Now that said, I have notices that I peak out around ~400-450 Mbit/sec, very rarely hitting ~500Mbit/s on my EAP225's when sitting in the same room with them (one iso in my beadroom and one is downstairs in my office). I don't have any 3x3 clients to test with. Just copy the stanzas in my HowTo to set up a test network under OpenWRT. I debated whether I should order the EAP225 instead. Sie verfügen zwar über ein webfrontend und entsprechende “reduzierte” und daher übersichtliche einstellungsmöglichkeiten, aber diese sollen wohl vor allem administratoren entgegen kommen, die sich bei der einrichtung von kleinstnetzwerken in unternehmen, vereinen etc. Thanks again, I will try to kill b/g (2.4) + a (5), see if nobody feels a thing:-). Der zweite versuch erfolgte nun mit dem tp-link eap245 und wurde ein voller erfolg. I, like many people, live in a house that is longer than it is wide. ( Log Out /  Es ist auch gut möglich mehrere ssid’s mit unterschiedlichen vlan’s zu konfigurieren. For example, with EAP225 in 802.11ac-only mode and 80 MHz channel width in the 5 GHz band, I get following result on Ookla's That's pretty accurate; in the past I got much worser results with certain Ookla test servers assigned automatically by this speed test, e.g. First, we measure TCP/IP throughput to a server in the LAN. Also das ding bestellt und ausgepackt. Our objective to implement VLAN aware Multi-SSID setup is o sepersate the LANs of each Wifi SSID (based on user groups) . Stecker einstecken, programm starten, inbetriebnehmen fertig.So können immer weitere ap‘s dazu konfiguriert werden. Note that the graphical representation of. I ran a few runs until the scores stabilized and I have reported them above. I just purchased two EAP245 V3's to test out before I order many for a medium-sized deployment. And these 4 connections are provided free-of-cost  to apartment society by the ISPs as part of license by the society to do end user home broadband business with residents of the apartment complex. 39932. Über die software wird alles konfiguriert, sobald ein ap dazu kommt muss nur einmal geklickt werden und den rest macht die software. therefore the bonded virtual internet connectivity has never gone down in the last 2 years, unless one of our config drives went the wrong way (lile Wifi SSID-VLAN mapping). But, you are right. To be frank we made this VLAN design with the concept that VLAN are layer-2 broadcast limiter domains operating below layer-3 and their is no tight coupling dependency between layer-2 and layer-3. I don't know the reason why their European servers are off-line, maybe it's related to the lockdown. Will heißen: das webfrontend ist für “turnschuh”-admins wie dich und mich, die “quick’n’dirty” ein netzwerk einrichten wollen – undzwar am besten schon gestern. I would not attempt to introduce any unmanaged switch in our network core and then have to deal with a prpblem, which i have no idea on how to debug. @R1D2 : So In summary , it seems, our network architecture has a fault at layer-3 level where our router is not VLAN-aware and tags the DHCP response or packet towards client with default/native VLAN ID = 1, which then can make it way back to the AP, but not to the client from the AP. Mesh is a new feature for Omada EAP Solution which will help a lot in Outdoor Wi-Fi deployment in complicated environment. The right tool for such tasks is iperf, which is the standard tool for all kind of measurements in networks. Unlike Ethernet, where these days you usually get at least 80-95% of the "rated speed" (e.g. Careful with o2 Server! A and B cannot communicate with C or D. C can communicate with D and the router. We have rate kimit on each internet user based on his application and this helps us to support tons of users simultaneously without really irritaing anyone. Das wlan-netz ist auch sehr stabil. As for TL-WA901 I never used VLAN-tagged SSIDs with this AP, so I can't tell you why it worked. @APRC-P3-Tel, in the second setup you connected several VLANs from the switch DGS-1210-52 untagged to the router – this can't work. I am already excited what will happen with the new re650 when hit the market and yes feel free to send me an example i will test it too . C and D cannot communicate with A or B. Router can communicate with A, B, C and D. All devices share a common broadcast domain, same network, one DHCP server. "Tried playing with 802.11ac only - same - no difference. My solution was set up a Wifi Access Point closer to the middle of the house at a point that I could easily run ethernet from the main router. This business solution is unable to even close handle gbit fibre lines or compare in range with above products. Damit erreichen wir eine sehr gute abdeckung und geschwindigkeiten, die software, der eap controller läuft 24/7 auf dem server vor ort mit. But the 245's do not currently support MESH (need Beta firmware), and to really get much benefit from MU-MIMO you really need at least 4x4 MIMO on the AP per radio. Different WPA keys? Home » TP-Link EAP245 AC1750 WLAN Access Point (Dualband 1750 Mbit-s mit MU-MIMO, professionelles Design für sehr große Reichweite, passend für Wand- und Deckenmontage, unterstützt 802.3af PoE) weiß, Informations-Portal mit Testberichten & Preisinformationen. The management layer of the EAP can use untagged traffic, but it can also be tagged, thus using any VLAN. Vielleicht ist der eap245 mit seinen möglichkeiten bei uns unterfordert, auf alle fälle sind noch reserven da. © 2020 GmbH - Alle Preise in Euro inkl. I'd love to add a 3rd AP, but without use of the DFS spectrum I don't have any "room" per se. Ein kleinunternehmen kann mit der box sicher auch gut arbeiten. The DHCP server runs on load balalncing router. The issue with mixed modes is the SSID beacon: in 802.11b legacy mode the EAP has to send a beacon every then and when with 1 Mbps WiFi rate. You need a networking geek to handle it  I use a EdgeRouter Lite ER-3 at home and other than its wizards I have only once managed to get it to work by manually copying the steps from a forum post without even understanding what and why I am doing those steps. Die software und die box sind auf semi-professionelle anwender ausgelegt.

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