I wanted my car back on the road ASAP and didnt think i had a chance on a saturday. Customer service n assistance is far beyond my expectations Highly recommend you get in touch with Isaac for anything Subaru related. Five stars , I got my 2016 WRX serviced here and I couldn’t be happier. Robert, Chris, Isaac, you have a great team there. 4 out of 5. For all things Subaru call ADS now and give your pride and joy the treatment it deserves!! I don't know if ther pricing will remain the same with the new site. Aero & Body. My first business with ADS, to date I have received great advice and very prompt service for all my needs. The replacement engine performs perfectly and I'm very, very satisfied with the engine that was supplied as the replacement. Never done a 6 speed before but I need to swap the cluth out as well and probably buy several speciatly tools so money constraints start coming into play. Overall so happy and would not hesitate to recommend All Drive Subaroo to everyone who wants work done on their Subaru from basic to massive hp builds. Robert Davidson, 10/10! These guys are next level in knowledge, quality and honesty as a business and Subaru’s. They were able to promptly pin point the problem with my gearbox and suggest a reasonable course of action. This took 2.5hrs which was 2.5hrs after he was meant to finish his shift and leave but stayed because he wanted to find the solution to get my car running so I could get to the Track Day on Sunday. Quality and workmanship is a key to any successful business and in the case of 'All Drive Subaroo' there is no question of this being the case. Level 3: All Subaru reconditioned or remanufactured (level 3) gearboxes and automatic transmissions supplied and installed by ADS are covered by a 24 month or 50,000km (whichever occurs first) parts and labour warranty. Cheers. Item ID 1458 Model(s) Subaru WRX STI 6 Speed with 3.9 Final drive Mileage 67488 KM / 42180 US Miles If you want the job done right, come here. You have to understand that al ot of people on the internet will request things (cryo treating, ceramic coating, shot peening, etc.) Know their stuff very well and will hopefully have my car back late this week. I choose Alldrive Subaroo after doing some research online and reading all of the positive reviews. Very kind people ��. I'm having trouble finding any rebuild kits. It can easily handle up to 300 Kw of power and a high degree of driver abuse. Amazing, Picked up my Liberty Rs last week ..Just wanted to Give Niazi,Gabriel,Isaac and the whole team a massive wrap for first of all listening to my Encyclopedia of things to be Done,Attention to Detail,Awesome presentation beyond belief,The car use to be Doggy as a 2.2 Litre ,With a refreshed 2.5 Litre ...Gets off the mark hard,Goes Great in the mid-Range And holds top end,feels responsive ,Torque is Strong but mostly can be driven Daily due to the smoothness And is so much more Driver friendly,Doesn t jerk like a rocking horse anymore...Thx Niazi for your Business Ethics,And Delivering on your customers needs,Thx Gabriel for your endless hours to get the car so perfect Mechanically,Thx Isaac For complementing to the team with an achievable package to suit ,and last but not least Chea from powertune for an absolutely awesome Tune ...Dave :-). Keep up the great work guys there should be more trades people like yourselves. (See diagram.) I have an 05 STi with 93k miles and 4th gear is starting to grind so my plan is to rebuild it. Regards Brien T. Just wanted to express my gratitude and big thanks to Gab from All Drive Subaroo. Unfortunately it was left up to myself to make arrangements to have