Look out for the Ice Cream Truck, Pugsley, Straggler, Ogre, and Big Dummy. It comes with a maximum tyre width of 5.25 inches. If you're into building your own bikes, Surly actually sells more frames than completed bikes. If you are planning to carry a child on your Big Dummy, Surly recommends the use of a child seat. - Clearance for 29 x 2.55 or 27.5 x 3 tires, A class-leading touring bike, the newly redesigned Disc Trucker provides versatility and dependability on the daily commute or trans-continental excursion. And when you get tired of one set up, you can swap parts around and turn it into something else. - Fork blade three-pack mounts for even more mounting options, plus routing for Dynamo hubs Lowside is like the grownup version of the bike you rode when you were a kid and still... Surly: Lowside Frameset - 2020 Think of Big Fat Dummy as more of a second or third cousin to Big Dummy rather than a brother. The O.D. It's a dyed-in-the-wool commuter and utility rig. Troll is up to the task. View cart for details. They come with large tyres and strong bike frames. Big Fat Dummy maxes out at a massive 26 x 5.25" tire. It makes for an overall less enjoyable ride. The frames of Surly bikes are made of steel. - Fender eyelets, pump peg, downtube lever bosses, three sets of bottle cage bosses, rear housing stop for canti brakes We offer a range of Surly bikes in Australia. Trail bikes are deeply rooted in the Surly DNA. This may seem obvious, but as you get comfy with it, you will use your full range of gears as never before. So, whether you want to wave goodbye to the old family gas hog, upgrade your bike-supported business’s two-wheeled fleet, or simply haul more bowling balls during your daily commute, Big Easy makes doing all that, well, easy. Having your stuff in front of you means it’s close at hand and easily accessible. Some Surly bike models are designed for transporting loads. Maximalist off-road tourists,... Surly: Pugsley Frameset - 2020 Surly’s Karate Monkey is a versatile mountain bike that delivers on the trails. Surly Dummy Bags are designed to work with the Big Dummy cargo bike and other cargo bikes using the Xtracycle Longtail Standard. If you’re going to ride your bicycles where no one can see, you better take gear that’s up to the task. All Big Fat Dummy framesets and bikes ship with a Dummy deck, rails, bags, and the aforementioned Dummy Rail Collars so you can immediately start hauling cargo — human or otherwise. Today's steel road bikes are tricky... Surly: Disc Trucker - 2020 Cross-Check was the first complete bike we ever offered. Most of the components on the complete bike are the same as the standard LHT; parts chosen for their balance of technical capability, durability, and value. Used Surly Bikes by LocalBikeTrader.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. This effectively moves the rings outboard without moving the arms outboard too. The frame is comfy, tough as nails, and super versatile. We’ve all ridden with a pannier full of groceries. It's a dedicated 2x, although its chainline is outboard a bit compared to standard mountain cranks, and it is 9 and 10 speed compatible. Take this bike anywhere, Since its introduction, many have ditched one of both of their cars and have minimized their carbon footprint in doing so. Figure on being able to carry about 200 pounds (90kg) of cargo. Dummy Bags feature a roll-up rain flap, an expandable cargo flap, and a water-resistant inner pocket with an optional divider. Surly made sure it can run discs, racks, and fenders with no jury rigging, a somewhat unique feature they've just now decided to call Simulpatibility. There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading... Surly: ECR - 2020 The Pugsley is the ultimate fat tire mountain bike from Surly that is great for off- road touring and exploration. Most have drop down handlebars and are suitable for commuting and fitness riding. The Midnight Special Frameset is comfortable as a road bike for various surfaces from gravel to pavement. Surly bikes are well-built, reliable, and durable. We’re not here to tell you how to live. Surly's Long Haul Trucker enjoys a reputation as one of the best riding and most value-packed touring bikes out there. They feature stop screws that thread in from the rear to further secure the wheel and to position the rear wheel for optimal shifting, plus a forward-mounted stop screw on the drive side to keep the wheel from slipping forward under the force of your gargantuan legs. Over the years, Surly has been finding new and better ways to haul stuff on the front of their bikes - from fork braze-ons to racks to bags. Built from Surly’s proprietary, touring-compliant 'Natch tubesets, updates to the Disc Trucker include a shortened seat tube and slightly sloped top tube for better stand-over clearance, plus an increased stack height for a more relaxed riding position. Ultimately, a touring bike is ideal if you are looking for a bike that you will ride day after day while carrying gear and even camp overnight. Glad you asked. Sort by. It's designed to work with components of popular sizes, meaning you can find both new and old parts to hang on this frame. It uses the same 100mm suspension-corrected fork as the Wednesday, meaning if you want to add a little squishy-squishy to your ride, you can throw a Bluto on and let ‘er rip. Its... Surly: Karate Monkey Frame Set - 2020 - Tubeset uses the same trumpet tubes found on Instigator 2.0 frame Surly is the driving force behind the “steel is real” movement, making everything on two wheels tough-as-steel and producing extremely durable bikes. - Bosses front and rear for cantilever or linear-pull brakes, rack and fender eyelets at the dropouts, eyelets at the crown, and fully threaded through-blade fork eyelets for a front rack - 100% Surly 4130 Chromoly frame, main triangle is double-butted; 1-1/8-inch threadless brazed Chromoly fork It was founded in 1998, making it a relative newcomer to the bike manufacturing industry. Big Fat Dummy: Long-tail cargo bike designed to haul large loads.

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