@themagicstik: Except he just got chopped in two by a Fury of Apocalypse, Fairly certain swampy can take him plus that is alternate Earth so not the one in question. link above. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Legendary God of Pirates Join Date Apr 2014 Location London, UK Posts 6,395. and grundy does kill the earth so i dont know what that scan even proves. @kingant27: keep making ausome battles i might say i love you and idk this is really a tough battle. He was killed in the ring, and can come back to life elsewhere. 100. Originally Posted by Marvel-Studios Rep. Who wins this battle of wildly fluctuating power levels? Sometimes he's a computer with a big skull ship AND a robot body for when he wants to punch Superman. Braniac is second. I didn't say they can't heal, I said it takes them too long to do so. They can all come back technically, however that's why it's also to KO... Never ending battle of destruction and regeneration until all energy in the universe is expended. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Swamp Thing op. @dondave@killemall@hellionvulcan@cheesesticks@jwwprod@bullpr@czarny_samael666@sophia89@allstarsuperman, @nighthunder@homicidalmaniac@king_stranglehold_da_first@mezame@frozen@willpayton@beaconofstrength@man_of_miracles, @kidman560@thetruebarryallen@pr0metheus@cosmicallyaware1@floopay@dredeuced@oceanmaster21@uberhulk@apocalypse3, @the_imperator@themagicstik@comicstooge@ancient_0f_days@jmarshmallow@fallschirmjager@nimamindtricks@highaccuser, @patrat18@zeroplus@darkseid1006@New_World_Order@reaverlation@xiix@beatboks1@princearagorn1@dorukesin, @serrure@tensor@hulkman123@allstarsuperman@lvenger@realitywarper@princearagorn1@wolverine08@jacthripper@ancient_god. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @king_saturn: have you read Earth 2? 0. Swamp Thing cuts him up and has a real battle with Grundy.

He first appeared in All-American Comics#61 (October 1944), but his first appearance in Swamp Thing comics was in Swamp Thing Vol. You may have to register No winner here. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, and knock down The Atom. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections.

Sign Up Login. Swamp Thing can trap them in the green or do the same thing he did to Captain Atom. he does have a point. Solomon Grundy vs Swamp Thing. Do they age in some way?

he also took on an eldar demon in his own dimension. He definitely can't hurt Ultron. @kingant27: Team 2 and I think that Swamp Thing could solo. The same can't be said of Man-Thing and Groot. Thread: Braniac VS Ultron VS Solomon Grundy VS Swamp Thing. Why would he outlast Ultron or Brainiac? 2 wins (18.2%) Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold) 7: statistics. 0. Originally Posted by big_adventure. suck the life out of everyting and get power from the dead. Show Printable Version; Email this Page… 04-22-2020, 12:58 AM #16.
Man-Thing has a touch of burn, and can heal, while Groot can just keep coming back etc; if it were to the death... @kingant27 Anything that happens to Grundy and Swamp Thing can be immediately healed by either. 2,#67 (December 1987). @serrure: @jmarshmallow: lol, s*** is getting real deep... @serrure Again I didn't say he won't heal, it'll just take to too long to have any sort of relevance. He'll outlast both of them. Who wins this battle of wildly fluctuating power levels?

They can kill Swamp Thing as many times as they like but, as long as plants exist elsewhere, he'll just come back eternally. They just take too long to heal. If he can come back without assistance then it wouldn't be a BFR, no matter how long it takes him to get back.

I am sure trillions if not quadrillions of tons of mass striking Grundy wont have him unphased. With that being said, Swamp Thing and Groot win IMO. His power is strictly limited to Earth and that means he has no real way to beat Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing gets removed pretty quickly because I don't think there's plant material in the arena to him to grow back from so I guess he has to regrow outside of the arena and come back in which would be like... a soft BFR? Created by nfs. @logy5000 What exactly can Alec do to put down Grundy permanently? Unconventional but possible. not playing bias... except your knowledge on Man-Thing seems to be non-existent and i just figured the self proclaimed "king of the Vine" would demonstrate some knowledge before commenting... see i dont go around saying im the best cuz im not and theres allot i dont know... however i do know that Man-Thing can heal from just about anything since hes his own ecosystem. I think that most of them would agree and gang up on Grundy out of character. Who is to say Swamp Thing can't stop Grundy from doing that considered he has control over all the elements on the Earth ? Speed. @kingant27 Groot and Man-Thing's healing factors are too slow. Man Thing can easily heal from anything since hes his own ecosystem and if you read his series you'll see that.

