Directions: As you watch the movie during class this week, answer the following questions: 1. And basically the state said, all right, we'll give you those. Scattered among the cars of the freight were some two dozen hoboes -- black and white. LEIBOWITZ: The spermatozoa were non-motile, that means they were dead. Alabama Film Commission Glen Shauer, Film Processing The Scottsboro Defense Committee (SDC) is formed with Allan Knight Chalmers as chairman, and a local attorney, Clarence Watts, is named co-counsel. Her 1931 wages, $1.20 a day, were only half of what she had been making before the Depression, in 1929. Jury selection took place under heavy security. January 23: Patterson is found guilty and sentenced to 75 years in prison. I have used this as an opener for To Kill a Mockingbird, the kids really love the movie, but it is about a rape trial and provokes a lot of discussions on racism. It was that he'd never had a witness that said over and over I 'can't remember'. The tragedy of this are nine boys lives hopelessly, eternally interrupted, sent cascading down roads of terror and imprisonment. The sentence is a compromise between the foreman, who thought the defendant innocent, and the rest of the jury. Frank and Joan Goodman if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n;n.push=n;n.loaded=!0;n.version='2.0'; As the trial began, Victoria Price took the stand and told a chilling story. Leibowitz: In what way is it different, can you say? Match. Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University CBS News Archives The history of the "Scottsboro Boys," a group of African American men who were victims of a racist miscarriage of justice that became a national controversy. Immediately unexpected things began to happen. ROBERT LEIBOWITZ, Defense Attorney's son: He had a supple baritone instrument for a voice which he could use like a Paderevsky or a Yasha Haifitz so to speak. Price: It kinda represents one, but it ain't like the one I was on. MILLS: He said I'm going to prosecute these nine boys and ride their black asses right into the governor's mansion. "Old school" extremely prejudice, biased, racist. Scottsboro:AnAmericanTragedy 1.Scottsboro : PBS Video An American Tragedy released on … Haywood Patterson. Describe Alabama during the Great Depression: 4. Roger Haydock It was the Scottsboro case that met that issue head on. Leibowitz: Just look at this little replica and tell me it fairly represents the general appearance of the box car you rode on? MARY LICHT, Communist Organizer: I told them if the International Labor Defense comes we don't believe in just having a trial. October 26: The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear the appeal of Haywood Patterson. THORNTON: The advent of the Depression had made it possible for the Communists to gain a hearing among people who just a few years before would have dismissed their claims. It did appear to a great many people in the 1930s that capitalism was in crisis. 1. Frank Ferrigno The women are examined by Drs. CARTER: By the time she gets down off the witness stand what should have been the most effective witness for the defense, as one of the jurors said later, 'we never even considered her testimony. Will you let them murder the nine Negro boys in Scottsboro? CARTER: He turns to the jury, points his finger to the jury and says: 'Show them that Alabama justice can't be bought and sold with Jew money from New York!' asks Samuel Leibowitz to take the case while acknowledging its inability to pay any fees. July 12-16: The third trial of Clarence Norris ends in a death sentence. In January, 1933, Joseph Brodsky, one of the leaders of the International Labor Defense, asked Leibowitz to take over as chief defense attorney. LEIBOWITZ: After my father met with Brodsky and Patterson of the ILD and their agreement was finalized, he said to them look, if I don't bring these nine boys back and dump them in your lap, I'll buy both of you the finest hats that Stetson makes. Scottsboro Boy: The oldest of all 9, he was let out on parol during his 4th trial. Upon his return to New York, Leibowitz was swamped by more than three thousands admirers. 2. November-December: The trials of Patterson and Norris end in death sentences for both. FLYNT: I think that's perhaps an ultimate tragedy. July 23-24: Ozie Powell pleads guilty to assaulting Blalock and is sentenced to 20 years. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script', PERRY BRUSKIN, Former Activist: Will you let them murder the nine Negro boys in Scottsboro? Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley Attorney General Thomas Knight, also the State's prosecutor, engineered the removal of Judge Horton from the case, and named in his place 70 year-old judge William Callahan. Victoria Price, Ruby Bates and their two boyfriends had sex. Six of them had intercourse with me. They unfastened my overalls while I was standing up and then they threw me down on the gravel and finished pulling them off my feet. Leibowitz: By the way, Mrs. Price, as a matter of fact the name of Mrs. Callie you apply to this boarding house lady is the name of a boarding house lady used in the Saturday Evening Post stories: isn't that where you got the name? In the end, it was not letters, marches, or editorials, but time alone that brought the Scottsboro affair to an end. Usually a witness is defensive when they say 'I I can't remember.' The jury could not decide whether to sentence thirteen year-old Roy Wright to life-in-prison or death. The minute a Jewish lawyer from New York City came to Alabama that case was lost. Very quiet, soft spoken. Alan Knight Chalmers Collection, Boston University State officials listened, but made clear that one condition would have to be met: Samuel Leibowitz would have to go. Sam Catlin sentences, roles, and backgrounds from the documentary "Scottsboro: An American Tragedy". Ruby Bates corroborated her friend's story in every detail, though she could not identify any of her attackers. On the witness stand, Carter testified he'd met Tiller and Price in Huntsville, where they were jailed for adultery and he had been locked up for vagrancy. Performed by Leadbelly, Opening Poem STEVENSON: They started to turn on one another. /* fbq('track', 'PageView'); */ The crowd gasped: "there's Ruby Bates testifying for the defense". March 25: In the depths of the Depression, a fight breaks out between white and black young men who are riding as hoboes on a Southern Railroad freight train. Very conscious of proper procedure in a courtroom. Dan Carter wrote in his 1969 history of the trial, Scottsboro, A Tragedy of the American South, that he believed she was dead.

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