What songs could possibly come close to honoring his life and the legacy he leaves behind? Read the main article here. She taught you strength and love. Released just as the horrors of World War II began to unfold, this big-band era classic became an anthem of sorts to honor all those who went away to war and never made it back home to their families. Frank Sinatra’s 1969 version of My Way was translated from a French tune, Comme d’habitude. The comforting lyrics and signature clear, calm vocals of Art Garfunkel illustrate a beautiful reminder that those we lose are still with us, guiding us through both the happy and difficult times of life. Top 1. From the time you were little until now, he has always been there, cheering you on wherever you are in life’s journey. He may have even raised you. Growing List of Country Songs about Grandparents – Find the Right Song with the Right Words to Honor Your Grandfather or Grandmother. Ronan Keating wrote “This is Your Song” a month after losing his mother to breast cancer. English lyricist Frederick Weatherly wrote this Irish folk ballad in 1913. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Top Tear-Jerker Line: “But I know this much is true / I was blessed because I was loved by you.” There You’ll Be – Faith Hill. See our full disclosure here for more details. The words talk about allowing God’s will to work out how it will, and are often spoken during AA meetings. As such, the song maintains an authentic vintage vibe perfect for your grandfather. This song was featured in the 1980 film “The Jazz Singer.”. Dedicate a song to her during dinner or have a special dance after the traditional “mother/son” dance. It is our hope and prayer that you have found some inspiration here as you search for the perfect tracks to play at your grandfather’s service. With lyrics originally penned by the Reverend Thomas A. Dorsey, this old hymn reminds the believer that the Lord offers continuous guidance, both to us who are alive and to those he has already called home. With his smokey, soulful vocals, Diamond describes missing someone deeply and just wanting to talk with them once more in Hello Again. When it comes to our team of DJ of female DJs – It’s tough to put into words what we’re like, but here goes. To Be may be used as an appropriate tribute for the man who had overcome an addiction of any kind. Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky offers the listener a happy, upbeat feeling. If that reminds you of your grandpa, this song may be the perfect choice for his funeral. This is a great jam if you want to stay away from the slow, sad songs often heard at funerals.

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