Unless the offeror provides a revised offer acknowledging applicability of the Service Contract Labor Standards statute or demonstrating to the satisfaction of the contracting officer an ability to meet all required conditions for exemption, the offer will not be further considered for award. 22.403-3 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards. If there is any doubt as to the proper application of wage rate schedules to the type or types of construction involved, guidance shall be sought before the opening of bids, or receipt of best and final offers, from the Administrator, Wage and Hour Division.            (1)The location, including the county (or other civil subdivision) and State in which the proposed project is located. chapter 31, subchapter IV).                      (B)The contracting officer believes that the violations are aggravated or willful (or there is reason to believe that the contractor has disregarded its obligations to employees and subcontractors under the Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute); In these cases, the hourly cash equivalent of the cost of these items shall be determined by dividing the employer’s contributions or costs by the employee’s hours worked during the period covered by the costs or contributions. (2)Antiretaliation. (see 29 CFR 13.5(a)(1)). (1)The head of an executive agency shall ensure that the contracting officer is provided a copy of the agency Inspector General report of an investigation of a violation of the trafficking in persons prohibitions in 22.1703(a) and 52.222-50(b).                 (ii)Available statements by the worker, contractor, or any other person regarding the alleged violation; (4)If an effective modification of the wage determination for the primary site of the work is received by the contracting officer after bid opening, but before award, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures in 22.404-5(b)(2)(i) or (ii). (1)If the contracting officer believes a violation exists or upon request of the Department of Labor, the contracting officer must withhold funds from any current Federal contract or Federally assisted contract with the same prime contractor that is subject to either Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute or Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards statute requirements. 22.1702 Definitions. Such heavy projects may sometimes be distinguished on the basis of their individual characteristics, and separate schedules issued (e.g.,"dredging," "water and sewer line," "dams," "flood control," etc.). (a)The contracting officer should determine whether the incumbent prime contractor’s or its subcontractors’ service employees performing on the current contract are represented by a collective bargaining agent. 22.406-1 Policy. The Copeland Act also requires each contractor and subcontractor to furnish weekly a statement of compliance with respect to the wages paid each employee during the preceding week. Contracts are exempt from the requirements of E.O.11246 for work performed outside the United States by employees who were not recruited within the United States. Such written document shall be in a language the employee understands.            (3)Include a general notice on wage determinations which are issued under the Service Contract Labor Standards statute or the Wage Rate Requirements (Construction) statute.                 (iii)The contracting officer documents the Registry review in the contract file. For additional details regarding paid time off policies, see 29 CFR 13.5(f)(5)(ii) and (iii). If a contracting agency fails to include the contract clause in a contract to which the E.O. (1)Canada, and the anticipated value of the acquisition is $25,000 or more ( subpart  25.4); (2)Israel, and the anticipated value of the acquisition is $50,000 or more (see 25.406); (3)Mexico, and the anticipated value of the acquisition is $83,099 or more (see subpart  25.4); or. 22.1002-3 Wage determinations based on collective bargaining agreements. Executive Order 13658 establishes minimum wages for certain workers.            (1)Contracts under the simplified acquisition threshold; (f)The Administrator, Wage and Hour Division, may institute debarment proceedings against the contractor or subcontractor if the Administrator finds reasonable cause to believe that the contractor or subcontractor has committed willful or aggravated violations of the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards statute or the Copeland (Anti-Kickback) Act, or any of the applicable statutes listed in 29 CFR 5.1 other than the Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute, or has committed violations of the Construction Wage Rate Requirements statute that constitute a disregard of its obligations to employees or subcontractors under 40 U.S.C.       (b)For commercial items; (d)The following applies when modifying a contract to exercise an option to extend the term of a contract: (1)A modified wage determination is effective if-, (i)The contracting agency receives a written action from the Department of Labor prior to exercise of the option, or within 45 days after submission of a wage determination request (22.404-3(c)), whichever is later; or.                 (i)The construction work is incidental to the furnishing of supplies, equipment, or services (for example, the requirements do not apply to simple installation or alteration at a public building or public work that is incidental to furnishing supplies or equipment under a supply contract; however, if a substantial and segregable amount of construction, alteration, or repair is required, such as for installation of heavy generators or large refrigerator systems or for plant modification or rearrangement, the requirements of this subpart apply); or (b)The Secretary has determined that the notice must contain employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act (Act), 29 U.S.C.                 (iii)Employees of railroads operating under collective bargaining agreements that are subject to the Railway Labor Act; or

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