Please consider white-listing or turning off your ad blocker while visiting the site. Could Election Outcome Change Fashion’s Tariff Outlook? And you don't have to like the line to understand that. Another thing to consider is that, for many of her customers, this might have been their first introduction to styles they hadn't seen or been able to access before. But also keep in mind it takes a few seasons for a brand to figure out what will sell and what their customers want to see more of. But do I think that's necessarily a negative? The real numbers - for both sales and returns - will say a lot too. As Vogue said, becoming a VIP or "Xtra Savage" member is $50/year and includes free shipping, early access to new products, as well as membership-only exclusives (as an aside, this program is only available in the United States). And when people find their fave, they'll keep coming back for it. the items that people will come to you for again and again. Barbadian superstar Rihanna’s eponymous cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty has been at the forefront of the cosmetics industry since its launch in September of 2017. What seems boring and typical for someone who's well-acquainted with lingerie might be new and exciting for someone who never even considered the possibility of lingerie before Rihanna. It absolutely feels priced too high for what it is, but was not quite as disappointing as the bodystocking referenced above (think Oh La La Cheri quality...which is perfectly acceptable, but not worth $69). Off the Runway: 4 Emerging Brands You Won’t See During NYFW, WATCH: NYFW Is Back on Top, Thanks to These Young Designers. Des restrictions peuvent s'appliquer. I'm excited to see so many people talking about lingerie. Fenty Beauty’s 40 shades of foundation (since expanded to 50) now act as a litmus test for the beauty industry; Morphe’s foundation (60 shades) was celebrated on its launch last month, while debuts from Tarte and It Cosmetics last year featuring more limited ranges for … The line brought forth a range of emotions, but it's also illustrated some of the problems with having so few fashion writers dedicated to intimate apparel (The Lingerie Addict is a blog, not a newspaper, and I would never call myself a journalist). stream I think that was quite smart however, my concern is that there is a feel of brand extension which although isn’t inherently bad, but because all Fenty projects are promoted on the singers personal site they are lumped together as a part of the Fenty Beauty campaign. We offer a more critical perspective on intimate apparel, one that examines the intersection of lingerie and society and also addresses the more hidden parts of the industry like manufacturing and design. I was also disappointed by the look and feel of the Flock Dot pieces. Retailer of lingerie products intended to celebrate fearlessness and confidence. Many people felt the line should have gone further. I'm sure TechStyle pinned a lot of hopes on this collaboration, but you can never entirely predict how people will respond. Before the world knew Rihanna as an eight time Grammy Award winner and fashion & beauty icon, she was simply Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a little Barbadian girl who loved to explore in her mother’s makeup bag. Rihanna created Fenty Beauty makeup for all skin colors, all undertones, from all countries. Maybe not a brand to drain your bank account over. Il n'y a aucune obligation d'achat. As I said in our most recent piece regarding the collection, much of the success of the line will come down to fit and quality. Shop our expanding selection of … There was definitely a heightened tone of female empowerment and body positivity as the show progressed. Here, you were so enthralled and engaged with the intricately choreographed spectacle that you almost forgot that the whole point was to see some new lingerie. Cox wore a pink bodysuit and did some hair flips and a high kick right past Migos that got the crowd going. It should never feel like a uniform. It wasn’t until April 14, 2017 that Rihanna confirmed the idea of Fenty Beauty to the public sayings that makeup always been something she’s really wanted to do. Most people's tastes aren't creative or avant-garde. I’m sending them back for a 42D. In an article written in Cosmopolitan in 2015 by Andrea Arterberry, she quotes Balanda Atis (a scientist with L’oreal USA) explaining that, “While brands might succeed in making darker shades, they didn’t always get the undertones or the depth right. Another way she caught the attention of her audience was by incorporating models of various ethnicities in her official campaign ad, not just the everyday gapped toothed white model serving us “the london look”, but more so a uniquely multicultural look. I'd like to receive the free email course. Knowing that everyone deserves to be fearless and feel empowered, she worked for two years learning the ins and outs of the beauty world in order to create lightweight but build-able formulas for an extensive array of skin tones, seeing how there was a void in the industry for traditionally hard-to-match shades. C'est à vous de choisir ! As the show was set to begin, an announcer told the audience to “bring the energy!” The lights dimmed. On instagram she would be vague near the earlier stages by occasionally tagging Fenty Beauty while posting pictures of herself at certain events. However, I do believe Savage X Fenty is one to watch. « Savage X Fenty a choisi Megan comme ambassadrice de marque de sa campagne été 2020, déployée sur les réseaux sociaux et intitulée #SavagexTheeStallion. Not disagreeing with your overall assessment, but there are open cup bras. Please try again. I feel more on the fence about items like the mesh and lace bra, cami and short set and maxi slip. Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity. That said, I would be remiss if I didn't bring up certain similarities between this debut collection and pieces I've seen in other places. I would recommend using separate platforms to promote different products as there is an entire movement surrounding Fenty Beauty as opposed to Fenty Puma, an expensive shoe collaboration.

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