“With deep regret I am writing this sitting in his living room. Als die Dreharbeiten 1989 schließlich begannen, gab es bereits eine Fernsehserie, die den Titel Wiseguy trug, weshalb der Film in Good Fellas umbenannt wurde. Bei der Auswahl der Schauspieler setzte Scorsese einerseits auf bekannte Größen wie seine „Stammschauspieler“ Robert De Niro und Joe Pesci, andererseits auf relativ unbekannte Newcomer wie die Fernsehdarsteller Ray Liotta und Lorraine Bracco. Ebenfalls erfolglos waren die Nominierungen in den Kategorien Bester Film, Beste Regie, Bestes adaptiertes Drehbuch und Bester Schnitt. Durch präzisen Einsatz der filmischen Mittel ergibt sich eine konsequente Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema, gleichermaßen emotional packend und distanziert reflektierend; bisweilen drastisch in der realistischen Darstellung.“. Sein übermäßiger Kokainkonsum beeinträchtigt seine Wahrnehmung, zudem leidet er an Schlafstörungen. Now that we have the timeline fresh in our minds, my guess is that Tommy’s character simply became too reckless as time went on. Mai 1980 ein „typischer“ Tag in Henry Hills Leben geschildert. In reality, gambling debts to loan sharks and tax issues were behind his exit, with Valli and Gaudio reportedly assuming his debts and buying him out of the group. DeVito’s friend Alfredo Nittoli first posted about the news Tuesday morning. In Goodfellas the magic happens with only 2 hours and some change to spare. Mafia! “These were the songs I used to play years ago, before we became famous as the Four Seasons,” he explained. Auf diese Weise entstand eine der bekanntesten Szenen des Films, in der Henry von Tommy wegen einer Bemerkung über dessen Witzigkeit zur Rede gestellt wird. It’s also worth noting that Tommy wasn’t even part of the Lufthansa heist himself although he did help in the clean up. Die Faust der Rebellen | Having recently watched Goodfellas again, I was wondering to myself exactly why Tommy got whacked when he did and what the justification behind it was. But it’s doing great, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Lorraine Bracco, welche als beste Nebendarstellerin nominiert war, ging leer aus. Am 10. DeVito was born on June 19, 1928 in Belleville, New Jersey, the youngest of nine children of immigrants from Italy. He is a celebrity Singer, Guitarist, Actor. Although Henry notes that killings are common, they do end up being liabilities. Ende der 1960er Jahre lernt Henry die hübsche Karen kennen und verliebt sich in sie. Two of the other original members, Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio, released a joint statement on social media, saying, “It is with great sadness that we report that Tommy DeVito, a founding member of the Four Seasons, has passed. Wie schon in Scorseses früheren Arbeiten Hexenkessel und Wie ein wilder Stier spielt Musik eine zentrale Rolle in Good Fellas. The brutal opening scene also sets the stage for the film as we are initially left in the dark about the characters and their motives. Those who were asking may very well have been the other bar patrons who saw the verbal spat between Tommy and Batts. His death was announced by his friend, the actor Alfred Nittoli, in a Facebook post Tuesday. He was 92 and had been hospitalized with COVID-19 complications. Tommy DeVito, a founding member and lead guitarist of chart-topping 1960s vocal group the Four Seasons and the inspiration for a key character in the 2005 jukebox musical Jersey Boys and its 2014 movie adaptation, died Monday nioght from complications related to COVID-19 in Las Vegas. 8. Er lernt den legendären Gangster James „Jimmy The Gent“ Conway kennen, der zu seinem Freund und Mentor wird, und verdient sich seine Sporen zum Beispiel mit Brandanschlägen gegen Konkurrenten und dem Verkauf gestohlener Ware. Gemeinsam mit den beiden und mehreren Handlangern plant er 1978 auch den Diebstahl von rund 6 Millionen US-Dollar aus der Frachthalle der Lufthansa im JFK-Airport. Rather than being punished for getting caught, his social status is elevated for not ratting out anyone, another of the mafia’s commandments. Sign up for Deadline's Newsletter. Edward McDonald, sein früherer Rechtsanwalt, spielt sich in dem Film selbst.[4]. Die Farbe des Geldes | Tommy DeVito was an original member of the legendary pop rock group The Four Seasons. He is pictured above in a photo from shortly before his departure, second from right, with fellow members Joe Long (left), Gaudio (second from left) and Valli. ), Bringing Out the Dead – Nächte der Erinnerung, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Good_Fellas_–_Drei_Jahrzehnte_in_der_Mafia&oldid=204641080, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Robert De Niro, ein überzeugter Vertreter des. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. In the film, Tommy DeVito brutally pistol whips Billy Batts (ply by Frank Vincent), a prominent mobster of the Gambino crime family, in Henry's restaurant and shoots him to death on June 11, 1970. “I left because I had had enough,” DeVito told the Las Vegas Sun in 2008. Why did the mob wait so long to whack Joe Pesci’s character? I find that Henry Hill’s description of the situation is vague for two reasons. What makes Goodfellas one of the quintessential gangster films is that we end up building a relationship with morally corrupt characters without realizing it. Sie ist von seinem verschwenderischen und unbekümmerten Lebensstil beeindruckt, bleibt aber wegen ihrer jüdischen Abstammung stets eine Außenseiterin innerhalb Henrys irisch-italienischen Bekanntenkreises. The Wolf of Wall Street | There is not enough lipstick available to apply to this pig of overt materialism, it’s all very ugly. Bekannt ist eine Szene, in der Henry und Karen den Copacabana-Club besuchen. Good Fellas gewann mehrere bedeutende Filmpreise im Jahr 1991. Das würde für die drei Freunde eine bedeutende Aufwertung ihres Status bedeuten, denn Hill und Conway sind als Halb-Iren von einer Mitgliedschaft ausgeschlossen. Of course there is also Sopranos,  which shouldn’t be discounted, but that takes place over a period of many seasons. Finally, what was the justification for the hit? