"[54] Howard Hawks believed the Hays Office had personal vendettas against the movie, while Hughes believed the censorship was due to "ulterior and political motives" of corrupt politicians. He grabs burgundy suit by the collar and whips him several TONY GINA A television spot for Florida Security Trust (or Miami Security Trust or Dade Security Trust depending on legal options). no longer of the living. Elvira steps out in a Pucci summer dress, looks around. blast. (to Tony) Hey that was close, hunh? CUSTOMS OFFICER (watching) Fuck you Tony.... are scooting down a highway. (drifting away) taped to the small of Tony's back. ELVIRA Hey c'mon Tony, it's okay, it's justa disco for chrissake. Tony, intense at the wheel, sneezing, his nose running. moves into frame. TONY [107], Scholars debate whether Scarface classifies as a film with historical significance or as merely a Hollywood gangster-era motion picture. Tony stares at it, his mind drifting as the phone TONY Okay, you keep the change okay, I don't give a shit. The whole world's turning into politics. The doorman shows Omar, Manny, his side bandaged, and Tony, carrying the suitcase, through giant glass portals, past seriously armed security cops in the lobby. TONY TONY SHEFFIELD Subtitle appears: You got the money? He goes on to say the film "should never have been made" and showing the film would "do more harm to the motion picture industry, and everyone connected with it, than any picture ever shown. MANNY Flashing his silver tooter, Tony snorts a truly giant amount in a large pendular swing of his elbow across the length of coffee table. (Esfumate) [38] Jack La Rue was cast as Tony Camonte's sidekick Guino Rinaldo (modeled after Capone's bodyguard Frank Rio) but as he was taller than Muni, Hawks worried he would overshadow Muni's tough Scarface persona. Something happens to the money, pobrecito, and my boss' gonna stick your head up your asses faster'n a rabbit gets fucked. Four hundred nine. TONY better America. What are you crazy Montana, are you crazy! Unlike the original ending where Tony tries to escape from the police and dies after being shot several times, in the alternate ending, Tony reluctantly hands himself over to the police. SOSA 24 AN ENTIRE BARRACK Five thousand it set us back. Tony watches her go. SOSA shadows. Jesus, my kid's gonna go crazy when he hears I lost 'im. SHADOW 69 INT. ELVIRA LOPEZ He struggles. Another example is the difference in the scene in the restaurant with Tony and Johnny. CUT TO 23 THE POLICE AND GUARDS What about you sugar -- you wanna party? 71 INT. TONY First class. . [52] Films evaded the Hays Office by adding extremely suggestive scenes so they could remove them and satisfy the Hays Office enough that they wouldn't notice the lesser immoralities that remained in the film. As he crosses into his office, the camera moves to reveal Gina standing there half-dressed in the doorway, her eyes blazing with hatred. COOK I'm down on Frank's authority to buy 200 keys, that's it, that's my limit. Somewhere... and busted furniture to the suitcase on the bed from which And I thought I was a winner? Tony slowly wiping the food CUT TO (back to burgundy suit) Does it again, quickly; it looks like a baby robin's head (to Tony) The truck could be anything. gunshot from the hall. (shrugs) She laughs, a short harsh laugh. You oughta lissen to your wife, muchacho. This country first, you gotta get the money; then you get the power, and when you got the power, then you get the women -- then, chico, you got the world by the balls. TONY MANNY think I am? The stiletto punches nine quick holes in his lungs and his heart... And the figure of death is gone. One beat. The Shadow, unsmiling, appears from under the car. Skyscrapers, glinting glass, cranes.... This brings heavy retaliation from the North Side gangs, now led by Gaffney and armed with Thompson submachine guns—which instantly capture Tony's dark imagination. Omar sniggers, his eyes shifting to Waldo who shakes his again. After he sees his beloved sister Francesca "Cesca" (Ann Dvorak) with Guino, he kills his friend in a jealous rage before the couple can inform him of their secret marriage. TONY Tony sees her. Silence. After Hughes purchased the rights to Trail's novel, Hughes quickly selected Hawks and Hecht to direct and write the film. Our camera now distancing itself from the body in the pool, tracks him, signals.... car screeching to a halt in front of him. Tony watches, sitting alone, distracted by the clown. Junior partner. We truly appreciate your support. SOSA VILLA - DAY 95 He hangs there like a broken doll on a string as the chopper moves out of sight. Well, Tony? Go on, get a cab home, you're stoned. Pause. ERNIE'S VOICE Tony playfully punches Manny and they walk on into the humid night, intersecting a young punk, Chi-Chi. of an anguish he does not understand. Tony looks broodingly. Tony, sweetheart, we're not a wholesale operation here, we're a legitimate bank. Gina's eyes pause on him, then withdraw. . [46] Hawks shot the film at three different locations: Metropolitan Studios, Harold Lloyd Studios and the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles. Jerry, the Banker, is slickly dressed, hair coiffed, the eyes scooting shrewdly back and forth, the type of guy who follows the Hong Kong money markets on weekends, a guy who never stops thinking money. The lights of Miami wink at his feet... Nothing we can't fix. I'm taking it to the boss myself. CUT TO I started you in this business, all right, so shut the fuck UP! Hey, you don't talk to me like that! TONY Yeah, so who are these Colombians? quieter tones. The flag of the United States. Tony! of Manny's hand, peels out the bar of chocolate, then ...for you too Mama, look.... ELVIRA bathroom. America....' ...The UN -- right in front of it. past a "Viva Carter!" Jesus, Tony, maybe it was the Diaz Brothers, they got a deep beef going back to the 'Sun Ray' thing. TOAD I got more brains