Idol of Shrinathji was first worshipped near Mathura at Govardhan Hill, which was later shifted to Agra in 1672 A.D. to protect it from the Mughals. Live Darshan. However, there are people who cannot make it to the temple because of one or the other problems. Shrinathji temple is a holy place of divinity with Lord Krishna being its central deity. During Aarti - Devotees will not be allowed to Enter Temple. 7.30 Am to 11.30 Am. Shrinathji and all the Nidhi Swaroops reveal a different facet to us in each of these darshans…. The nearest railway station is at Udaipur which is 47 Km away. The darshan closes a few minutes after the Arti is performed. We can see Shrinathji’s Peethika, his right hand which is closed in a fist and both his legs only during this darshan. All rights reserved Click here to read other articles on Shrinathji. Would like to have Shreenathji live darshan in order to experience the divine feelings? Only then does he go back to his Haveli. We should just surrender to him during this time without expecting anything in return. Dear Sir/Madam, From 5.30 am to 8.30 pm you can have darshan daily. In Pushti Marg, we can offer our emotions to our lord during the Arti. Beedaji is a folded betel leaf with supari powder in it. Shrinathji is now ready to take his cows out to graze on the pastures. His other forms are known as Nidhi Swaroops.,,,,,, Paid Darshan is available for quick Darshan. Shrinathji now retires for the night. During the darshan, a garland of fresh flowers is placed around him. Donation. Shrinathji is offered some kheer, rabdi or makhan mishri so that he can refresh himself after his playtime. This represents the unconditional love of Tulsi. The Beedaji, Jhariji and Buntaji are replenished. It is free Darshan for all devotees. This website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. are never offered because they arouse rajasic and tamasic emotions of passion and ignorance. After six months in Agra the idol was transferred to Sihad village of Mewar, where it is said that the chariot on which the idol was being carried got stuck into mud and all efforts to get the chariot moving were futile. Perhaps, it is possible to see their wish come true with the divinity realized as per the situation. His flute, Chadi, lotus stalks are removed from his hands so that he can enjoy his meal leisurely. 12.30 PM to 6.30 Pm. Arti is performed to ward off evil spirits. Welcome to Shree Kashtbhanjan Dev Mandir This Hanumanji temple is considered most holy and sacred. We can offer our seva to any one of his Nidhi Swaroops after getting it sanctified by Vallabhacharya’s Goswamis. During this darshan, Shrinathji is adorned with fragrant floral garlands again. During this darshan, Shrinathji’s flute is kept beside him. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, cabbage, radish etc. Devotees get to perform a lot of activities such as Shrinatji Bhajans and participate in live events such as pooja and aarti. Only sattvic food is offered to the lord. His flute and Chadi are placed back in his hands. The sight of Lord Shreenathji adorned with flowers and other puja items is one Continue reading Experience Divine Feelings Best with Shreenathji Live Darshan, Shreenathji Temple. Darshan usually takes 45 – 60 mins. Daily Darshan 01-Nov-2020 Sunday. It is enough if we connect to him or any of his forms in some way or the other at least  a few times every day….. 10.00 Pm. Shrinathji Live Darshan allows the person to worship the deity from his home. Mandir timings differ on special days. This article was created based on the input given by Smt.& Sri. Another layer of his outer garments and most of his ornaments too are removed before this darshan. A few toys and games are placed near him so that he can play for a while before taking his afternoon nap. Shreenathji is referred to in mythological instances in a frequent way. But the floral garlands, flute and Chadi are still around him. Like us, Shrinathji too wakes up slightly later on chilly winter mornings and early during the summer. Even the poorest of the poor can make or buy this simple mala. Shrinathji Live Darshan allows the person to worship the deity from his home. The delicacies and the menu vary according to the weather. Shrinathji now retires for the night. Additional events too could be continued with meditation and yoga so that psychological balance could be achieved in life. Lord Shreenathji is held in high esteem by the entire Hindu community not just in India but in the entire world. Govinddasji. Arti is performed to keep evil spirits away. or play the live video streaming in certain websites for the purpose of Shrinath ji Live Darshan. It is highly believed that the divine feelings are best felt by praying to the supreme authority with utmost devotion. Beedaji, Jhariji and Buntaji are always placed near him during all the darshans. But the floral garlands, flute and Chadi are still