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments. He is known for his work on, Tommy DeVito Dies: The Four Seasons Cofounder & ‘Jersey Boys’ Inspiration Was 92, Tommy DeVito, Founding Member of the Four Seasons, Dies at 92, Those who have contracted the coronavirus, Best Film Adaptations Written by the Author, Most Beautiful Movie Wedding Dress, part 3, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Jimmy Durante, Connie Francis, Gwen Verdon, Alan King, Arthur Worsley, The Muppets, The King Family, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Brigitte Bardot, Leslie Uggams, Alan King, Wayne & Shuster, London Lee, Jimmy Roselli, The Four Seasons, Peggy Lee, Anthony Newley, Jose Greco, Joey Forman, George Matson, Dominique, Alan Gale, Topo Gigio, My Music: A '60s Pop Flashback - Hullabaloo, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Notice how after this scene, the charm and initial appeal of the mob lifestyle have all but vanished. Shortly thereafter Henry Hill goes to jail for 4 years and slightly after Tommy’s murder he is caught with drugs, which is around 1980. Bringing Out the Dead – Nächte der Erinnerung | Hexenkessel | Überlieferungen zufolge waren damals manche Kinozuschauer vom Anblick einer auf sie abgefeuerten Waffe derartig verängstigt, dass sie sich auf den Boden warfen oder fluchtartig den Saal verließen.[3]. DeVito left the group in 1971. DeSimone took the remark about how he shined shoes in his youth as an insult, but apparently held his anger in check for a moment before snapping and brutally pistol-whipping him, then shooting him to death. Im Gegensatz zu Francis Ford Coppolas Filmen zeichnet er jedoch ein weitaus weniger romantisierendes Bild. He is known for his work on The Good Shepherd (2006), Casino (1995) and 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997). Aviator | Parallels to the film and DeSimone's death, Misconceptions about the William DeVino (Billy Batts) death in, https://mafia.wikia.org/wiki/Tommy_DeVito?oldid=38791. Bei den Dreharbeiten kam es häufig zu Improvisationen. The Irishman, Good Fellas – Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia. The musical “Jersey Boys” portrayed DeVito’s exit from the group as having to do with other members’ frustrations over gambling debts. Ende der 1970er erhält Tommy die Nachricht, dass er endlich als Vollmitglied in die Cosa Nostra aufgenommen werden soll. Without reading too far into this, the materialism we are presented with is far less refined after the Batts scene. According to Hill, Devino had been 2007 schaffte es das Werk in der gleichnamigen Liste auf Platz 92. Paul starb wegen Erkrankung der Atemwege im Fort Worth Federal Prison 1988 im Alter von 73 Jahren. After all, when Paulie first confronts Henry about the incident, he mentioned that people were asking about Batts. One could also speculate that Jimmy Conway didn’t ask him to whack Maury, rather he was tired of his constant nagging about his cut for engineering the Lufthansa heist. Auch die Unterhaltung in der Küche von Tommys Mutter war improvisiert. Tommy admitted he was a "hell-raiser" in his youth. Heute gilt Good Fellas neben Der Pate als eine der besten Darstellungen der italoamerikanischen Mafia. Auch im visuellen Bereich sorgten Scorsese, sein Kameramann Michael Ballhaus und die Filmeditorin Thelma Schoonmaker für einige denkwürdige Bilder. Finally, the restaurant owner in the beginning of the film even vents to Paulie about Tommy’s recklessness, another example of the film’s foreshadowing. Sie zeigt Tommy, der mit einer Pistole mehrmals direkt in die Kamera schießt. This could be a fitting explanation as to why the hit’s justification was vague, it’s a film after all, not real life, so the only witness to these crimes would be the audience who also happen to be the jury. If you recall, we hear only hear the term “goodfella” referenced a single time during the entire film and it just so happens to be directly after Tommy’s death. Der echte Henry Hill hat einen kurzen Auftritt als Koch in der oben erwähnten Copacabana-Szene. … It’s really thrilling to see yourself being played on stage, and Christian Hoff does a terrific job playing me.” DeVito was reported to have been given a cut of the show. Dieser gibt ihm 3.200 Dollar („3.200 Piepen für ein ganzes Leben“.) DeVito, a native of Belleville, NJ., left the group in 1970, publicly blaming a hearing problem for his departure. In den Folgejahren verliert Henry zunehmend die Kontrolle über sein Leben. Die Zeit nach Mitternacht | Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/goodfellas-1990, Artikel im Independent über Thelma Schoonmaker, http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/25-didn-goodfellas-article-1.2194719, Artikel in der New York Times über Eppolito (engl. Analysis & Thoughts on Once Upon a Time in America, Long Before the Matrix There was World on a Wire, A Case Study in German Adaptations of American Film & My Favorite German-to-English Movie Title Translations. To get us up to speed, Ray Liotta narrates the scene: “It was revenge for Billy Batts and alot of other things. Gone are the fancy dinners, live entertainment, and casual joking, instead we are presented with far more drugs and the few scenes in which the characters are commiserating often end in violence or hint at it.

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