I can probably add to that list. Her vocal range is Bb2 - A5 - A5/C6.....She hit Bb2 live in studio....She hit A5 in full voice live and in studio too and she A5 and C6 in head voice too. As its been said on this site many times, the number of notes a person can hit does not equate wether they can sing or not. hope you know what i mean .xD. Yes & im my opinion Gomez can sing.. sure,she's not the best singer but i really love listening to her unique voice! It makes me sad that the studios have started making everyone sound the same. It's just a blog. REAL contraltos only sound like a man, like Celia Cruz or Shirley Bassey, not Adele or Rihanna. She sings normally..... yeah .... but when it comes to the hard parts of the song, her awkward voice was like disappeared and, like as I said before, the background music and singers comes to life, which was like almost all the time. She is indeed of Disney  Stock, and i agree that she sounds awfully processed. It's not hating it's a fact. I'll let the facts clear and very real for fanatic one: Selena can't sing nowadays especially live so get over that sorrow and accept the reality, period, you faint. Have u watched her live singing ? You get handed a book on music... You read some stuff about vocal classification... You learn a little something, something... You then come here and belittle people less fortunate to understand that she is not a contralto. THAT'S A REASON TO HAT YOU.. POOR SEL,YOUR FUC*** WORDS AND THOUGHT MUST BE HORRIBLE,AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY WRONG,GET THE FACTS CLEAR. For help, or to report any issues you're currently having, please visit the ProBoards Support Forum. NO JOKE,GO ON YOUTUBE ,JEALOUS BITCHES. Selena hasn't really demonstrated much Dexterity to even properly place her but her lower notes are too weak (so is the rest of her range) to be considered her comfort zone. Here is the video of her hitting a B♭2. Selena Gomez Vocal Range. Her lack of vibrato and proper technique makes notes below E3 or above A5 sound harsh live. Vocal ranges, music video reviews and more! This girl can't sing to save her life. I doubt it would improve her voice much. Sorry fans but she cant sing! Vocal Range: 2 Octaves, 6 notes and 4 semitones D3 -C6. And for me it's incredible how low she can go as a Mezzo- soprano& that just shows me that she's way better in the lower register and that she reaches more there.. See Britney Spears,an icon,wasn't that great at singing too:) And she is only a singer.. Selena is doing music for fun,demi for passion.. 2 ways and happily 2 different kind of music directions! I don't think that your personal opinion about a singer or an album is relevant in a vocal range associated thread of a vocal range forum. Carly Rae Jepsen (IE "that Call Me Maybe girl") has released her second mainstream Pop album: Emotion. Her OWN voice, not processed, is double worse than this studio tapes. The only one I found was a Bb2, and are u kidding- selena was messing around. R.I.P. but you put miley cyrus as contralto wow! She can't even produce any sound! So you kind of ruined yourself here. She's good at acting not singing! www.divadevotee.com/2011/09/selena-gomez-vocal-profile-range.html Seeing as you probabl cant do half as good in front of a thousand people, now can you? Her A3s are well sustained throughout most of her songs. Selena Gomez is the WORST 'singer' ever. shes not a mezzo-soprano! Calm that mess down and learn how to respectfully disagree. In my opinion, I think it is fair to say that she is not a fairly good singer - auto-tuned songs, strained high notes, inability to sing notes at A5 and above without problems etc, but I feel that she has her good traits too - impressive low notes that are dark enough. There is a solid tone to her mid-range from B3 to about C#5. Vocals Gomez 928,109 views. Do you want to check it out? Forgive my ignorance, but is she from the Disney stable? She's supposed to be an ACTRESS. miley is an amazing singer. Her low notes are the best part of her range. https://criticofmusic.com/vocal-range-and-profile-selena-gomez why she has a profile? Best vocals ever. Lets get something straight. As a whole, we need to come up with a system for gauging pop vocals and matching them with there operatic equivalents. A mezzo is a good spot to place her until she shows off some actual skill since all of her range seems to be at an equal level of untrained muscle. Jeez, I can barely get a handle on what she actually sounds like. Play Video In spite of gaining a little weight-  by Hollywood standards-and looking a little tired , Christina Aguilera is still out there promo... Whitney Houston Vocal Type Mezzo Soprano Vocal Range: 3.2 Octaves. hey! Star Adele Aretha Franklin Beyonce Celine Dion Christina Aguilera Kelly Clarkson Mariah Carey Michael Jackson So Hyang Whitney Houston A+ Carrie Underwood JoJo Lady Gaga ... Vocal Range and Profile: Rihanna. Trevor Daniel, Selena Gomez - Past Life (Official Video) Play Video. Her voice is HORRIBLE. She becomes nasal at the notes at the fifth octave. There is a solid tone to her mid-range from B3 to about C#5. Some of you guys are being too harsh on her, I know that's she's not close from being a powerful vocalist like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato, etc. IF YOU SAY SELENA IS A CONTRALTO PLEASE KILL YOURSELF YOU IDIOT, OR SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU-DONT-KNOW-ANYTHING-ABOUT-RANGES then, shut up you idiots, do you know that the only girls who are real contraltos is because they sound like a man? Oh and you seem to know