around him. Shrinathji then has his Snaan in warm water. All Rights Reserved. A white Gunja mala is offered to him during summers and a red one during winters. The Vaishnavs of DMV are in graceful path to create a place called 'SHRINATHDHAM' haveli where all can come together to enrich the knowledge of 'Pushtimargiya'. Soon it was realized by the accompanying priest that the Lord chose this place and this is how the idol was installed in the temple at this very place. Shrinathji temple Live Darshan is the facility provided by satellite channels and several websites to those who are not able to visit this holy temple. Morning. Display your devoted feelings by visiting Nathdwara Temple online without conceding any special efforts. Shrinathji Temple Timings, Opening, Closing and Darshan. 07.30 Pm to 10.00 Pm. The top of the temple consist of Kalasa, seven flags and the disc of Lord Vishnu. Mangla Darshan. Now do daily darshan and sewa of Shrinathji online Shri Rushivarji on social media – all official handles What is the Darshan waiting time today? Shrinathji temple Live Darshan is the facility provided by satellite channels and several websites to those who are not able to visit this holy temple. Shrinathji is a form of Hindu god Krishna, manifest as a seven-year-old child (Balak). Shrinathji has returned home along with his cows. All these forms are housed in Havelis or our homes. Shrinathji is offered a light evening meal of fruits first. 365 Days Live Darshan website audio ON. Devotees consider the glimpse of Lord Shriji as a blessing in itself. The garland of fresh flowers is removed and placed on a stand. A sprig of  Tulsi Dal is placed above the food that is offered to him. Alkapuri Haveli at Vadodara is founded on August 20, 1993. This darshan is open for a short while because Shrinathji has to round up all the cows in the pastures after this darshan. Yet, he creates time for his devotees and is concerned about their welfare. The Shrinathji temple of Nathdwara is home to beautiful black marble idol of Lord Krishna, which depicts him in a standing posture with his hands in an upraised position lifting the Govardhana Hill. Another layer of his outer garments and most of his ornaments too are removed before this darshan. Gallery. Shrinathji gives his Shayan darshan at Nathdwara from Dushera to Ram Navami and at Jatipura, Goverdhan, Mathura from Ram Navami to Dushera. Shrinathji Ni Jhankhi Live Darshan Alkapuri Haveli Baroda - Gulabi Ghata in Jhankhi at Vadodara Haveli. Shrinathji is a temple located at the town of Nathdwara. It is among the more prominent ones in the Swaminarayan Sampraday. After Noon. The lord then goes off to play with the Gopas and Gopis for a while. A few stalks of lotuses or other seasonal flowers are inserted in the crook of his right arm. Shrinathji is tired, happy and hungry after spending time with his friends and cows on the pastures. Temple Closing Time. © Copyright 2020 GoTirupati. It is free Darshan for all devotees. Perhaps, the worshippers get to realize another facet of life by living in an austere manner. Sevaks always apply attar on their hands whenever they touch Shrinathji’s or any  Swaroop. A small Arti along with dhoop and deep is performed to ward off evil spirits. The principal shrine of Shrinathji is the Shrinathji Temple in the temple town of Nathdwara, 48 kilometres north-east of Udaipur city in Rajasthan.Shrinathji is the central presiding deity of the Vaishnava sect known as the Pushtimarg (the way of grace) or the Vallabha Sampradaya, established by Vallabhacharya. It will be high on Festival days. ShreeNathji Darshan App This application helps Thakurji ShreeNathji devotees to have darshan while they are on move. Shrinathji is dressed up in garments and ornaments of different colours and textures depending on his mood, the weather and the festival that is being celebrated. He lives in our homes and hearts too. Arti is performed and. The main doors of the temple are partially opened for the darshan because the lord has just woken up. Different flowers are used to make the mala for Shrinathji. It is believed that we can forge a strong bond of unconditional love with Krishna only if we keep uniting and separating with him regularly. There are many followers of Shrinathji and every year thousands of devotees flock to this sacred place for worshipping Lord Krishna. Madurai Rameshwaram Tour Package From Hyderabad. So in some Havelis we are not allowed take the blessings of the Arti. © 2020 Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. Buntaji is a small snack box placed near the lord so that he can have a quick snack whenever he feels like it. A few of his outer garments are removed to make him feel more comfortable. Shreenathji live darshan could be best had online even by those who cannot make it to the temple due to their busy schedule or any other reason.

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