Berseria's combat seems...bad. Haven't played vesperia in a long time, but most tales games have a combat loop of "attack, attack, attack, use an art, repeat" You can sunblock most enemies like that. Well I dunno what else to say. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But it seems like all you really have to do to win in combat is set up a couple artes combos and alternate between them. I realize that I’m over 10 years late to this particular observation, but the fight really is abysmal even for the genre. Where can I find the Super Aer Conductor? Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,, well its true vesperia have a huge lack of scenario. That’s not a guaranteed win, as fireballs are aimed while casting and can easily be wasted if he moves, but it eventually sufficed to get me past this point. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. - PatrickSim. New Game +, assuming you could stomach in the grinding. All sorts of problems are thrust to the forefront here, such as the unskippable pre-boss cutscenes and a general difficulty with hitting moving enemies because of movement awkwardness that’s existed since Phantasia but somehow been exacerbated by the emphasis on 3D space. All rights reserved. Then Gattuso shows up and you realize that isn’t the case at all; Gattuso has a charging attack, an AOE attack, and a poison attack that all do tons of damage, and dodging any of these is a horribly awkward process thanks to the combat’s underlying awkwardness (and the combat camera’s overwhelming failure to communicate any sense of depth). Gattuso comes out of nowhere when you’re still weak and lacking the tools required to have more than one or two approaches available. Question. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Something is either god's gift to gaming or a cancerous blight that needs to die in a fire. post this in the PS4 board if you want a response lol, this game is about winning, If you had the option of a 1) Big d*** or 2) a small d***, would you choose 2 because it took more skill? The fighting mechanics gets a lot better late game, once you get the useful skills. Im 23 hours in and i really like the game. My last "Tales" game is Tales of The Abyss, so it's been quite a while. I shouldn't have to clarify it's my opinion. Can someone help me on beating the spiral draco? It gets to the point where you can easily do 250+ combos during main game with yuri so yeah as far as this combat goes it gets better, though i must add that alot of yuris late game artes are bad, because they are very hard / impossible to combo outside of corner which limits good chains significantly. Is Yuri that weak, or is Vesperia combat just that bad? Get Patreon-Exclusive Screenshot Galleries, Tri-Ace’s Resonance of Fate is receiving a PS4/Steam remaster, Soul Calibur Legends: Progress Log #30 – Return of Guardian Fafnir. There's no in between. Still, Tales of Vesperia was the series entry that I had heard the most unanimous praise about, so I resolved to play it at some point. I know I can chain normal attack with artes which is just "attack, attack, attack, arte" that I've mentioned of. I didn't set my expectation high for the story in this game because I already heard some reviews, so I was able to enjoy the game quite a lot.

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