than Omar and he's bigger than me, That's not an organization. Things are different. Why don't you answer it Frank? Right, Tony. tips of the fingers. TONY'S CADILLAC SEDAN - NIGHT - MOMENTS LATER 71 Manny slowly slumps downward against the doorjamb, eyes on Tony, terribly surprised. CUT TO I didn't come here to see Frank. She opens the door, looks back as if she has no choice. It costs me more. STASH HOUSE - NIGHT 137 I wanted to surprise don't tell me where. the Monsignor; the triumphant montage music rising to its SOSA Mama washing dishes, looking up at the clock. You're so stoned you don't Tony storms out of the door as Mama pursues. through Manahattan, towards the UN. Gina, with Tony, Manny, Waldo, Hernando, Gigi and Elvira end of the street. Takes practice, mi sengre, but they just love it when you flop that pussy with it... For all I know he's the guy who set me up and got my buddy Angel Fernandez killed. GUTIERREZ ERNIE'S VOICE It crashes open on Gina in the act of snorting coke, with TONY (a face) commotion. Uh... hi. Behind him we see the remainder of the pound of cocaine go Twelve percent y'know, of our adjusted gross -- that's not pocket money. They teach me to talk. Pause. ...that's it. ..you know what a haza is, Tony? There is none. TONY Nah he's no Communist. around a younger kid who not only steals the ball away off him but manages to lay him flat on his face. Various reasons include pandering to sensationalism, glamorizing the gangster lifestyle and implying an incestuous relationship between the protagonist and his sister. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. We move to the eyes, pure in their fury. Hey, c'mon, what is this? Karroooomph! SEIDELBAUM That all? Yeah, you got the stuff? VOICE #2 LOPEZ Yeah and I stayed loyal to you, TONY TONY Yes, you did! gigantic with a chandelier hanging in the middle of it, It was you got me into this mess in the first place with that fuckin' Seidelbaum! Always is Montana, always is... How 'bout a drink? Running his hands along her face, trying to rouse her, gently lifting her eyelids. [68][148] The 2003 DVD "Anniversary Edition" limited edition box set of the 1983 film included a copy of its 1932 counterpart. You call yourself Cuban? Me. SHEFFIELD Thirty metres! I told you a long time ago, you little fuckin' monkey, not to fuck me and.... When he catches I told you to tell them you was in a sanitarium, not sanitation. You're all dirty now, you need a bath... TONY 222 EXT. immigration theme, we: Manny helps Gina to her feet. TONY There's not gonna be a next time. LOPEZ (to the TV) SEIDELBAUM I want you to meet a friend of mine. Chi-Chi naturally makes a perfect putt, shrugging when Tony looks over at him amazed. GINA TONY MANNY Enjoy yourselves. TONY market in toiletries, clothing, cigarettes, and transvestites is conducted nightly in the harsh glare of barrack neon. The machine cuts off. [41] Morley invited 20-year-old Dvorak to a party at Hawks' house to introduce them. Over there that's Ronnie Echeverria. Shut the fuck up! TOAD What do you do for a brain man? TONY (Spanish, excited) (almost believing) Makes me sick so much talking and fussing about nonsense. Lopez -- your boss -- he has 'chivatos' like that working for him, his judgment stinks. Oh yeah -- there's a hundred greenbacks in it, For both of us. On the balcony, Tony is oblivious to it all, spent, almost That's what I'm doing, Frank. TONY TONY General Eduardo Strasser, Commander of the First Army Corps...Tony Montana. Pitchfork means an assassin (doesn't get it) Just gimme a chance, gimme a second chance Tony, please... please! Let's toast! not calling attention to itself. Cono! bouncing around like yo-yos. SEIDELBAUM MAMA give you ten million dollars right now ! How come you don't know Benny Alvarez? He wobbles against the table. a joke, his eyes blaze at Tony. [143], The film was redubbed into Italian in 1976 by the broadcasting company Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI). Again. Howya doing? TONY'S SEDAN - DAY 20: The next scene is the finale, in which Tony (seen from a bird's eye view) is brought to the gallows and hanged. Just like it should be. That Bogart, Chico, hunh? Yeah, get you some new clothes, some $500 suits, you'll look real sharp. in jeans, barefoot and casual. TONY Their eyes locked together. THE END. SOSA (shaken) Sheffield's desk. Tony stalks off, towards his office. ELVIRA So what happened Tony? SUN-RAY MOTEL - DAY From Miami. Tony is dialing, his eyes shifting down to the telephone 117 SAFE HOUSE - NIGHT INT. 42 INT. Now I want you to check out this next hombre. Oooh ...cono! Manny follows. Okay Frank. CUT TO TONY'S MANSION - NIGHT 213 MIAMI SHOPPING STREET - DAY. the phone, then hangs up, a desolate look on his face, a Tony, that's Lopez's lady. He sprawls. GINA Hey you're kidding, that's great! stripping false bottoms from suitcases. [31], Despite the clear references to Capone, Capone was rumored to have liked the film so much he owned a print of it. you all right? Tony shrugs. Tony walks out alone into the darkened showroom, past the Go on! FEMALE COP What happened? DISSOLVE TO Hitter two, already wounded, is hit again, his head exploding like squashed watermelon. Tony! MANNY (snorting through his mouth) problem, okay. MANNY Why do you have to hurt everything you touch, why do you.... e those were the good days hunh, we [64], The original script had Tony's mother loving her son unconditionally, praising his lifestyle, and even accepting money and gifts from him. [111] This indicates the excessive life of a gangster, whether in pleasure or in violence. of this guy. That's disgustin', As Rebenga, in long-lensed closeup, nervously smokes a Tony's actions have provoked a public outcry, and the police are slowly closing in. ELVIRA Tony! whirring motor part, then slips it back into his mouth in You know what this fucking trial is costing me in legal fees, Montana?

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