With the driver the increase in launch was about the same, but the reduction is spin was around 100rpm or 3% less. Un an plus tard, et après avoir testé un plus large éventail de balles, c’est pratiquement l’effet inverse. anyone else not like that spin skin stuff? Extreme durability. Each to his own though! It probably means that the AD333 will suit mid to low swing speed players more as the ball will compress and rebound more easily, whereas at higher speeds it will overdo this and lose energy. aD333 does not. If it is softer then at my 100mph driver swing speed it could be that the lower compression is affecting this, so at lower speeds you might see a gain. Very similar. Follow us! I know the soft feel is slightly lower compression and designed for slightly slower swing speeds but what's the real difference when playing these balls on the course? L'objectif de la Project (a) consiste à réduire cet écart... Voir l’essai précédent uniquement consacré à ces balles. Notre contenu est unique, différent, passionnant et utile ! It's a great all around ball (distance, feel, short game). 16). × - posted in Golf Equipment: Hi Guys, I am in the research mode at present so I hope it is ok to ask the group for some input. Autrement dit, avec des balles softs, un joueur professionnel et plus largement de très bons amateurs ne peuvent exploiter leur potentiel de frappes avec un fer. [color=#ff0000][b]Hybrid: [/b][/color]Taylormade RBZ 19* (Fujikura Speeder TS H9.8) The Energetic-Growth-Core is embedded in it to present a better launch. AD333 still on sale in Europe. Wilson professional 600 putter. Until now. Could be excess inventory from other markets that they are unloading on Walmart at a low price. A force d’être SOFT, ne sont-elles finalement pas trop molles ? La texture est plutôt sympa. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. We have reviewed Srixon Soft Feel balls in the past and we can’t say enough about the E.G.G. Magazine en ligne indépendant pour mieux jouer au golf, actualités, conseils, vidéos. Le rêve des fabricants de balles de golf est de fournir une balle jouable par les amateurs mais qui délivrent des performances similaires à une balle du tour...Soit un maximum de distance depuis le tee, et un maximum de contrôle autour du green...La Project (a) se veut la concurrente directe de la Supersoft. Paste as plain text instead, × Hope they bring them to the states because I would pick one up I a heartbeat. I tried the ad333 and absolutely hated it! En termes de spin, il existe d’importantes variations entre les balles présentées ci-dessus. », « La Srixon Soft Feel est dure ! Srixon have a bad habit of offering different product in different territories. Golf Reviews Guide provides honest analysis of courses worldwide, information on the best golf destinations to visit, reviews the latest products and golf equipment and up to the minute golf news from the tours. The current 2 piece king is Srixon and they have had the two balls in play for a while , with the Qstar replacing the AD333 in some markets. Ping cushin putter [quote name='beerpressure' timestamp='1434028607' post='11731136']Why did they discontinue the ad333? Elles s’appellent SUPERSOFT, CHROMESOFT, SOFT FEEL, Project A ou encore DX2 Soft, et font partie des balles qui présentent les plus faibles compressions du marché. Ad333 had a pretty strong cult following in its day. Both great 2 piece balls. [/quote] The Srixon AD333 golf ball is the most popular from the leading brand and a really crowd pleaser amongst golfers of all abilities. Si vous êtes déjà abonné, identifiez-vous. Previous poster is correct ad333 is same as Q Star. The best budget ball is the Treosoft or Fixx from Bridgestone. [color=#ff0000][b]Wedges: [/b][/color]Nike SV Tour (DG S400) CBX2 48*, ZIPCORE 52 RAW, 57* FULLFACE DG Spinner The only difference between the 1st gen QStar and the AD333 of the time was the dimple design (324 on the QStar and 333 on the AD333). Fyi we started a new account on insta showcasing daily listings from the classifieds. This is probably one of the BEST budget golf balls I've ever played (non-urethane ball for ~$20 or less). Notez que la TaylorMade Project (a) est celle qui donne le plus de spin (plus de 6500 tours par minute), et elle figure d’ailleurs tout en haut de la liste des balles les plus spinnantes du panel testé fin 2015, ce qui confirme les dires de son fabricant. Ils vous reste 90% de l'article à lire... En ligne depuis 10 ans, nous avons déjà publié plus de. both have spin skin and are identical (344 dimple design). [quote name='erock9174' timestamp='1434112927' post='11737598']The Ad333 can still be bought at Wal-Mart here in the U.S. $19,99 I believe. 