Benefits are: Monk?!? Proceed to the next pages with the links above! Here I would say newer SAMs or less merited ones stick to sushi, but those that have max GKT merits, good accuracy gear, etc. I've modelled the above towards a situation where you want to continue to do damage, but also mitigate damage taken. Samurai's top end tanking gear ends up being the Kirin's Osode Set rather than any kind of abjuration or Salvage gear. Without one or the other you're going to get 120-140 TP. Taking my +35 Store TP example, at 15.5 return, 100 TP takes you (100/15.5) 6.45 hits. Ok Penta Thrust is a bit different from the normal GKT weaponskills. Recommended for non-Rajas users. There are by far newer and better pieces that I could discuss, but these are important starting items. 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Most people get wrapped around the axle about gear builds and this stat versus that stat, but when it comes to playing some might consider Samurai a "stand there and whack things" job. Added an option to display item weights per item. When you swap back and forth Third Eye is not lost, but how it behaves will change. TP build is centered around, just that, to get TP as fast as possible. For SATA don't worry at all about accuracy, and to a lesser degree attack, because you get a free critical hit. Actually I'm not. The haste pieces in question are Dusk Gloves and Fuma Sune-Ate (or Dusk Ledelsens). Lv. Your armor though is interchangeable while you're in combat and you may end up having many many gear swaps on your macro page. Added a filter for strength gear for tanks. Do I need this section? If you have it for lower levels it's a great choice, but by the end of the game it does not beat /WAR even with the 5% haste earring. The upswing though is you can get many more hits out of it. The /DRG also creates an easier time to self-chain without Sekkanoki. Sorry, can't get the other two. Main benefit here is the hate transference and the ability to do high, quick damage on HNMs/gods/etc. Sneak Attack. Gekko : (88+(135-75+4)/4+floor(135*.75*.83))*1.5625=293.75 Added all new items and Triple Triad cards. - D88 : SJ-specific gear : Soboro grants more TP to cure with, better returns from Drain Samba. I've started using a separate WS build just for Tachi: Rana. There's more STR gear I could get, new high level rings offer more STR to replace Flame. Where do I get new samurai gear? I encourage constructive comments on the discussion pages, but please respect my writing and do not alter this page without consulting me. I honestly wouldn't worry about a haste build until you get at least these two pieces since they give you the largest bonuses. The key to the samurai haste build, as opposed to any other class, is you just can't wrecklessly throw on all the haste you want. The reason being that your Myochin Kabuto stacks with the Saotome Kote. Benefits are: Puts you at 5 STR lower (on a 75 Hume) than a warrior subjob. Also, duh, but it's important to know that the recast is based upon what was active at the time. Another item for improvement is that Bushinomimi, I love the sucker but have as of yet been unwilling to get another replacement. Couple this with hasso and your attacks are effectively hasted 29-31%. Remember that while the Samurai doesn’t care WHICH Sen you choose for Iaijutsu, choosing the wrong “path” might lead to dropping one of these powerful buffs. You're using this weaponskill to save your bacon. Since all three weaponskills are nearly equal (Gekko is maybe just a tad more damage, but they're all equal on paper), I like to use the one suited to the mob I'm fighting. 300TP : 2.5/2.5: 0% increase in WS damage over Benchmarkmaru. If you have more accuracy you can consider trading out. Before you read further if you don't know what a weaponskill is and how to chain them, you better learn. DoT : 0% over Benchmarkmaru. Sleep arrows and paralyze arrows offer some interesting options for solo play, but aren't worth it in parties. Final tests to validate your builds should be done in-game. NOTE: I have not tried SAM/RNG in Abyssea areas, please write me if you have some experience in this regard. Why move to the rear? Nothing on that Hachiman Domaru would make you throw away Haubergeon. If you still find some that are wrong - please let me know! It seems like a perfect marriage. Wow, I've gotten a lot of feedback lately. Mobs have all kinds of nasty moves that are frontal or a frontal cone type attack. Yep. At 50, this is a monster. For ammo, stick to the arrows with Ranged Accuracy on them. So far all this still holds true for the new level 80 cap as there are no more Store TP merits for Samurai and not much in the way of Store TP gear. Gorget, 200TP : 2.6/1.975=~31.65% increase in WS damage over Benchmarkmaru. Note: The problem with this rotation is heavy TP use, and you will never actually trigger your buffs. Some of us have sword skills! Hagun is the least Rana-friendly GK, you'll only use Rana to open self-Darkness and on lowbie mobs if for some reason you can't Penta them. Now if you're arguing with your friend over about 15% haste gear and going from a 6 hit to a 5 hit build (with Hagun) then you probably should reconsider and take that haste. then you can go Tachi: Rana --> Tachi: Gekko for a darkness chain with added damage and magic burst opportunities. Samurais have “3 basic combo trees” since you need to gain three different types of Sen. I tend to keep the Pole Grip so that I can melee back TP a little quicker. Running around in your Hachiman Domaru and Myochin Kote probably won't get your very far with your buds on the endgame scene. One key thing to remember while choosing your gear though is that you gain nothing for extra Store TP. There aren't any good ones to equip (except Kraken Club of course), but even if you have a Warp Cudgel you should be able to land the Abyssea staggers. What you can do though is two-step darkness chains! The key on losing the Store TP, as I mentioned earlier, is that you have to have enough in your normal melee setup to compenstate for 1 of your 6 hits generating a point or two less TP.

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