his car repaired due to the long hours that he works and the stress that he felt he was under given the fact that he had only purchased the car in the last 3-4 weeks using all his savings to do so. So i started ringing around for a better price. These guys are easily the best Subaru specialists I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The quality of work is absolutely amazing with any faults. Your help was invaluable. Great communication, very honest and willing to help. All power passes through the viscous coupling to the front and rear differentials. Version 8 DCCD TY856WB3KA 6-Speed Transmission Package... JDM Forester STi TY856WL7CC 2002-2007 6-Speed Complete... Forester JDM STi 2002-2007 6-Speed TY856WL4CC Complete... JDM TY856WL4CC Forester STi 6-Speed Transmission swap... JDM Version 8 STI 2004-2005 6MT DCCD TY856WB3KA 5x100... JDM Subaru Version 8 STI 6MT DCCD TY856WB3KA 5x100... Used Subaru STi DCCD 6-Speed TY856WB6KA Transmission... Subaru STi 2002-2007 TY856WB6KA DCCD 6-Speed Transmission... Subaru JDM TY856WB1CA Version 7 Front LSD 2002-2007... JDM Subaru Forester STi 5x100 TY856WL4CC 6-Speed Transmission... JDM WRX STi TY856WB6KA DCCD Transmission Swap, R180... Subaru STi 2002-2007 JDM Version 7 V7 NON-DCCD TY856WB1CA... JDM Subaru Version 9 STi TY856WB7KA 6-Speed Transmission,... TY856WB3KA Version 8 DCCD 6-Speed JDM Subaru STi 2002-2007... Subaru GRB STi 2008-2014 6-Speed Manual JDM TY856UB1KA... JDM Spec-C TY856WB7JA MY06 6-Speed Helical LSD Transmission... 6 Speed TY856WB7KA JDM Manual Transmission Package... JDM WRX STi TY856WB6KA DCCD Transmission Swap, Pink... JDM Subaru TY856WB4KA DCCD 6-Speed Transmission Swap... JDM Forester STi 6MT TY856WL4CC Complete 6 speed Transmission... Subaru JDM STi Version 8 TY856WB6KA DCCD 6 Speed Transmission... used JDM TY856WB3KA Version 8 DCCD 5x100 6-Speed Transmission... used Subaru STi JDM TY856WB1CA Front LSD Non-Dccd... Subaru STi 2002-2007 JDM Version 7 TY856WB1CA 6 Speed... JDM STi TY856WB6KA 5x114.3 Aftermarket Glad Brembo... JDM Spec-C Subaru TY856WB8JA 3.54 6-Speed Transmission... Subaru STi 2002-2007 JDM TY856WB1CA Version 7 6-Speed... JDM STi 2002-2007 Version 7 TY856WB1CA Front LSD 6-Speed... JDM TY856WB3KA Version 8 DCCD 5x100 6-Speed Transmission... Sti 2002-2007 Version 8 JDM TY856WB6KA DCCD 6MT package... Subaru JDM STi Version 8 DCCD TY856WB6KA 6 Speed Transmission... JDM STi 2002-2007 TY856WB1CA 6 Speed Swap For Sale... JDM TY856WB4KA Version 8 STi 6 Speed DCCD Transmission... JDM 6 Speed TY856WB3KA 5x100 STi Subaru Transmission... JDM Subaru STi Spec C TY856WB6JA MY05 5x114.3 DCCD... JDM 6 Speed TY856WB3KA 5x114.3 STi Subaru Transmission... Used Subaru TY856WB1CA 6-Speed Transmission Package... Subaru STi Version 8 DCCD TY856WB3KA 02-07 JDM Manual... TY856WB6KA 6 Speed Manual DCCD JDM Transmission Kit... Used Subaru STi Version 7 02-07 JDM TY856WB1CA Front... Subaru STi 02-07 Version 7 JDM TY856WB1CA 6MT Kit with... JDM STi 2002-2007 TY856WB1CA Version 7 Complete 6-Speed... Used JDM Subaru STi TY856WB3KA 6 Speed DCCD Transmission... JDM Version 9 STi TY856WB8KA Complete 6 Speed Swap... JDM 6MT STi TY856WB4KA DCCD Transmission Package with... JDM Subaru Spec-C Type RA STi 6MT TY856WB7JA MY06 Ver-9... JDM STi Version 8 TY856WB6KA 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 6-Speed... JDM Forester STi 6MT TY856WL4CC Complete Transmission... Subaru Version 9 STi 02-07 Complete DCCD TY856WB7KA... used JDM Subaru STi TY856WB3KA 6MT Six Speed DCCD Transmission... JDM Subaru STi TY856WB3KA 6 Speed DCCD Transmission... Used Subaru STi 2002-2007 TY856WB6KA 6 Speel Transmission... JDM Subaru 02-07 DCCD TY856WB6KA 3.9 