I realize the stander vs ztr are two different animals and probably subjective to each individual. 48" Tiger Cat II 52" Tiger Cat II 61" Tiger Cat II; Length: 80" 80" 80" Width (chute down) 60.5" 64.5" 73.5" Width (chute in transport position) 49.75" 53.75" 62.75" Height (ROPS folded) 46.75" 46.75" 46.75" Height (ROPS up) 67.25" 67.25" 67.25" Weight: 1,175 lb: 1,175-1,180 lb: 1,257-1,277 lb Plus ya both have the same conclusion. The panel layout is also different, with numerous analog gauges in contrast to the Tiger Cat’s relatively sparse indicators. Can a Turf Tiger withstand abuse, whatever the cause, better than the Cat? However, the Turf Tiger’s range includes four liquid-cooled engines including a three-cylinder 28 horsepower diesel from CAT, for those users who prefer to use diesel. 2 cents if your doing this as a homeowner and not a commercial go sitdown. When it comes time to service a Tiger Cat or Turf Tiger, owners can purchase quality OEM parts with the help of a sophisticated part identification tool. I didn’t botch that up did I? I had had enough and fortunately could now afford to buy the mower I wanted. Probably, I think. You must log in or register to reply here. The Turf Tiger is slightly longer, heavier and taller than the Tiger Cat, even with comparable deck widths. The Tiger Cat has dual fuel tanks containing a total of seven gallon of fuel above the wheels. Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has helped thousands of people find the Outdoor Equipment and safety gear appropriate for their needs. If the bulk of your mowing is wide open areas, then buy for that purpose. 1) tiger cat 2 / Kohker 29hp efi approx 11k OTD 2). Anything bigger it's losing to the 61 sitdown, by 9 inches every stripe. We were on a large property and ran it with two Tiger Cats. Much appreciation. After using the Tiger Cats for hundreds of hours I honestly can't see how the Turf Tiger is that much better. High strength precision drive spindles are used to ensure reliability under difficult conditions and unexpected shocks. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. it would help to know how much ground you're cutting. I wonder this because although my Tiger Cat II seems pretty resilient to the hell I've presented it thusfar, it's a new machine and eventually, fatigue HAS to become an issue. Both decks use a Tri-Plate design, which uses three plates for maximum durability. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When looking to buy commercial mowing equipment, seek out dealers with a wide selection. The decks house three Marbain blades and use an extra large discharge chute to provide this quick performance. And in my opinion they seems like totally different machine driving them. I have a tiger cat 2 and was looking at a tiger cat. So my questions are : a semi-local Scag dealer is listing mowers at "end of year" pricing. Furthering this fact is the difference in top speeds between the two units. and 2] would a Patriot be durable enough for my 3.5 acres / about 20 mows per year? If you are in the Washington County, MD or Berkeley County, WV area, stop by Shank’s Lawn Equipment. The Tiger Cat uses a single tube frame while the Turf Tiger uses a double tube frame, doubling the amount of steel around the deck and greatly improving durability. I do not think it is a waste of money really but we run Three Tiger Cats and cut an incredible amount of grass. This forum and you two have greatly helped. However input on why one or the other is preferred by you would be helpful and appreciated. The Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger also come standard with Scag’s Velocity Plus cutter deck, which uses a unique design to deliver precision cutting and high-velocity discharges while the mowers operate at full speed. Tight spots a smaller stander is nice to have, I find anywhere in town where I'm knocking out quarter to acre stops, the 52 stander saves time, being more nimble. Keeping Your Lawn Green During Peak Summer Temperatures, Yanmar SA Series Tractors: When Lawn and Garden Tractors Just Won’t Cut It, The New Echo CS-3510 Chainsaw: Consumer Performance Without Compromises, Cub Cadet Challenger UTVs: Perfect for Work and Play. Cheetah. The Turf Tiger also uses a drive shaft to power its blades, eliminating the risk of belt slippage; the Tiger Cat uses a straight belt. Owners who must clear large tracts of land in a short time frame should also select the Turf Tiger. Both models have full length, fully welded steel frames; the Turf Tiger simply has additional reinforcement. JavaScript is disabled. The Turf Tiger is available with seven other engines with outputs ranging from 27 to 35 horsepower. Your email address will not be published. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Both models offer cutting heights in increments of ¼ of an inch, although the Tiger Cat’s maximum cutting height is five inches while the Turf Tiger is adjustable from one inch to six inches. In most cases properties do take some finish up with a 21 and a trimmer so thats honestly not going go away with any mower. 1] are these decent prices (both are new)? Both the Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger offer a variety of features that simplify the job for the operator. Tiger cat didn't have that. Even the fuel tanks are different between the two models. All trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. 