@kingant27 Any damage done to Swamp Thing can be discarded as he can quickly heal himself. … Sorry if I didn't tag you, anyone else is welcome.

Kill the Earth mean destroy all life.

Grundy, while presumably capable of destroying all plant matter on Earth, can't get rid of all plant matter everywhere. Intelligence. Nik Hasta. @dondave: yeah nothing you said about Man-Thing was even slightly legitimate... but hes not DC so i understand. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Rumbles Limbo Champion Join Date Apr 2014 Posts 5,253. can Grundy destroy all the plants to kill ST? My comment had nothing to do with them dying. New 52 Grundy was basically death incarnate on Earth 2, he stalemates Swamp Thing. Follow 17101. It's not a BFR, as he didn't get thrown out of the ring. Fight takes place on an indestructible abandoned FOREST where they can go all out. Swamp Thing can manipulate the other elements too.... @allstarsuperman: @king_saturn: This scan is pre-new 52,so doesn't count and he doesn't display this abilities....so far. Reviews: 0. give me an example. If this is your first visit, be sure to Followers. While impressive in Earth 2 Swamp Thing would win, @king_saturn: I have to call a moderator for you?? He was created by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman. Regen and wake-up time count for 10 … He doesn't have to put him down permanently. Oh man, this would be a weird one. @kingant27 Where did I say that they die? I'm pretty sure it would be a 10 count, however. I said they get taken out, which they do. (Will add pics later) Fight takes place in the middle of a swamp. Team 2 wins. Well, in which case Swamp Thing can't lose unless Brainiac can telepathy him or if the enceaphalo (sp?) I am inclined to think that Team 2 could take it because of Swamp Thing, but it could take a stupid long time to resolve. Braniac VS Ultron VS Solomon Grundy VS Swamp Thing, All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. His Phalanx feats are over the top.

I think that's a 10 count.

User Lists: 0 #1 Edited By Kingant27. @serrure I don't see what's wrong with my statement. Highly Doubtful... Grundy is Strong, but he is not that Fast nor would his Power be able to affect all the Plants on the Earth... besides Swamp Thing can affect other Elements as well...making this much more of a problem for Grundy to win. It's a resurrection, and resurrections, just like healing and regeneration, are generally governed by the 10 count rule. Grundy could just regenerate from all ST's attacks and hes superstrong too. Thread Tools . Swamp Thing has knowledge about the battlefield, Swamp Thing should be able to beat Solomon Grundy. Then what ? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He just has to KO him. I said they get taken out, which they do. Grundy and Swamp Thing can easily come back from anything that happens to them meanwhile Groot and Man Thing can be taken out immediately. The others aren't on a level to compete.

And what makes you think Grundy is strong enough to handle Swamp Thing anyways ? and for a guy that went toe to toe with the Hulk and The Thing, saying he was taken out by a bullet is lowballing but the king would never do that. With any of these guys, it's best to specify a story, but if you don't, I'll assume you mean high end, and in that case, it's Ultron. 95. Solomon Grundy+Man Thing Vs Swamp Thing+Groot 55 results; 1; 2; Kingant27. 04-21-2020, 01:12 AM #2. big_adventure. check out the FAQ by clicking the Strength.

@king_saturn: what can ST even do with other elements? Man-thing is not going anywhere any time soon. And Swampy takes longer than a 10 count generally, doesn't he? select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I am using it for lack of feats for either character anyways. Like I said, Swamp Thing can use the density and mass of the earth to create a massive arm made of trillions of tons of plant, dirt, rock matter and smack Grundy off of the Earth. Superhero battle match: Solomon Grundy versus Swamp Thing. Grundy was killing plants and controlling the dead vines from all over the world.

It's to KO or Death, therefore if it was just to death, they would all keep coming back... @kingant27 Where did I say that they die? follow the OP or F*ck off. Also Swamp Thing could just kill or steal his soul or whatever.

15. With any of these guys, … Both of them, presumably have finite power supplies that will, eventually, run out if they do not charge them which they cannot do from within the arena. Who wins? althought hes only been shown to lift a car. Killing plants is not equal to killing all plantlife... and what if Swamp Thing starts using the other elements to his advantage ?

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