I want to hear them! People who are fascinated by eastern fancies can see a recreation of those in the reality. The project, which was shot by Jonce Studios, features Tiara in a shower. And one of the US show's biggest stars, Plastique Tiara - the stage name of performer Duc Tran Nguyen - … ), S11. Jade, take your turn. Zany, glamourous, weird and quirky, she could definitely become a newfound fan favourite if introduced to the newer seasons of RPDR. at age of 19 Duc Tran famously known as Plastique tiara become a professional drag performer at Rose Room Dallas, Theatre and Lounge located in Dallas. Shangela (yes she was on S2, but just go with it) (One of the most influential Drag Race queens ever, up there with Trixie and Katya. Plastique Tiara and Pandora Boxx! Trinity K. Bonet, highly requested by fans, also can give a really good redemption arc, her lipsync abilities and stellar runways make her a great contender for the crown, Laganja Estranja, tweeted about coming back for All Stars 6, would be the "villian" edit queen, bring lots of drama and personality, Asia O'Hara, she's very close with World Of Wonder, on Werq The World and Celebrity Drag Race, would bring really good runways and a clear frontrunner, Kameron Michaels, also from Season 10 and Werq The World, she would be a fan favourite, as well as a clear frontrunner and an amazing lipsyncer, Peppermint, also highly demanded by fans, Peppermint could bring runways, comedy, as well as represent the Trans community, and I could see her snatching the crown this season, Plastique Tiara, I think she's definitely gonna be on this season, her beauty, runways, being on Werq The World and newly found TikTok fame definitely give her a boost, Nina West, she was on CDR and was Miss Congeniality, she definitely deserves a redemption after her elimination and would do really well I think, Scarlet Envy, the "wildcard" this season, although she was an early out, she grabbed a challenge win and is also highly demanded this season, Shannel, being on CDR as a makeup artist, she could bring Vegas showgirl glamour and runways, since AS4 and AS5 both brought back 2 AS1 queens, I see her and, Yara Sofia, the other AS1 queen returning. Combining his artistic talent in hair, makeup and style she is reversing the definition of plastique and redefined it into something out of thought and imaginations. In addition, at the age of 10 he and his family emigrated to united states. Duc Tran is a professional hairstylist, makeup artist and also a performer widely known by his drag queen name Plastique tiara.He was born in 11 th April 1997 in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. He describes that he for a long time he suffered from bullying. In addition, at the age of 10 he and his family emigrated to united states. And Kameron picks Asia and Plastique. To celebrate the special day, the. His mother initially wanted him to become a nurse. Tim Kim is currently residing in Dallas, Texas and he is trying to spend more time with Tiara aka Duc Tran and spend some quality time together. Now, sashay away! Sunday may have been Plastique Tiara's 23rd birthday but it was her followers that were getting gifts. My Final AS6 Predictions (not wishlist, predictions). He has definitely broken the typical Asian stereotype and brought new aspects to Asian culture, his audience and his current surroundings. He believes that his best drag feature is hair. Wow, ladies! While Asia goes for a more sexy, yet wild lip sync. Plastique later altered the name into Plastique tiara because there were so many who already used diamond and Plastique as cheap material would suite his modest personal character better. Well, we have a tie AGAIN!!!!! Aja (I found her a bitch on this season, but after AS3, I LOVE HER. They look very cute and lovable next to each other. She is member of Alyssa’a “haus of Edwards”. "ThirstTrap.JPG" the photographer wrote in a separate post. ↑ "PLASTIQUE TIARA EXPOSED / PatrickStarrr". Plastique Tiara. Furthermore, from this professional friendship Alyssa became His drag mother. Valentina Will Appear In This Netflix Show's Next Season, TV Legend Stanley Baxter Comes Out as Gay at Age 94, 'Elite's Omar Ayuso Strips Down In Sexy New Motorcycle Shoot, Pete Buttigieg Couldn't Help Taking Another Shot at Trump, Shonda Rhimes' New Netflix Show Teases Same-Sex Love Scene in Trailer, Almost Half of Queer Republicans Wish They Were Straight, 'Drag Race U.K.' Announces Season 3 Before Second Season Airs, Beyonce Designed Ivy Park's Latest Collection for the Gays. You are and will always be an All Star, now sashay away! Funny, great actor and beautiful out of drag), S8. :), I’m so confused I heard a lot of different opinions! He was born in 11th April 1997 in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Stacy also votes for Plastique! Asia O’Hara, you are and will always be an All Star! 696. Pandora Boxx, condragulations baby you have made it into the top 2 of the season! Lemon (if you read my posts, you know I stan Lemon. He has over 400 thousand followers on Instagram. Plastique Tiara and Pandora Boxx, the time has come for you to lip sync... for, the, CROWN! The voting will go like this: First pick is worth 2 points, second pick is worth 1 point. Plastique serves face and high-energy wowing the judges! The winner of Fatty’s All Stars: Season 1 is... PANDORA BOXX! This show is a reality competition series in which males dressed as women in exaggerated manner and compete for the top spot. 2019-03-12. She is so perfect. Close. PRANCE! June 26, 2020. There is a tie! Jan, I am so sorry, but as it is written, so it shall be done! share. ), Miranda's All Stars 6 (Acting Challenge) WHO DOES BEST. Asia and Vixen were WAY worse. Now, prance my queen! Through his career he has implemented modern jewelries and new kimonos and head crowns ultimately in favor of giving birth to a very elegant and stylish Asian fantasy. Jujubee (It's Jujubee. And Known as (Tim Kim) Timmy turner on Instagram. He currently lives in Texas Dallas. Miranda's All Stars 6 (Improv Challenge) WHO DOES BEST Part 2. Later he became Alyssa’s hair stylist and was offered to perform in the house of Edwards. Laganja, Jade, and Jessica all pick Plastique, while Stacy, Kameron, and Dida all pick Asia. Jade picks Pandora and Plastique. Kim Chi is here today to expose Plastique Tiara. ↑ "Paris Hilton joins Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as she stans James Charles" . Jinkx Monsoon (sweet, funny, perfect, beautiful, narcoleptic, she's all of these things! Kim Chi and Plastique Tiara do the "Jojowain or Trotropahin" challenge. He has deconstructed the makeup rules and has brought a novel style to existence. Kameron votes Asia. He has taken the name Plastique tiara from an animated pony character name diamond Trira with purple color and big black eyes. ), S10. In an accompanying wordless video, Tiara actually turns on the water, for a bit of a "wet T-shirt contest" look. Yes as we have said above plastique Tiara has a boyfriend, but who is he and how did they meet?

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