} Along with parent communication, teachers and admins can send their posts, messages and alerts to students as well in a safe, private place with administrative oversight. A subscription-based learning experience for children ages 2 to 8. } FOR RESIDENTS: CLICK HERE FOR COVID 19 UPDATES, 100 Albert St, Johnson City, NY 13790, USA. We've improved the Messiah Today screen, displaying public and student events, as well as campus announcements from our mass email system. The Garden Grove USD app is a private communication platform for schools. Come and look at our contemporary architecture on our units for off-campus housing which is complemented by the best amenities and accommodations. })(document, 'script'); Fill out my Wufoo form! Don’t see your school? color: #ffffff; var rs = this.readyState; if (rs) if (rs != 'complete') if (rs != 'loaded') return; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe66ec4 .infobox_content { We help you to connect your course and country to your dream career. Login or Sign Up #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe80429 .spacing_size-desktops{ } background-color: #0c2e4c; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6499c .infobox_title { #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe7b446 .spacing_size{ }#iguru_counter_5fa10fbe81e9f .counter_value_wrapper, #iguru_counter_5fa10fbe80af3.layout_top .counter_content_wrapper { color: #fb923d; 'height' : '242', display: block; Verify your school below, then sign up with your academic email to unlock your discount. } StudentSquare is a private and secure communication platform for schools. Explore our spacious floor plans that will be of comfort to your specific student needs and lifestyle. display: block; They helped me in every way possible. Teachers can communicate with an individual parent, a group of parents or send a message to the entire class or grade. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. display: none; #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe63a91 .spacing_size{ #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe7cbb1 .spacing_size-mobile{ ParentSquare is fully compliant with FERPA and COPPA and we are proud signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge. color: #ffffff; Come Join Our Growing Family! Opening an online store? }#iguru_counter_5fa10fbe819c3:after { color: #ffffff; color: #ffffff; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe65da8 .infobox_content { }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe66ec4:hover .infobox_wrapper { color: #fb923d; Powerful Template Message Library allows you to notify your entire community with 3 taps on your mobile phone. #iguru_counter_5fa10fbe81e9f.layout_top .counter_content_wrapper { color: #ffffff; color: #fb923d; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6499c .infobox_wrapper { margin-right: 15px !important;margin-left: 15px !important;padding-bottom: 41px !important;border-radius: 5px !important; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6550a .infobox_title { #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe63db4 .spacing_size-mobile{ #iguru_counter_5fa10fbe814d3.layout_top .counter_content_wrapper { Oversee and manage all communication from the district-level to the classroom, complete with audit-logging. color: #fb923d; Verify your school below, then sign up with your academic email to unlock your discount. background-color: #0c2e4c; Entrata, Inc. ("Entrata") is dedicated to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe66626:hover .infobox_wrapper { Menu. background-color: #0c2e4c; *At the beginning of the school year, you collect parent contact info with permission to notify them regarding school information. Create a Website. }#iguru_dlh_5fa10fbe7e139 .dlh_subtitle {color: #ffffff;}#iguru_testimonials_5fa10fbe7e58b .testimonials_name { Sends messages to parents when they have outstanding balances (lunch, library, etc) with the ability to pay balances via our integration with Stripe. display: block; display: block; CTLS Parent is a private communication platform for schools. }#iguru_button_5fa10fbe8552e .wgl_button_link { Wow your parents! On a scale of 1 to 10, you will find ParentSquare Support to be 10+. Email Address. background-color: #063559; #iguru_carousel_5fa10fbe64131.pagination_line .slick-dots li button:before { display: block; var scr = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], par = scr.parentNode; par.insertBefore(s, scr); color: #ffffff; L4LConnect is a private, secure communication platform for Learn4Life schools. }#iguru_button_5fa10fbe8552e .wgl_button_link:hover { Task volunteers and wish list items for project and classroom supplies can help teachers save time and out-of-pocket expenses. } We are an authorized representative of most reputable International Schools, Colleges, Universities & Government institutions. Renovated Appliances with Modern Furniture! 