Bad decisions have led (NAME OF FAMILY MEMBER) to lose all their money, I cannot help him because I must support and protect my family, but I want to help them, Today Father I come to you, your kind Lord, who take care of us from the evil that lies in wait, I ask you to look with love at (FAMILY NAME) he needs you right now, Without money in this world, it is straightforward to lose the battle against evil and succumb to its charms, I beg you, don’t let him fall, keep fighting, and money will appear in his life, Fill it up so that the lottery is yours and you can give your family the best, You are always protecting us, and I ask you to defend him because you are his greatest hope, I know you will not abandon him and you will feel sorry for his difficult situation because you are good. I will been more a giver than ever I will buy a second property where friends who are battling can stay for free. When I win the mega millions tonight, I will help my children secure housing, food, and any other necessity they need. I am desperate and anxious over what will happen to my kids, this drawing is the answer. No matter how much praying you do, it won't work otherwise. Ready to grow it. Good morning everyone precious here every Tuesday and Friday I play the South African Powerball my main reason I would to win is to help change and improve the life of my people back in my village..... pray with me to win.....I will like to offer them a quality life. I Shauntelle is a steward over Gods money to help feed God's children and create job's so people can feed their family. When l win will help a lot of people who are in need. Also to keep for my 2 daughters education. God let me win the lottery its not just for me but for my whole family. N help the family help our kids and family. Perhaps we have not seen the best way to make money, and that is why our economic situation is not the best, that is why we bring you this prayer, with which God will give you the necessary wisdom to start making a lot of money. I know it is You, Father, who is guiding me. Dear God, Thank you, Almighty. Hi I play the Zambian lotto in southern Africa when I win the lotto I will give10percent tithe pay off my debt and donate towards the building of our church which is struggling with finances. Sign up for my newsletter and get prayers sent to your inbox. God bless you and each and everyone of us , If I win the emirates lotto or big ticket, I promise to share some amount to the people who need it most and to donate some amount to church. All in Your glory, Lord. I ask You, the Almighty, to help us get out of debt and overcome our financial difficulties. Think of your prayer as if it's you putting in an order at McDonald's. I will help my friend who is struggling with her small child. I have quite a huge amount oweing and when I pay it off I will decide how to give some to charity and take care of my family. Dear God, 2 Settle Debt I have bought the lottery ticket and played the numbers you have given to me. I would donate proceeds to worthy charities. Please pray for me to win the lottery game thanks ma/ sir, My prayer for my husband karthigesu s/n Ponnapalam Amen. I am a giver and usually feel used when I give give give,peoe take advantage of my kindness and when I need something they are never there for this big lottery win will change ours and so many peoples lives.thank you for the prayers. I will use the jackpot to glorify you in all ways. I will first give 10% to God, pay rent for my church for a year, help the needy, and pay all my debts and my children debt. . I will build a nice house and buy a car. I would write books about God Smile. "The Prayer" M.U.Lermontov. Dear sir pls help me to strike big the jackpot number im taking pls help me so that i can go thru with my financial needs and at the same time help my family members tq so much, I would certainly purchase a house without any hesitation.I have been trying for a long time to win some money but after many years I can't seem to find this luck when you turn sixty years old and still paying rent it's pretty scary.I hope the prayers work. Try to visualize winning the lottery and having the money in your hands right now. My husband and I are very broke. I will invest part of my lottery winnings for our local church building under construction right now. Oils can be worn on the skin or used to anoint candles. I will be giving all the glory to God because I know it was him. If I win the power all in New York City or the mega millions, I will first get a place of mine own, help my Dad and take care of my siblings back home, help my friends indeed, donate some to church, feed the homeless people and simply do good with it so help me, Lord Amen! Please help me and my family at this low point of our life. I wish i could win the daily lotto jackpot today in the name of Jesus everything is done I thank u Amen. The need is so great and I like to turn my life in to helping others with the money I win. Hi play the lottery each and every day when ever I have money to play I play powerball and mega million and I play pick 4 and pick 3 I pray that I will win so I can help my family pay my 10 percent to the church and help fix all the things that need to be fix in our church I pray that God will open the doors for me to win am not perfect but I trust in God Amen. I also would like to donate some to those less fortunate. My life has been turned upside down. I would sincerely use my lottery jackpot winning to alleviate poverty in my community, I will give substantial amount to all the orphanages in my community,I will give to the Windows, because the Lord said he who give to the orphans and the widows lend to him almighty,I will buy buses for the local churches in my community for evangelism,I will establish an educational foundation to assist the less privilege ones in my community,I will establish a good free health centre in my community that will cater for pregnant women, infants and the old,I will assist my family members and my in Law with money that can make them to be independent in life.I will also establish lot of businesses and have a very good investment portfolios that can take care of me and my nuclear family.Thank you!Thank you!! God said if there’s something you want, “ask, and it shall be given” (Matthew 7:7). Further to that I will donate monthly to organizations helping the less fortunate and I intend to start an upliftment centre to teach less fortunate skills to help then to create an income for themselves. 1 Thank God and Pay Tithe Give me 1 bag of gold and I will turn it into 2 bags. I want to help others dear to my heart and in my community, and ask for You to give me what I need to win the lottery to assist my community. And travel with my wife. Please have the angel draw these 5 numbers and Megaball: [Read your lottery ticket numbers out loud]. My husband only works and whatever he gets it paid for weekly rent, food, fuel, payments so it will my husband alot. . I need financial freedom with Your blessing. I am playing lotto for Saturday,I would buy me and my babys a beautiful,clean secure house,we will be financially stable,I will put money in my children's savings and pay for all there schooling degrees.i will give to family who have been there for me when I needed them the most and help with my aunty who has cancer to make her happy.i wouldget private kickboxing trainer for me n my kids as well as other things such as pay for dancing school,music school etc for my children and me.i will gve my mum a house and car and make sure she is financially stable and get her a private health exercise trainer to make her healthy again.i will firstly get an advisor who can help me manage my money and pay my debts,I will physically support animals and people that have been treated unfairly. I pray that God will bless me. I will reach out to others especially in the household of faith. !. I want to win the lottery to help myself and families. Dear Almighty, I play the South African Lotto and Powerball. Give according to my ability. If you ask for wealth, he can bless you in many other different ways, like health. So, now that you've sent your prayer out to the universe for God to receive, you have to believe and put your faith in God that it will happen. Winming the lotto will bring so much joy to the people close to me because life is going to change after so much struggle and not having enough to pay for school and leaving in a good place, I am going to donate to charity in the Caribbean and helping good friends. This is the numbers I'm going to play tomorrow Help my house girl in fiji who took care of my children when I was working.

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