, including bone, ivory, silver and other metals. Add braids to your thinner ponytail to add texture and character to your look. Composite combs make up the majority of surviving combs. 4 Mary Wilhelmine Williams. The mixture is baked in the oven and the product acts as a coagulant, eventually thickening the milk to create a thick, custard-like dish. 5 Hávamál in: The Poetic Edda. Here the beard may be clearly seen to be forked into two points (O.N. The carving shows a woman with her hair parted in the middle, then pulled back into one or two braids which are coiled behind her head.

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