* **Deviations:** Change the build as you see fit. She doesn’t seem to be as obviously strong as other representatives of the game and lacks overpowered area-of-effect skills (even though The Lantern Build feels pretty neat). In the even that her parts or the Warframe i… (Titania reactivating the ability, causing an explosion). But Titania has more than one ability and unless you completely ignoring all the other skills (which you probably could do, you can play however you want) you hurt yourself with using Narrow Minded more than you help yourself. Is 16.3m enough? * **Deviations:** [Streamline] can be replaced with [Endurance Drift] for more movement over efficiency. Try to avoid using glimmer, due to Titania’s average attack stat. She works mainly as an enemy phase unit that can tank and double on the counter a large number of threats, including dragons and mages with Distant Counter, but Windsweep allows her to hit a large number of threats without fear of retaliation thanks to her good native speed and weapon refinement - and deliver her stack of debuffs with impunity. A Defense flaw is also a good option if one wants a little extra power out of Iceberg. only a few would in the first place. We would like to emphasize that all these builds are **simply suggestions and not built-into-stone meta builds**. However, we recommend using the melee weapon Telos Boltace, as the weapon will give bonus parkour movement when equipped (not necessarily held). Even with considerable investment, Titania can struggle to KO prominent blue threats such as Nowi, Hardin, and Effie. # Nova I…, Hi everyone I just 10+ Echidna and I don’t know how to build her for Arena. If you’re going Horse Emblem, you’ll obviously want one of the cavalry buffs. As it is recommended that you use this Titania on a Horse Emblem team, it is also recommended that you run a Horse buff on her C skill slot, preferably Fortify Cavalry as you want Titania to be receiving Attack and Speed buffs, as those are the stats that she needs the most for this build to succeed. For cavalry, Reposition is a popular choice due to their increased movement range allowing them to come in from further away and help allies with positioning. A cavalry boost is recommended for this build if you’re running a cavalry team, though if not, many other options are available. * **How the build works:** Loki's build shines with maximum Sprint Speed and as much Power Duration to push the duration of Invisibility. They are also known as the 'Broken Warframe',... New Nightwave Intermission Season 2 now live. Guard 3 is one of her default skills, and allows her to stave off specials that would normally be activated by Wrath on most Armored units. An AoE-focused build utilizing the damage multiplier from Accelerant combined with the damage from World of Fire. Firstly, the Pull ability (subsumed from Helminth) is used to activate [Razorwing Blitz] stacks, as it has a much shorter cast time than Spellbind. Crowd control abilities may still be used and buff may be acquired but the range is decreased which might need to be adjusted to. The most requested mechanic of speedrunning in Warframe is what to build and what to run. Both Atk Tactic and Spd Tactic can be used in the C slot, though Atk Tactic is a more desirable choice due to availability. At 28 Attack, Titania has the lowest Attack of any axe unit and the tied second lowest for green units in general with only Merric having less Attack. To update, since Titania Prime is out and I think some skills have improved. You will have to get closer for your other skills but reduction on channel mana makes up for it. During this form she will be using her exalted weapons which are the Dex Pixia which are dual machine pistols and Diwata which is a heavy sword. This is extremely useful considering that doubling will give her a greater damage output than if she had simply increased her attack and she absolutely has to double if she's going to be able to KO some of the bulkier blue units in a single round and be able to duel with bulkier greens. Infested Mobility duration perfectly lines up with [Razorwing Blitz] duration and works very well for a 1-stack build. As cheaper alternatives to Chill skills, Titania can also run her default Guard to protect her from enemy Specials, or another B slot such as Renewal to give Titania some self-sustainability. -DEF: Defense is the ideal flaw for a mage counter Titania as Defense doesn’t help Titania with tanking magical hits. Volt's Speed ability grants Movement Speed to himself and other allies which can be affected by Power Strength. This build transforms Titania into a meta slayer while being a decent support. She has a focus on Speed and Resistance, a sharp contrast to the two axe cavaliers that came before her. With Fury, Titania becomes a good duelist with Fury granting an all-around boost in combat effectiveness, helping greatly with Titania’s lackluster damage output. Titania: I Always A Queen of the Greil Mercenaries and I Shall of the Enemies in PPGZ World of Asia, You must behave and i am stronger than you my age is 38 years old and i want to beat them, I CUT DOWN TO PROTECT YOU I DESTROY THAT DOME!!!!!!! ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Titania transforms into her other form, shrinking down to size and taking mobility similar to an archwing. If a double tactic is run, Titania has Res Tactic 3 built into her new weapon, making her the only unit with the ability to run 3 tactics. Aiming for a build close to the suggested can be ideal. With her well-rounded stat line and high speed, she should be able to take out even the strongest blue heroes in one battle without taking any damage. This is the refine I recommended if you want her to become more of a physical unit (which is the aim here) because her resistance stat is still high enough to take a few hits. @Akemi, @Ceejay, @Hejryt12, @Mortar, @Velocikitty. Picking an aura shouldn’t be a problem at all, because you simply are going to pick Corrosive Projection. [Preparation] is a prime QOL choice for long mission builds if you have the space. Her Speed and Resistance are good, but her Attack leaves a lot to be desired. Nova can only teleport few times and then have to stand still and wait for energy pizza to give energy , I just found out that i can also cast 1 on myself 4 times to give myself 4 stack Razorwing blitz so i don't even need ally or enemy lol, I added Beguiling Lantern to the build with overextended for 100% melee dmg buff but now my power strength is at 40% and i hope my melee dmg won't suffer more than 100% from it, I wish Aviator mod worked with titania though. Popular blue magic users such as Reinhardt, Linde, Ishtar, and Nowi will struggle to deal significant damage to her, while green mages such as SF Nino and Spring Sharena can also have trouble defeating her. Titania joins the fight as an axe cavalry unit. • Description: Titania is speed incarnate. Last but not least, our Seal Skill. As she is a cavalry unit, she is able to easily position herself to grant her Spectrum +6 buff without putting herself in danger. A unit that values every stat like Titania loves this skill, specifically because it allowed her to reach 43 speed with a +Spd refine and speed boon (45 with merges). In this form she may fly around freely as long as she does not get too far out of the map, being safe from melee enemies and causing enemies to be less likely to hit her. # Loki ** Aiming for a build close to the suggested can be ideal. Farming her blueprints is super easy, since you simply need to go to a New Loka leader on any relay and request the quest. Putting in Stretch will allow you to use your abilities from further away and you might even want to think about cutting Vitality for Streamline, because you will need more energy. If you’re not running Horse Emblem, a simple Hone or threaten skill will suffice here. Please note that these builds are for solo play, as group play has significantly different compositions. An AoE-focused build utilizing the combination of ability strength multiplier from Provoke with [Peaceful Provocation] with the slash damage potential from Maim. Preventing her opponent from charging their special will help her further in winning her match ups as well as slow green units in charging it incase they decide to target a close blue ally after a round with her. That would be because most of the Warframe youtubers have trouble adding their toes and fingers together. Tip: If you want to know more about Titania and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page. ~Horse Emblem Team Mom~ (merged +1) [WIP]. Still trying to climb up at T21…, yaaaaaay no lift loss!! With a Speed asset, Titania can reach a respectable 40 Speed, giving her great doubling potential. * **How the build works:** The build is a well rounded setup that will be capable in all situations. Nothing is off-limits with Titania due to her augment, Razorwing Blitz, allowing unmatched speed customisation from comfortable to crossing open worlds in seconds. Bumping up the Strength will provide extra speed and Dex Pixia DPS.

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