To be shown in AOC class only. History: Silvermane is a quite new variety. Deposits (Holds/Reserves) With each molt the rat becomes progressively lighter, the final effect not really complete until the rat is well into adulthood, at this time the rat looks more like a solid white rat. Rats to have a solid undercolor with silver-white tips to the hairs giving an overall heavily silvered look. I had some pure evil devil babies even lol There were a few times I definitely wanted to give up, but I kept working at them and today they are way better. , and prices are subject to change at any time. All of my rats are sold in same-sex groups of 2 or more. This is often lower then the business mileage fees that is suggested for travel. £0. Most likely because of the empty hair shafts. Some varieties are amazing and fun to own and stand out, but they are still living things and not something to just collect. Adoption pricing varies, depending on coat types, and age. *This pricing is a general guide reflective of possible future varieties available. *Does not apply if you've adopted a rescue rat from us. Down Under: $35. In mid- 2018 I received a male and female pair of Silvermane-Velveteen from Enchanted Hills Rattery. All Rights Reserved. I would first attempt to replace with another suitable rat but if one is not available or you are not interested in those rats, then the fee will be refunded. This is the start of a new line but from generations of 6/7. Prices: Standard: $15 Marble: $20 Marten: $20 Roan: $20 Silvermane: $25 (if you also get a non Silvermane littermate the price will be $20) Color information: We have added new colors into our breeding program, some will be available sooner than others, but we welcome people to check in with their progress. In early 2017 I received a Silvermane from Taboo rattery a female named TABOO Gypsy. Those babies were not bred and I have not seen it since. Funny story- a breeder made a post asking if anyone else had seen said spotting, I had not. Females will be older, starting at least 3 months, since they have a more invasive and dangerous surgery. Feed these in moderation. I have seen changes in my female's coats while they are pregnant - generally some spotting and better silvering! All Rights Reserved. Rats for sale. Genetics: unknown (dominant gene); pheomelanin (red) colors are diluted. The above picture has two Black Silvermane brothers, the top is Silvermane-Harley, the bottom just Silvermane. As of July 2019 it is on generation 2 for me. I have several different options for payments. I accept Zelle and Paypal for deposits, and the same or exact cash at pick-up. This pricing only applies to people who have adopted from Totes for Realz Rattery before with an approved application. Rats are reserved for a 50% nonrefundable deposit.

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