It connects with the Arabian Sea through the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman. Despite their size however, they pose almost no threat to people, as they are filter feeders, and feed only on the very small invertebrates suspended in water, like plankton. Its no surprise that many different types of sharks call the UAE home, at least for a few months of the year, as the UAE and its neighbouring countries are blessed with a rich and vibrant level of biodiversity. Since 1921, there has been a total of. This requires the help of people like you: avoid buying any products with elements of shark in them, eat only the fish that have been dubbed as ‘green’ or sustainable to eat by organisations like the WWF, and spread awareness of the importance of sharks and the need for conservation. Coles Easter Eggs, This, in comparison with Australia’s number of 572, is a good record. Cincinnati Forum, 84 global unprovoked attacks on humans by sharks in the year 2016 alone, stands at four, especially by trawling and gillnet by artisanal fishermen, Sharks are caught as by-catch and sold as primarily as exports, Saudi Arabia claimed to have banned shark fishing, In 2010, the Maldives banned shark fishing, while Yemen still has no laws protecting sharks to date, and Somalia has laws but no means of enforcement due to lack of data, top 15 major exporters of shark fin to Hong Kong, 45.3 percent of the species traded were thought to be at global risk of extinction, amounting around 500 tons per annum (around 454,000 kilograms) between 1998 and 2000, US$25 per kg for small fins to US$100per kg for guitarfish fins. As the Asian demand for shark products, especially shark fins, started to increase from the 1980s due to rising affluence, there was no species specific data collected to track changes in shark populations and to implement proper catch management from the catches. Peter Drucker Management Theory Pdf, The presence of sharks in an ecosystem indicate that that ecosystem is healthy; which shows the coral reefs surrounding the UAE and further spread out over the Gulf aren’t doing too bad, as the shark populations are stable. Common species in the UAE With over 440 different species of sharks, they vary in shape, size, behaviour and location; and with their vast spread over multiple different habitats, some of them have landed here, in the UAE. Breastfeeding Vitamins Boots, If you're scuba diving, make air bubbles. And if you feel as though you want to experience what it’s like to swim alongside them, to understand the harmony in which we can both live, and to truly experience the absence of the fear that you thought you would feel – get out there, start diving, and keep your eyes peeled! 117,696, This story has been shared 114,042 times. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Moreover, the last known attack in Iran was in 1985—two decades ago. One of the most common species of sharks that lives in the Gulf is the White Tip Reef Shark. Try to find obstacles, corners, cliffs, rocks, boats or shallow waters. Existing data on shark catches is mostly limited to shark products coming from UAE and Oman. Dried shark fins are also sold at fish markets in UAE, with prices ranging from US$25 per kg for small fins to US$100per kg for guitarfish fins. There are sadly many species of shark in different parts of the world that are currently vulnerable to extinction. Sharks play a crucial role in maintaining the health of a habitat by ‘cleaningup’ the reefs and preying on the sick and weak fish populations, keeping coral reefs free of disease and strengthening the gene pool of the rest of the populations. This keeps the fish healthy and strong, which in the long term will benefit us. Military Sash, Not a single Southeast Asian country is on the list of countries that have banned shark fishing completely (with the exception of Raja Ampat in Indonesia where shark fishing has been banned since 2010) or enacted similar laws in some way. It showed 45.3 percent of the species traded were thought to be at global risk of extinction. Although the UAE  in particular wouldn’t be considered a hospitable place for sharks, in reality, it’s quite the contrary. Another very common species is the Zebra Shark. Since 1921, there has been a total of. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. It seems that in the 1940s, shark attacks were so common in the Persian Gulf that a website was created to track shark attacks on humans. Egyptian officials have confirmed that a shark attack in the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve of South Sinai has left 3 people seriously injured and many more panicked. Their size however differs, as the Zebra Sharks can reach lengths up to 3.5 meters and generally have a much wider girth. Shark species were identified through biological identification. Just how scary and dangerous are sharks to humans really? This story has been shared 117,696 times. In fact, in 2014 the International Shark Attack File found that in the entire history of the UAE, there have been only 2 shark attacks. Data from the Animal Welfare Institute, and with resources from the Humane Society International. With their calm and docile nature, these sharks pose very little threat to people and are certainly not something to be feared. If the shark loses the battle and is pulled out of the water, the hardest part, according to Al Muqaimi, is killing it before it is brought into the boat. Infrastructure & Development / Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, 100 million sharks are killed every year, either through bycatch, illegal fishing, or to harvest their fins and oils for shark fin soup. United States of America. The catch and trade of sharks from the Arabian waters remain mostly unregulated and unmonitored. It is important to look at the actual history of shark attack statistics in the world to have a better understanding of just how dangerous sharks are. The Ministry of Environment issued a statement on Sunday confirming the attack and revealing that the victims were quickly transported to the hospital to undergo treatment. Admittedly it was quite a shock, but then as we turned around it seemed the Grey Reef wasn’t alone, but rather part of a cluster of about 30 different sharks made up of Grey Reefs, White Tips and Black Tips. In fact, the decline of sharks in the Persian Gulf actually started in the late 1970s, although the numbers of rays, catfish and grunts, mostly bottom dwelling marine life, have interestingly, increased. Whitetips were thought to be responsible for the deaths of up to 800 sailors after the USS Indianapolis sank in the Pacific during World War II in 1945. Its warm and shallow waters hosts several coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass beds. This story has been shared 117,696 times. Persian carpets? There is another silver lining—the rare and threatened adult smoothtooth blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus leiodon) have been sighted in the Persian Gulf throughout the year.

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