It would be a great solution to satisfy everyone's desires for what they want a certain spell to be. As of 9/18/20, 307 days have passed since the Spellements update and only Rank 1-2 spells have spellement support, with no sign of more coming. Spellwrighting as a system is arguably the worst one that Kingsisle has EVER implemented. From a PVE perspective, why the heck would we spend time on 1 pip spells at all??? Leprechaun self-heals for 75 health which can scale to a noticeable amount. It could give great variety to all spells and help accomodate for more playstyles, such as making feint more deadly to both the enemy and yourself, or reducing the effect so as to not be so risky. Lightning bats clearly has the most useless effect as an accuracy buff will only really help at low levels. Spellement tiers are very poorly thought out, making the previous point even more ridiculous. I can't do that now, supposedly because it is now "upgradeable." Wizard101 Hoard and Lore Packs This article serves as a guide that highlights some of the finest drops attainable from the various Hoard and Lore packs found in Wizard101. Makes it convenient not having to worry about getting lore spells on a wiz that can’t use them. 2. If they just wanted to make it easy to tell what a spell has been upgraded to, they could've done a much better job by showing it in the GUI itself. Reindeer knight spellements? I have the same spell as before, why can't I make TCs of it now? It's one thing to claim that it's hard to think of and balance the spellement tiers, implement into the game, etc. The only reason for Spellement support to be delayed like this is either because they're lazy, their developer tools are horrible, or they're attempting to milk it out as long as possible. Is there a level requirement for lore master to drop spellements? Fire Elf: Move damage between initial hit and overtime. Fire Elf has seemingly no benefit in upgrading as the damage output stays the same, and doesn't even get the option of an effect. The acquisition is very restricted. Cost from Harold Argleston and Zan'ne: 250 Gold, Arctic Cowl of the MaelstromBrisk Cap of LoyaltyChilled Coif of AcumenFrosty Hood of the HearthSnowy Shroud of SorrowZesty Hat of the Blizzard, Arctic Robe of the MaelstromBrisk Coat of LoyaltyChilled Cloak of AcumenFrosty Coat of the HearthSnowy Smock of SorrowZesty Robe of the Blizzard, Arctic Wraps of the MaelstromBrisk Boots of LoyaltyFrosty Boots of the HearthChilled Boots of AcumenSnowy Sandals of SorrowZesty Strollers of the Blizzard. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There is absolutely zero excuse for this. However, it should NOT take an entire year just for there to be only two ranks supported.

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