'defaultValues' : '' We have a range of modern amenities such as a 24 Hour fitness center, full indoor basketball court, 24-hour laundry facility, complimentary parking and a community center where you can relax with your peers & much more! background-color: #0c2e4c; display: block; Coupling this with opt-out is still TCPA compliant, as parents give initial consent when they provide their information, and they can opt-out at any time. StudentSquare is a student communication companion to ParentSquare. We are continually applying relevant accessibility standards to improve user … } Your chances of studying in the best fit course, country, and college are better here. }#iguru_counter_5fa10fbe819c3 .counter_value_wrapper, #extended_5fa10fbe68ca0{ ‎StudentSquare is a student communication companion to ParentSquare. display: none; ,'ssl' : true }; Study Square helped me get my Australian Student Visa and I am very thankful to the entire staff for their guidance. try { x15ynbee1l7mcxi = new WufooForm();x15ynbee1l7mcxi.initialize(options);x15ynbee1l7mcxi.display(); } catch (e) {}} #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe67d56 .spacing_size{ }@media only screen and (max-width: 991px){ background-color: #063559; Come and look at our contemporary architecture on our units for off-campus housing which is complemented by the best amenities and accommodations. We have been able to raise the reach and frequency to our stakeholders. } #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe80429 .spacing_size-mobile{ Our education team will follow up with you. display: none; ParentSquare is a private communication platform for schools. Building your portfolio? } Explore learning tips, career advice. Best Collaborative CommunitySolution for Educators, Best Re-invention ofa Classic Legacy Technology, UNIFY all communication tools used in your classrooms, sites, and district, with oversight throughout, UPGRADE with bundled-in features like Forms & Permission Slips, Conference Sign Ups, Report Cards and Attendance Notices, SUPPORT learning — in-person or remote — with all of your families, regardless of language or socioeconomic barriers, PROTECT your community with secure policies, verified parent data, Single Sign On, and data integrations. I also got my Australian Visa. #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe67d56 .spacing_size-desktops{ Our registered migration agents will be able to guide you and help... With access to exclusive deals for Study Square students, we’ll get... Study Square provides end-to-end guidance and consultation services... Get support on extra funds and professional guidance on various... Study Square is an International student placement consultancy with the aim of maximizing the admission offers and financial aid chances that international students aspire for in their global education. Simply sign up with your academic email address. }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6550a .infobox_wrapper { margin-right: 15px !important;margin-left: 15px !important;padding-bottom: 41px !important;border-radius: 5px !important; }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe65da8 .infobox_title { JMHS is a Ashworth College Online affiliate background-color: #063559; #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe63a91 .spacing_size-mobile{ I went there and they helped me decide on a course that was a good fit for me - Hotel Management. StudentSquare provides a safe and secure platform for all student communication at school. ", Start your international education journey with Study Square. 50% off. #iguru_counter_5fa10fbe819c3.layout_top .counter_content_wrapper { color: #fb923d; #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe80429 .spacing_size{ }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6499c .infobox_wrapper:hover .infobox_content { }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe66626 .infobox_wrapper:hover .infobox_title { #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe68bfc .spacing_size-desktops{ }#iguru_counter_5fa10fbe814d3 .counter_value_wrapper, #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe68bfc .spacing_size{ ParentSquare’s smooth onboarding process gets you started quickly and ensures continued success. #iguru_spacer_5fa10fbe7cbb1 .spacing_size{ Extend your reach by linking your social media channels to your website. }#iguru_counter_5fa10fbe81002 .counter_value_wrapper, It's never too early to improve your reading skills! Learn More. Log into your Squarespace account. color: #ffffff; var x15ynbee1l7mcxi;(function(d, t) { }#iguru_infobox_5fa10fbe6550a .infobox_wrapper:hover .infobox_content { } Alerts integrate with our app & web portal, blasting out through all modes of communication, ensuring parents are notified quickly in an emergency situation. To inquire about rates, floorplans & amenities, click below. Get inspired by the changemakers, innovators, and creators of the Class of 2020. Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. }#iguru_dlh_5fa10fbe7975b .dlh_subtitle {color: #fb923d;}@media only screen and (max-width: 1024px){

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