It's turning into a real problem for racers in the division and those who want to get into the division. "They don't exist and when one occasionally appears, it's quickly snapped up by somebody who takes it down to Mexico to sell as basic transportation." We are your only shop for chassis. DCA got its start building chassis and components for Late Models but really became known for its work on Sportsman cars. DCA incorporates some unique features in its design that allows racers to replace the front horns and subframe themselves in their garage without the need for a jig, saving time and money. OUTAGE We are still here!! Order your 2020 Modified or Sportmod Chassis, the 2020 season is right around the corner. Scott’s Hotrods manufactures chassis for ANY year/make/model vehicle. Roller kit is intended for use with an automatic transmission. Hobby Stock. "We tried to come up with a car that wasn't better but a replacement for an OEM metric chassis," says Navrestad. Our selection of materials and, Our roll cages are set back to the maximum allowed by, Lighter weight 1-1/4" tubing is utilized in "non-critical", We also offer full aluminum services, from rear, *Body set back, made removable with 6 bolts, and floorpan solid mounted to frame, , front fenders, doors and trunk installed, of our cars come standard with 4 door bars on the driver's side, and 3  door, * * * Effective 12/1/14, Any T-top cars used for a Hobby Stock body will include an extra, Strip interior, glass & dash, and gut out inner structure                      ADD $200, ***VINYL Lettering and Wraps available***. So it was a natural progression.". The DCA frame is essentially a replica of what came off of GM's factory assembly line. Call today. It's design had to fit the rules so that the car can race together with its OEM counterparts fairly. *Double Pass Radiator                              $60, ****TO ORDER THE ROLLER KIT, A DEPOSIT OF, If you find yourself needing repair work done this, * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *, New for our 2019 model, we've made several changes to, What we believe to be an industry first is now included, We highly recommend Moser Engineering Hobby Stock axles. If you are thinking about racing either a, , please contact us! "I already had jigs for stock metric frames from all of the repair work we had been doing over the years. Navrestad said he had a number of promoters show a high degree of interest during Oktoberfest as more and more are coming to realize that without a good supply of chassis, the Street Stock division is going to face problems. *tube front clip for stock frame 1978-1989 gm-metric tubular frame Street Stock Chassis - Street Stock Savior DCA Racefab's Fabricated Metric Frame Solves The Junkyard Dilemma . Order your 2020 Stock Car or Hobby Stock Chassis, the 2020 season is right around the corner. The frame uses stock mounting points as well as stock frame width, height, and weight. Rob Fisher … Harris Auto Racing not only builds the Harris chassis, they are the home of the Terminator stock car, street stock, and hobby stock. The optioned out frame goes for $2,000 but DCA also offers a more economical version. See all 1 photos. Our selection of materials and design and construction methods are not just by seat-of-the-pants. We've got years of experience building and racing Mopars, and. Also, 360 degree welding of all joints adds to the structural integrity of YOUR car. All chassis require a … Naturally intrigued by the concept of Kimmel's series, Circle Track has embarked on building a Street Stock with the nine-time ARCA Champ. At Charger Chassis, we have priorities, and Safety is always #1!! Each and every chassis is Built-To-Order per the vehicle and customer specs. We are however experiencing an Internet and phone outage, our provider explained how a fiber cable was hit by some construction work and most of Iowa with their service is experiencing this outage. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you by not being able to contact us […], FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2018 IMCA Rule Amendment Response Boone, IA (November 28, 2017) – After review of the 2018 IMCA rule amendments and discussion with the sanctioning body, we must address the Modified body dimension V as well as Northern Sportmod body dimension U (roof min/max dimension). Elliott will be responsible for sales, technical support, and will assist with chassis development. "Go try to find a metric chassis in the junkyard down here," a racer from Texas wrote to us in a recent email. If you have an off-the-wall project that requires out of the ordinary engineering the price is set accordingly. *Everything listed above in Hobby Stock, PLUS: **Basically everything but engine, trans, fan shroud, radiator hoses, The pics to your left are some of the bead rolling we've, To purchase, all we need is your stripped out car, and a $600 Deposit, *** Important Note Regarding Stripping of Donor Car! To place an order we ask that you give the shop a call and place the order with our parts department. Check out some of the construction pics of an IMCA, is always #1!! You're getting 30+ years of stock car building experience! **WE WILL ALSO SUPPLY EVERY BUYER WITH INITIAL SETUP INFORMATION, (Effective 1/1/20) If for whatever reason, (All information above based on GM Metric cars. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help get you exactly what you are needing. “With the addition […]. There is a growing problem in the Street Stock world. Today it produces almost all of its offerings in house on CNC machines. Street Stock Chassis - Street Stock Savior.

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