her music better than I, so do you have any positives and negatives to add? Vocal Range | Rare (Album) - Selena Gomez (F2 - A5) - YouTube Yes she CAN sing of course. She can mold her tone in a lot of sounds and she has a very unique way of delivering her vocals, you can't compare. If she uses autotune SO BE IT... You would probably need it trying to sing a year without rain. I am however saying she is a dark mezzo....That also gets me thinking. And yes, Demi is a lot better. Keep up the good work and God bless!www.gofastek.com, Vocal range: 2 octaves 6 notes(recent times). She speaks in a series of notes in the lower 3rd and 2nd octave and I heard her sing in the 2nd register once too. She's not the worst singer in the world..she just sings songs that she cant sing live..It's really pathetic really. Taki Taki (F#3-C#5), Our database has more than 8000 famous performers. I already checked Selena's live performances a while back and I bought her latest album When the sun goes down. It could help A lot. An Alto is basically anything from a Baritone to a Mezzo Soprano. I'm also aware that she's inconsistent with her live performances, but she actually sounds good in most of her acoustic performances imo.Btw, her lowest note is Bb2, someone posted a video in the comments :). Like I said on my other comment it all depends on the song. I've noticed demi hits different notes depending on what song she sings. A2- C6 (approx) Whistle Register: No Longest Note: 16 seconds -... Christina Aguilera on Connan and The 2010 American Music Awards. 3:07. Pitchtyness does not count so therefore selena can't sing. Live Review: Beyoncé - Star Spangled Banner. She retains a bit of weight and they bright of a typical mezzo. "Demi's voice is out of this world!" http://youtu.be/RU5n0xehvQI?t=3m2s She hits a C♯3 as well. Her low notes below F3 are dark, low and healthy. Mezzos can have dark, heavy lower registers and retain all their weight up to their highest belt. high or barely low, she just kept pointing the mic at the audience, when i said shes not that great of a singer, i meant selena... not miley! I totally agree with the pluses and negatives though. SELENA IS A WONDERFUL SINGER,IF Y'ALL WOULD GIVE HER THE CHANCE LETTING HER SHOW US WHERE HER REAL SINGINGTALENT IS! It might be that the singer can actually hit lower or higher notes, but never did so in their recordings known to us. Accept this fact. Seriously though, whatever has you butt hurt needs to halt it's practice of the matter because you seem to have a serious rage issue. I mean, the backup music's all loud and the harmonizing singers rocked on stage. She's very lucky that the record company accepted her and that auto tune is around. She sounds like a mezzo on studio but she is most definitely a true contralto. Demi has done a vocal battle against christina agulera, and I'll bet u that christina hasn't tried to do a Bb2 unless she was so ridiculously low and felt like sounding like a damn guy. Her strongest range … you sure she's awesome singing live? ahuahuauhahuauhau I kept laughing and laughing. Although I've never been to a Selena concert, I've watched few videos of her shows online. She can't sing AT ALL. Selena sounds good with autotune on her cd but she really sucks live. ?ROFLMAO I needed a huge laugh today, thanks!!!!! Something went wrong. she can't sing, I keep laughin hysterically at this: http://vinescope.com/best-woman-voice-583.html, Why does she have a profile? her range is contralto, her voice is very light. The woman with the world class vibrato ... Selena Gomez's fifth studio album Revival functions as a line break between two phases of Gomez's career: no longe... Vocal Range: E2 - D6 - E6 Vocal Fach: Falcon Soprano (4 octaves) Vocal Rating: Star Positives: A rich, heavy and ... Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano (3 octaves, 1 note and a semi tone), Track by Track Review: Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion. Selena Gomez; Ozuna & Cardi B vocal range. Taki Taki (F#3-C#5), Song with the HIGHEST pitch: I've been listening to a few Selena Gomez songs recently and I was wondering if you were ever going to do a profile on her, haha. Thought I'd state because I'm still getting emails.I've left it up because people are still reading the profiles. Demi lovato can sing any note better then selena gomez. selena can't sing... i'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's very true. She should give chances and respect them. Please don’t go around telling people what they can and cannot talk about. I'm not blaming the stage producer or the one who takes care of sound systems. The 'real' vocal range of the person of course might be different. I hate the unique type where someone sounds like they are singing through their fucking nose.. Whistle Register: No. Don't know your range? Vocal Negatives: Voice doesn't appear to have much dexterity, and the lack of vibrato on the chest notes make them sound a little harsh to the ear. She should be giving other people chances ya now!! Live or Studio, it doesn't matter. But she needs lessons five hours a day. Hey, create a profile about Selena Quintanilla's vocal range. Demi has done low notes like Bb3, something that selena hasn't attempted. Seriously dude, what's with the shouting and the aggressive insults? - Duration: 3:07. Demi has never done that note because she never attempted to sound like a guy. Selena isn't a very good singer at all. According to our database the vocal range of this artist is: Song with the LOWEST pitch:

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