Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. She is thought to be related to Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia. "Ever squish your face on a window? There's apparently a prostitute in Midgars. The game includes both an updated version of the storyline and battle system, new mystic artes, and a new playable character named Rondoline E. Effenberg. Physical artes only work at either short or long range, while the effects of spells are limited to those targets who are displayed on the screen, and all actions stop when high-level spells are cast. Finally, Claus and Arche return to their own time, while Suzu, a denizen of the future, parts ways with them. This is also the only Tales of Phantasia port to feature English voice acting. The app has also gone down in Japan. Surprisingly, the game was also released in North America on the app store January 23rd, 2014. New intro and credits sequences, taking advantage of the better graphics engine. I actually played the PS1 remake (translation by Phantasian Productions) rather than the Super Famicom original. This version of the game is largely based upon the PlayStation remake and contains completely redone voice acting, which are now used for most story events. Chester is gone for half the game, and Suzu is a very late addition. Slightly altered enemy statistics and player attack power, to make up for the lower encounter rate. There are a lot more vocals during story scenes. Tales of Phantasia begins by showing a heroic battle between four unknown warriors against an evil sorcerer, Dhaos, the outcome of which changed the fate of the world.The warriors are victorious, but Dhaos escapes through time. He suggests that the spirit Luna may be useful to them, and so the party travels across the world to the deserts of Freyland, the depths of the ancient dwarven caverns of the Morlia Gallery, and to mountains above and caves below in search of rings and spirits to help them fight Dhaos. Game Boy AdvanceReleased in JP: August 1, 2003Released in US: March 6, 2006Released in EU: March 31, 2006Released in AU: April 13, 2006. The graphics are much better, the sound is much better, controls and battle are also better. A remake of Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition, now known as Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition was released on August 5, 2010. I might go do it soon. Playing the sfc version after every other version (in my case the gba one) feels really weird... they add a lot of things in latter versions like chester's artes (yeah in the original he didn't have any arte and he kinda sucks as a party member) and suzu (she is not playable in the original), also the battle system is a little different (artes are based on the proximity like if the enemy is too close you can't use demon fang for an example), It was my second ever tales of game and it definitely has a special place in my heart. Claus is usually hot tempered, impatient man at times, but is very serious, and analytical when need arises. So it is that Chester and Morrison are left behind to suffer Dhaos's wrath, with only a broken bow and a diary respectively all that Mint and Cress have to remember them by. Conversely, the lack of quality hardware music meant that the music had to be re-arranged for software mixer which was considerably lower quality than the previous versions. Apparently, in the version of Word at the time, the spellcheck wouldn't recognize "Ragnarok" and would correct it to "Kangaroo". To this day, its one of the most fun dungeon crawls I've played in a JRPG. Which is the password in the cave of the spirirts? Cress uses melee combat and various weapons including swords, spears, and axes. I played practically every major (and most minor) RPG releases in the SNES and PS1 days, but it wasn't until the US Tales of Destiny 2 that I actually experienced the Tales series. Morrison informs the party that he knew Cress's parents and Mint's mother quite well, and they once joined together to seal away a great evil. Unfortunately, Dhaos escapes through time, much in the same way as before. Tbh, Chester is a really good character even though he is gone half the game. Tales of Symphonia OVA English Dub 2016 (fan... Do you switch characters around or always play... SNES, Playstation, Game Boy Advance, Playstation Portable, iOS devices. The first PSP version (Full Voice Edition) is pretty much the same as the PS1 version. It was developed originally by Wolf Team which now known as Namco Tales Studio. The PSX version has these extra differences - New intro and credits sequences, taking advantage of the better graphics engine. Cover for the Super Famicom version of the game. The game's characteristic genre is "Legendary RPG" (伝説のRPG, Densetsu no RPG?) When they reach the top, they battle against Dhaos, who they learn is much more than a simple sorcerer. Tales of Phantasia (テイルズ オブ ファンタジア, Teiruzu obu Fantajia?) Although few of the bosses actually look imposing or intimidating, they at least look cool. The player may also select any character that they want to play as instead of having to play as Cless. I recently made a post about how I was going to play through as many of the Tales games in release order as I could, and I'm happy to say that I've officially finished Tales of Phantasia for the very first time! I wrote up this guide up to cover as many big differences as I can possibly find. Starting with this version, the final boss obtains a third form in battle. Tales of Phantasia was remade for the PlayStation console three years after its Super Famicom release, and was released only a year after the second game in the series, Tales of Destiny. Graphics are also brightened and oversaturated to compensate for the dark screen of the original Game Boy Advance, which is not backlit. How the hell did this happen? He levels up quick when you get back and he does a lot of damage without pausing the action like the casters do with their big spells. Oddly, the room is darker in the international versions, and two crosses are still shown. After acquiring it and another ally, the ninja Suzu Fujibayashi, the party ventures into Dhaos's floating castle, invisible to those who do not wield the Eternal Sword. Chester is also given a few skills while decreasing his strenght compared to the Super Famicon version. Nintendo (US/EU)Platform: I have recently obtained a copy of Tales of Phantasia's remake for the Sony PlayStation. The sprites and battle graphics are from the PlayStation remake, but the opening sequence, map and field graphics are directly recycled from the Super Famicom version along with some sprites/animations being completely altered. The game just doesn't really encourage playing as anyone other than Cless unless you're doing multiplayer. All the characters have got the correct look. This was "censored" in the English versions by changing the character's name from "woman" to "man" without changing the female sprite or any of the text. Reaching the throne room, an epic battle with Dhaos ensues. GBA has more staples. All other instances of the outfit, including in a illustration in the intro of the same version, have the correct outfit. get the psx version. Despite being disabled in the international releases, the menu graphic was updated with the changed font. The Japanese opening, the song The Dream Will Never Die (a state-of-the-art aspect of the Super Famicom original), was replaced with a mix of two background music tracks used during the game -- "Raising a Curtain" (BGM 39) and "Aviators" (BGM 28). It holds up remarkably well, at least on Manual mode, and while combat doesn't have the fluidity of later titles in the series, it's somewhat mitigated by battles typically being less hectic than they are in later games. I like Phantasia but there is one thing I always loved about the GBA port. Separate translations were made soon after for a European release, which was released just a couple of weeks after North America. Once they meet Mint, they swear to avenge their families' deaths and slay Dhaos, and save the world along with it.

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