And how many drops should I used? Between the 3 active products, I usually wait 30 minutes, but I don’t rotate the products on different days. I emailed them and they said they can’t give me a yes or no answer but I figure I’m on a retin-a it should be fine. Retinol Thanks for the informative article, but i’m curious about something. -mary kay moisturizer + sunscreen, is that okay if i use acid toner with niacimide + vitamin c, i’ve confused all the time please help me, Hello Is hemisqualane fungal acne safe? This is my Inkey List Niacinamide vs The Ordinary Niacinamide review. over that you wish be delivering the following. Niacinamide (only every 2nd or 3rd night: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads) Such a great post! Spf, Night routine It’s purity is about 92-94%, and has the remaining byproducts: Lastly, the shark stuff. Niacinamide pretty much does the same thing for me in terms of clogged pores and congestion (it’s my fav product) and I use glycolic acid at night for that extra glow. More oxidation = bigger pimple. I couldn’t handle that so I try to cut the time using Tres to 3 times per week Pores that I thought were permanent have started to disappear, and I’m wearing makeup and can keep it on my face for the whole day! blackhead] samples (20-30 comedones from each patient) removed from acne patients shows that lipid peroxidation is evident even in the earliest microcomedo. -cleanse In terms of layering though, same recommendation as AHA, BHA products tend to have pH in the 3s, so not great layering it with retinol. Everything else you may have heard that causes acne; things like diet, stress, hormones and what not, only create the conditions for sebum oxidation to happen.” (32), And just because we can’t have enough quotes on a blog post, here’s another one. So I do a pattern during the week at nights with my actives: Monday/Thursday AHA, Tuesday/Friday Retinol, and all the other days I either use niacinamide or no actives at all. Hello so I understand I can use vit c in am .. can i use alpha arbutin with it please .. if not and i use it at night does it mix with nicacinamide and retinol ? 4. We think it’s a great way to incorporate both AHAs and Retinols in a gentle manner and later on do feel free to email us with any questions if you think your skin needs to go higher in concentration. Exfoliate: Wishtrend Mandelic / ABP Triple Synergy Liquid -jumiso vitamin c + niacinamide You have made it so simple-just yes and no and when! #skinquirk. After reading all this info you may be asking yourself the question…. It’s like the blue crystal meth of Breaking Bad…. the ingredient bats for. 2. But seriously, it’s the most chemically pure variety of squalane we have today, and why some companies still sell it. In other words, squalene peroxide contributes to the development of acne, and malassezia causes squalene to oxidize in the first place. Team water or team oil? fats and similar substances). Yes – Vit C in the am and retinol in the pm daily are my fundamentals – but trying to figure out how best to incorporate peptides and not sure which would be best to layer with. It does pair well with niacinamide and retinol. 4. This is something that has been demonstrated by the fact that squalane increases the oxidative stability of cosmetic formulas vs. squalene. But does my night routine look ok? We wouldn’t say you’re maximizing either ingredient’s efficacy but you can definitely take advantage of both their benefits. I have pretty bad melasma all over my face and purchased paula’s choice BHA + hydroquinone treatment and the 1% Retinol treatment. Reason being, needs to be in a formula with low pH of 3.5, but intrinsically. Can The ordinary Retinol 0.2% and The ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% be used together? What is the PH level comparison ususally between L-AA and AHAs and how does the AHAs not acidify the NIA like the L-AA does? Thanks for your help! , Just water or cetaphil cleanser (when i feel the the vaseline i applied last night is still to heavy) or should i switch to using Micellar water from garnier? I ended up buying the HLA B5 and don’t know how to work it in or if I should just take it back, or if it’s just overkill what they sent??

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