This year I updated my whole system. Why do some owners think this dac sounds so great? Some time will help distinguish nuances of one dac over another. It was powerful and articulate all the way down to the lowest octaves my Bowers & Wilkins PV1D subwoofers allow. The optical input came in at a close second, which I assume is due in part to the fact that, like Yggdrasil's USB input, it's galvanically isolated from source equipment. I spent months obsessing over a new dac and doing hundreds of hours of research. Indeed, most are priced below $500. Like I said previously, no other company is having this problem that I've looked into. I reviewed the Yggdrasil in January 2018, Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Review, and also wrote a review comparing the Yggdrasil to the Esoteric K-01X DAC, Esoteric K-01X Versus Schiit Audio Yggdrasil. Does the Yggdrasil sound different and better? If not, unlike Schiit, PS Audio offers free shipping both ways and no questions asked full returns. I also talked to their customer service quite a bit and they give me the impression that they just don't care; they were short and totally unhelpful in my experience and always making excuses. Schiit has a 15% restocking fee and makes you may enormous shipping both ways. Both DACs offer a choice of balanced and single-ended outputs and pre-amplifier possibilities. Benchmark's claims notwithstanding, I'm not sure that everyone agrees that the DAC2 and DAC3 are audibly indistinguishable. Try listening with an amp that has an equivalent soundstage and you should be golden. The Bifrost seems to have the same delay as well. They said it was backordered due to a "global parts shortage." Essentially, you download the new software (which is defines the configuration or … Are you listening in Direct mode on the Onkyo receiver? Sign up for a new account in our community. to this "global parts shortage." $2400 vs. $850 I have heard some great reviews on the Yggdrasil, but the Gungnir doesn't catch as many eyes. JavaScript is disabled. Before I bought the Directstream this week my old dac is a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus. If you do not hear a difference after then return it. I'm 100% sure that not everyone agrees that the DAC2 and DAC3 are audibly indistinguishable. The theoretical benefit of this method is that it keeps the original samples sent to the DAC intact throughout the entire conversion process. NUC7PJYH/AL --> Berkeley Alpha USB --> Jeff Rowland Aeris --> Jeff Rowland 625 S2 --> Focal Utopia 3 Diablos with 2 x Focal Electra SW 1000 BE subs, i7-6700K/Windows 10 Version 2004/HDPLEX 300W/HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX --> EVGA Nu Audio Card --> Focal CMS50's. I emailed Schiit and they basically told me they are not likely going to ship by the 30th. Yggdrasil reviews claim levels of sound that seem almost unrealistic. I suppose the retort Schiit might have against digital volume control is that attenuating the output voltage creates a reduction in signal-to-noise ratio. Are all the reviewers paid to write a bunch of exaggeration and fluff? I love PS Audio and I think they are an excellent company. Audio Research recommends 400 hours of break in time per input on the DAC 8, so I'm not sure if that's true. Yet if true, can the DS Sr. also produce that level of sound. Borrow a proper analog preamp with no digital inputs or digital conversions and listen to both DACs, there's a significant difference between the two. You can buy a lot of things with the price difference between Yggdrasil and Directstream. That is among the most resolving headphones on the planet. I put my reference PS Audio DirectStream DAC ($5,999), using the latest 3.0.6 Snowmass firmware, up against Yggdrasil. One song in particular from Blue Coast that I like to use as a test is�"Lilianna" by Jose Manuel Blanco & Jason McGuire. I am knew to this forum but this person could be trolling. Currently #50 of 189 on the waiting list. This is one of those traits that places the PS Audio DAC in an upper echelon of performance, and is one of the reasons why it costs so much more than the Yggdrasil. One thing I noticed frequently with my time spent with Yggdrasil is that it wasn't very forgiving with poorly recorded or poorly mastered music. You must log in or register to reply here. Waiting for the upgrade. August 19, 2018 in DAC - Digital to Analog Conversion. Since the DAC2 and DAC3 are audibly indistinguishable (I don't think even Benchmark claim otherwise), any review of the DAC2 vs. Yggdrasil Analog 2 should suffice. To the guys who requested a copy of Ted Smith's email I'm really sorry but I deleted it. I've been talking to their staff over the past several days and they are golden. In the Chord unit, from Rob Watts. Sign up for a new account in our community. I don't trust buying used. All day today I I A/B the Directstream with the Dacmagic again. For an amp I'm using the Schiit Lyr 2. What a wonderful company! Today when I got the Directstream, I turned it on and let it warm up for an hour before listening. If you want a great dac, just buy a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus. All I do know is, if anyone reading this is thinking about buying a high end dac you might want to think twice. That gives you a comfortable 10 days to return it, if that's what you decide. That they want me to pay extra for it is insult to injury. I feel like I got suckered. Grammy-winning recording engineer and label boss Cookie Marciano created the Extended Sound Environment recording process in an attempt to capture some of the highest quality audio that's achievable today. I do sell their gear so obviously I like what they are doing. I found DirectStream tended to make audio sound warm, while Yggdrasil sounds more neutral. Your receiver is likely bottlenecking the sound also. That guy really is a genius. One of the key features of the PS Audio DirectStream DACs it that they … Even at its relatively modest price point, Yggdrasil displays many of the hallmark qualities in sound that make it a top-tier performing DAC. and why . Popular Schiit indeed. It will do up to 24/192. I personally wouldn't expect much more in the way of upgrades to the older platforms. what wows you at first may not be something that will wow you over time.

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