22 min RELATED: The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror & 9 More Of The Best Halloween Episodes From Cartoons. "The Others". "The Genesis Tub" pays tribute to The Twilight Zone as it follows Lisa's journey from science fair winner to an egotistical god-like deity. | Nancy Cartwright, Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith, Segments: "E.T., Go Home" X. Yeardley Smith, Segments: "Bad Dream House" With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Writing three 7-minute segments was just too taxing for the writers, so it was proposed that they could do anything without worrying about continuity to appease them.The yearly Halloween special was named \"Treehouse of Horror\" because the original special depicted the Simpson children in their treehouse telling sca… "Freaks no Geeks", TV-14 Julie Kavner, "In the Belly of the Boss". Julie Kavner, | Friends: Each Main Character’s Last Line In The Series, The Simpsons: 10 Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb), The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror & 9 More Of The Best Halloween Episodes From Cartoons, The Simpsons: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Treehouse Of Horror Episodes, The Simpsons: 10 Darkest Treehouse of Horror Episodes, Ever, The Simpsons: 10 Movies You Didn't Know Were Spoofed In Treehouse Of Horror, The Simpsons: 10 Worst Treehouse Of Horror Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb), Recasting The Main Cast Of Frasier, Today, 5 Reasons Why The Right Stuff Is The Best Space Show (& 5 Why For All Mankind Is), Friends: 10 Things From Season 2 That Couldn't Happen Today, Everybody Loves Raymond: 5 Worst Things Debra Did To Marie (& 5 Marie Did To Debra), Star Trek: Lower Decks - 10 References You Totally Missed, Modern Family: 10 Times Phil Crushed On Gloria, 10 Storylines From The Game Of Thrones Books That Should Be Made Into Their Own TV Show, 10 Shows That Were Canceled But Then Brought Back, 10 Shows To Watch If You Miss 'Happy Endings', South Park: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Recurring Characters, How I Met Your Mother: How Barney Changed From Season 1 (& How He's The Same), Stranger Things: 5 Ways The Show Is Truly Scary (& 5 It's Delightfully Cheesy), The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Season 4 Episodes, According To IMDb, The Big Bang Theory: 5 Most Annoying Things Penny Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest), The Haunting Of Bly Manor: 10 Subtle References To Hill House. Ned gains the power to foresee people's deaths; Maggie is shrunk inside a vitamin capsule and swallowed; Eliza Simpson and her sidekick hunt down a murderer. "Bart Simpson's Dracula". Steven Dean Moore The Simpsons parody the old B-horror movie Attack of the 5o Foot Woman with "Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores," which involves a giant statue of Lard Lad Donuts mascot coming to life. Segments: "B.I. Director: RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Treehouse Of Horror Episodes. | Nancy Cartwright, Nancy Cartwright, The 25th annual 'Simpsons' Halloween special includes an alternate dimension, a "Clockwork Orange"-style gang led by Moe and a visit from the Tracey Ullman-era Simpsons. In many of these episodes, the characters also break the fourth wall with introductions and warnings, which pays homage to classic anthology series like The Twilight Zone. "Easy-Bake Coven". Fly" Nancy Cartwright, Stars: The third part, "Easy-Bake Coven," goes way to colonial Springfield, where Marge and her sisters live as a coven of broom-riding witches. It then ventures into The Twilight Zone territory with "Hungry are the Damned," wherein a backyard barbeque for the Simpsons turns into a ride on an alien spaceship. David Mirkin 21 min It ends with "Nightmare Cafeteria," where Bart discovers people are being served up in the Springfield Elementary kitchen – a tribute to the Charlton Heston sci-fi film Soylent Green. "Bart's Nightmare" ("The Bart Zone") Steven Dean Moore, Julie Kavner, Stars: A gypsy puts a curse on Homer; The Simpsons' new automated house malfunctions and tries to kill Homer; Bart and Lisa attend a school for wizards. For season nine, The Simpsons bring the scares with witches, humanoid flies, and apocalyptic mutants. | Here's how the top 10 episodes rank on IMDb. "Starship Poopers". "Four Beheadings and a Funeral" Nancy Cartwright, Stars: | "The Genesis Tub" and babbles a lot of hysterical nonsense at Marge before scaring himself into falling down the stairs, it retains the slight darker edge even in the midst of all that laughter. "How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising" An evil Krusty the Clown doll tries to kill Homer; Marge is captured by a giant ape who falls in love with her; Bart inadvertently raises the dead.

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