3 pièces avec une coque en uréthane et 360 alvéoles pour une compression moyenne, et un positionnement « Premium » ou « milieu de gamme ». Share Followers 0. The AD333, with its familiar light blue branding and arrows, is probably best described as the mass-market ball from Srixon and it … Callaway Chrome Soft 2020 Review. Clear editor. Classic bag: », « Concernant la Chrome Soft, je la trouve pas mal. Fairway: Srixon F85 13.5* w/ TENSEI ORANGE Recommandée pour les swings inférieurs à 100 mph au drive, Srixon la recommande aux joueurs qui swinguent entre 70 et 80 mph. The reason I ask is I am thinking of using this type of ball for the winter and the q star (ad333) here in the uk is £15 doz and I have found an offer on the soft feel for £21 3 doz? Rpete33 posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, Friday at 10:44 AM, easyyy posted a topic in Equipment, Friday at 03:44 AM, Gxgolfer posted a topic in Website Help, News & Feedback, October 28, speeder717 posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, October 26, easyyy posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, October 21. Quitte à choisir une balle soft, le bilan de notre essai ne laisse apparaître que deux choix possibles : la Callaway Chrome Soft ou la Wilson DX3 Soft. ». « La supersoft est pour le coup très soft. The Srixon AD333 needs very little introduction as it has been a stalwart of the golf ball market for quite some years now. Ping rapture v2 4 wood Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, GolfReviewsGuide.com earns from qualifying purchases. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. », « La DX2 Soft est trop molle, et pas très agréable à taper. DISTANCE + SOFT FEEL Soft golf balls feel great. Box even looks updated slightly from older years. The 2017 AD333 is also a little softer at 75 compression, which is the lowest that is has been for this model and the idea is to make it a little softer feeling, as we found out when I talked to R&D head Jeff Brunski. 2019 Srixon AD333 Ball Review. Posted on April 30, 2020 by James Matthews in Equipment. Back to your initial point, i've been trying out Srixon balls recently - the ad333 do feel more solid than the soft feel, and I've found them to be less forgiving than the soft feel on mishits. As you go down the price points, the balls have to compromise on performance features, but the 2017 AD333 manages to combine a good value with a decent cover and a soft feel that will no doubt see its reign extend further. The current 2 piece king is Srixon and they have had the two balls in play for a while , with the Qstar replacing the AD333 in some markets. Thanks. Selon TaylorMade, les amateurs ne produiraient que 50% du spin donné à une balle par un pro. [color=#ff0000][b]Irons: [/b][/color] Callaway Apex'14 4-PW (DG X100) - posted in Golf Equipment: Hi Guys, I am in the research mode at present so I hope it is ok to ask the group for some input. Cet essai a été réalisé à l’aide d’un radar Trackman pour « traquer » toutes les données balistiques. At this time of year though, I don't feel a huge amount of difference between balls after the tee because of wet and muddy course conditions. It has become more reactive around the green with spin levels thanks to the Ionomer Spin Skin with SeRM outer layer which features a coating with flexible molecular bonds to dig deep into wedge and iron grooves and maximum spin and control with approach shots. That said, Srixon contracted with independent testing facility, Golf Laboratories, and based on information gathered in robot testing, the Soft Feel ball is longer, straighter and produces more greenside spin than both the Titleist Tour Soft ($34.99/doz) and Callaway’s Supersoft ($21.99/doz.) Hybrid: Srixon H85 16* w/ KBS PROTO HYBRID  The AD333 is available in white and yellow options. Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 (Studio Select)TP5. Whatever changes Srixon has done is therefore more fine tuning to tweak the feel, launch and flight, so you can see how having a dominant positon in the market means that any changes from one product to the next tend to be incremental so that they don't upset the apple cart. En résumé, les balles Softs ne sont pas une nécessité absolue pour tous les golfeurs. Nassau est une marque de balles de golf dont le nom vous dit peut-être quelque chose, de par un lointain souvenir, ou alors vous l’avez tout naturellement... Mise sur le marché français début 2020, la nouvelle balle Srixon Q-Star Tour déclinée en version Pure White et Tour Yellow, vient remplacer une balle AD333 Tour... Vous l’auriez demandé… TaylorMade vous la propose désormais… La balle Tour Response aurait été dessinée spécifiquement pour les joueurs à la recherche de... Troisième et dernier volet de ce test consacré aux balles de golf TOUR 2019, avec le concours du Pro Xavier Bretin, pour cette fois tenter de déterminer des... Vous ne pouvez pas poster de commentaires si vous n'êtes pas membre du site. En ligne depuis 10 ans, nous avons déjà publié plus de 6000 sujets sur le golf. The AD333 still exists everywhere else. On and around the green it was difficult to tell the difference between the two models as the AD333 is a pretty soft sounding ball when you are putting and chipping with it. Received both the new MB and X Forged today... will post pictures later comparing with prior generations... any requests? Advertiser Disclosure. Recevez un premier sujet offert pour découvrir la richesse de notre média, Déjà abonné, cliquez-iciVous voulez vous abonner, cliquez-ici, Balle TaylorMade Project a en quelques mots, Balles Callaway Chromesoft et Supersoft en quelques mots, L’avis de Jean-Nicolas Billot (golfeur pro). 712U 2I (DG S300) Ce tableau doit vous permettre de situer les balles par rapport aux autres produits que nous avons eu l’occasion de tester fin 2015. Received both the new MB and X Forged today... will post pictures later comparing with prior generations... any requests?

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