Final Drive 6MT... JDM Version 7 STi 2002-2007 TY856WB1CA Front LSD 6... JDM V7 WRX STi 6 Speed TY856WB1AA Transmission with... JDM Forester STi TY856WL4CC 6MT Complete Swap with... JDM WRX STi V8 DCCD TY856WB3KA Transmission Package... JDM WRX STi Ver 8 DCCD TY856WB3KA Transmission Package... SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI V7 6 SPEED TY856WB3AA COMPLETE... JDM TY856WB6KA 6 Speed Complete Transmission Swap with... JDM STi Spec C TY856WB6JA 5x114.3 DCCD Version 8 Transmission... Subaru WRX STi 2002-2007 Version 8 DCCD TY856WB6KA... JDM STi Version 7 GDB GDA TY856WB1CA Non DCCD 6 Speed... JDM DCCD Version 8 TY856WB6KA 6-Speed Transmission... JDM Version 7 TY856WB1CA 6 Speed Non DCCD Complete... JDM STi Version 8 2002-2007 6 Speed Complete Transmission... Used Version 8 DCCD JDM TY856WB4KA 6 Speed Transmission... Used Version 7 TY856WB1CA 6 Speed JDM Transmission... JDM STi Version 8 DCCD TY856WB3KA Transmission Package... JDM GRB STi V10 2008-2014 6 Speed Manual Gearbox DCCD... JDM Forester STi TY856WL4CC 6 Speed Complete Transmission... JDM STi Version 8 TY856WB4KA 6 Speed Complete (35:65)... STi Version 9 TY856WB7KA 2002-2007 Complete 6 Speed... STi Version 9 TY856WB8KA 2002-2007 Complete 6 Speed... JDM Version 8 DCCD STi TY856WB3KA Transmission Swap... JDM STi Spec C TY856WB3JA Version 8 DCCD Transmission... JDM TY856WB3KA DCCD Complete Transmission Swap with... JDM Spec C Version 8 DCCD 6 Speed Swap with Brembos,... JDM Version 7 Non DCCD TY856WB1CA 6 Speed Transmission... JDM Version 9 STi 2002-2007 TY856WB7KA Complete DCCD... JDM STi 02-07 TY856WB1AA Version 7 Manual Transmission... JDM STi 2002-2007 Version 8 TY856WB3KA Complete Transmission... JDM Subaru STi 2004-2005 Version 8 TY856WB3KA Transmission... Subaru WRX STi 8 DCCD TY856WB4KA Version 8 6MT Package... JDM WRX STi Version 8 DCCD TY856WB3KA Transmission... USDM WRX STi TY856UW1MA 6 Speed DCCD Transmission Package... Subaru STi V7 02-03 TY856WB1CA 6MT Swap with STi Brembos,... JDM Subaru STi Version 7 02-03 TY856WB1CA Complete... FSTi 6MT TY856WL4CC Transmission with R180 STi Diff,... Subaru WRX STi 2002-2007 TY856WB4KA Transmission For... WRX STi TY856WB1CA Front LSD 6MT, JDM Version 7 6 Speed... JDM 6 Speed TY856WL4CC Transmission with R180 STi Diff,... WRX STi 6MT Swap, TY856WB1CA Version 7 5x100 Complete... Forester STi TY856WL4CC 6MT Package, JDM 6 Speed Transmission... Subaru WRX STi TY856WB1CA Transmission Package and... Subaru WRX STi 2002-2007 TY856WB3KA Transmission For... WRX STi 2002-2007 TY856WB3KA Transmission For Sale,... JDM STi Forester TY856WL4CC 6-Speed Transmission Package,... WRX STi Version 9 02-07 TY856WB8KA Manual Transmission,... Impreza WRX STi 6MT Swap, TY856WB1CA Version 7 5x100... Subaru WRX STi 6 Speed Transmission Swap, TY856WB1CA... USDM SUBARU STI 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION TY856UW1MA DCCD... WRX STi TY856WB4AA 6MT, JDM 6-Speed Complete Manual... WRX STi 2002-2007 6-Speed TY856WB1AA Transmission Package... Used WRX STi Version 7 TY856WB1CA Transmission Package,... Used WRX STi TY856WB7KA Manual Transmission, JDM 6-Speed... WRX STi v7 TY856WB1CA 6MT, JDM 6-Speed Complete Manual... Forester STi 6-Speed TY856WL4CC Transmission Package,... WRX STi 6-Speed v7 TY856WB1AA Transmission with R180... USED JDM SUBARU WRX STI 6 SPEED TRANSMISSION PACKAGE... JDM SUBARU 6 Speed TY856WB..... conversion packages,... JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI 6 Speed transmission DCCD/without... JDM Subaru Version 8 6 Speed Transmission TY856WB3KA... © JDM Engines & Parts | JDM Racing Motors - 2005-2020.

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