61 will get most areas done with acreage. This tool ensures that the part on the page is the right part for the right machine. Instrumentation also varies; the Turf Tiger comes with an ammiter and a water temperature gauge, allowing users to keep a closer eye upon the machine’s health. V-Ride 2 / Kohler 29hp efi approx 11k OTD 3) Cheetah / Koehler 31hp efi approx 12k OTD. The 20 percent increase in top speed coupled with the larger deck size results in a substantial improvement in productivity over the Tiger Cat. with a 61" deck, i'd say anything over 2 acres will warrant a sit down. Posted on June 5, 2013 by Admin. Sure, I'm already trying to do that, but what if it was built more stout, could I push it a little, and that's where the question of whether to go with the Cat or the Tiger comes into play. One answer is to just go slower. The Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger are two premium zero-turn riding mowers manufactured by Scag Power Equipment. The Tiger Cat maxes out at 10 miles per hour while traveling forward and five miles per hour while traveling in reverse while the Turf Tiger is capable of top speeds ranging between 10.5 and 12 miles per hour depending upon the exact model. The larger engines on the Turf Tiger are capable of powering the hydraulic system with a minimum of parasitic loss to the drive wheels. The Turf Tiger uses seven gauge reinforcement plates in areas that the Tiger Cat uses 10 gauge reinforcement plates. I just bought a 61" Turf Tiger II because I wanted this to be the last mower I ever owned. Don't buy for a couple odd areas.... DA and HIGHLAND: Thank you so much. After the first mowing it wouldn't start. Both models are equipped with an hour meter, allowing users to monitor the machine’s usage and determine maintenance intervals. I did a lot of research and the most compelling was that a significant majority of professionals seem to be hauling Turf Tigers on their trailers. Lastly. Monday we had the opportunity to run a new Turf Tiger II for a few hours. I just have to wonder if the Turf Tiger wouldn't hold up to tough conditions, such as lousy terrain and abusive operators, better than the Tiger Cat series. The Turf Tiger also uses nine anti-scalp wheels regardless of deck size, while the Tiger Cat uses only four or seven, depending upon the deck size. The deck width also varies; the Tiger Cat is available with 48”, 52” and 61” decks while the Turf Tiger is available with a 52”, 61” and a larger 72” deck. Scag Tiger Cat vs. Scag Turf Tiger. Both of you truly just assisted in such a grand decision with the type of info I was having a hard time coming to on my own. Whether the higher cost of one machine vs. another is worth it would be determined over time wouldn't it? Purchasing and Servicing the Tiger Cat or Turf Tiger. The Velocity Plus decks come with Scag’s Custom-Cut Front Baffle System, which allows users to adjust the deck baffling to tailor the machine’s performance to the specific environment. Obviously the Turf Tiger with the 61"deck wold cover more ground than the Tiger Cat with a 52" deck but the cut was not better. Shank’s Lawn Equipment has a wide array of machinery available at low prices. © 2010-2020 LawnMowerForum.com. I’m pretty excited! In fact, I had to spent $2,000 on repairs before I could mow for the first time this year. Comfortable suspension seats, cup holders, and electric power take off clutches are standard on both models. I wanted a cheetah so bad as my 2nd machine, but the stander was too good a deal to pass up. Safety features standard to both models include a seat actuated kill switch, parking brake, and mower engagement switch. 7x14 Stealth SE Enclosed with 48" side ramp. Both models use dual pumps, but the Turf Tiger uses larger 16cc pumps with fans mounted on most models. The Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger are two premium zero-turn riding mowers manufactured by Scag Power Equipment. So so much. The Tiger Cats in my opinion and one of my workers as well had a better cut than the Turf Tiger II. Both models perform the same essential function. My last mower lasted 13 years but I spent a lot on maintenance and repairs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Beyond ergonomic features and the deck construction, the Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger are highly dissimilar with the differences starting at the frame. You must log in or register to reply here. Also has a Tiger Cat II 61" with same engine for $9999. Has a 61" Patriot w/Kawasaki 23hp FX for $6599. Both are highly capable commercial mowers with zero turn capability and many users would be satisfied with either. under 2 acres and its flip a coin, however i'd be heavily looking at the suspension on the cheetah if it was mainly just my own home and i could have a beer(or 12) while mowing the lawn. But cheetah it is. Lot of acres to mow, and if you don't mind spending the dough the Cheetah wins. There are a variety of other minor differences between the two. The Turf Tiger also uses a more advanced hydraulic system. I picked the 2 because of the fans over the hydro pumps. While both models are powerful commercial-grade mowers suitable for nearly any commercial mowing task, there are differences between the two. However, users who wish to have a diesel engine or users who must handle uneven terrain and expect the frame to experience daily undulations and even impacts would be well advised to select the Turf Tiger, as its improved durability will prove to be an asset over the long run. The wider deck and more powerful engines ensure that the Turf Tiger is capable of greater productivity than the Tiger Cat. The pumps are not merely larger, but include pressure relief valves, extra large input bearings and shaft, and oil coolers.

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